What is Dirty Disco Radio?

Dirty Disco electronic music podcast was founded by Kono Vidovic in 2013. Among all the DJ mixes on platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, Kono noticed that there where too many DJ mixes and to less curated radio shows. As an performer and DJ you are always in search for that inspiration and extra experience that you can give to your audience in your DJ sets. Through mixes on the web and downloadable audio files there is not that much to give as when you are actually there with the DJ in the same room. The demand for atmosphere and community grew and that is where Dirty Disco started with it’s weekly electronic music podcast.

Weekly, 2 hours hosted and curated electronic music in a 2 hour DJ mix.

Since your host and DJ Kono Vidovic started with his radio show / music podcast immediately positive feedback came in and the community started to grow. Which was and still is a big motivation to do this weekly radio show. Dirty Disco since than is a weekly show that lasts for two hours. Every podcast episode is mixed by your host and or guest DJ’s. Filled with the most essential tracks and newest music releases straight from the clubs, festivals, record labels and producers all over the world. Being not only a great radio show to listen to and discover new music and dance music related news. But also a platform to give talented producers and DJ’s a place to show there skills and promote and expose their music.

The Deep House Radio show from Amsterdam with Disco as the starting point of modern electronic music.

While Dirty Disco might refer al lot and make you think it’s all about Disco. This is not the real case. As others call this podcast the Deep House Radio show from Amsterdam. You best can describe it as your weekly dose of dopeness and inspiration for new music. New music carefully selected and presented to you in a smooth DJ mix. And that every week. At Dirty Disco we are not thinking in genres. We think out of the box and bring you the Dirty Disco vibe. Slow tempo-ed electronica tracks that will rise your goosebumps. Deep House from the finest producers all over the world, added with disco influenced and funky, jazzy soulful vibes here and there mixed up with proper House music beats to give you that real 4 to the floor experience.

The best way to experience the sound of Electronica, Deep House, Disco influenced, Funky, Jazzy and Soulful House beats here at Dirty Disco is to just listen to our podcast.

Tune in and enjoy the music!

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Behind the mic in Dirty Disco

Kono Vidovic

Founder - Host - Music Curator - DJ - Your Motivator

Kono Vidovic, is your weekly host, music curator, playlist selector, motivator and DJ in every Dirty Disco podcast.

Ian Hardy


Ian is the creator of the FunkySexyCoolDeep Mix series, writer and occasionally guest-host on DDR.