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2019 A Great Start for Electronic Music – Dirty Disco 289

Kono Vidovic January 7, 2019 446 1 5

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In the last music podcast of 2018 we went out with a bang! I hope you appreciated the extra long episode filled with free music from Kerri Chandler in a 3 hour and 41 minute DJ mix made by me. Just like going out with a bang, i hope you can agree with me that we are coming in with a bang into 2019. With this first episode of Dirty Disco 289 this year and being 2019 a great start for electronic music I’m bringing you a bunch of free downloads in this podcast.

2019 A Great Start for Electronic Music.

You bet! Let me be clear about this. Every week there is so much new music being released. This week is no exception, the start of 2019 is not different than any other week in the year when it comes to music. It’s about the people and you as a person who can make it a great or not so great start. If you celebrated New Years Eve, and you still own all of your fingers and eyes. 2019 is already a great start. And we are going to make it a perfect year.

First of all, i wish you the very best. We are going to make 2019 a great year, and I’m going to help you with that. To make this work, you need to tune in with me every week for a new music podcast episode. ;-). We are going to reach our goals, live our dreams and be the change that you want to be. With that being said, let’s move on and leave it with that small little positive message. 2019 a great start for electronic music, a great start for you and me!

Dirty Disco 289.

In this very first episode in 2019, I’m kicking of with a bunch of free downloads. Free music for you to download and add to your music collection. Whether you are a DJ or a music lover, these tracks are definitely a must have. To make things easy for you, i will list all of them in this blog-post with the right links. Next to the beautiful music in this episode, I’m talking about customized DJ mixes and playlists. Branded music, DJ Bookings, and one of the best things Dirty Disco brought to me. A wonderful community of listeners that send me presents. Takes me to concerts and meet up with me for drinks.

Free music to download.

Let me start with all the free music in this episode. Many labels and artists like to give away free music around Christmas and New Years Eve. Also a lot of the record companies like to release a best of compilation. The German Dirt Crew recordings combined both of them. And are giving you their best of 2018 selection for free.

Dirt Crew Recordings - Various Artist Selection 2018

Dirt Crew Recordings – 2018 Selection.

This complete various artists compilation is available as a free download. You can click here to go to the review blog i wrote about this release. In that blog you can fill in a form with your details like your name and e-mail. SO i can send you the free download and put you on my e-mail list. That way i can keep you updated with my weekly show and all the free music and other great news i want to share with you. I will never send you any spam so don’t worry. But the e-mails may be in your spam-box, so make sure to check that.

Gaoulé Mizik - A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit) Free Download

Gaoule Mizik – A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit)

Another free download! This one is coming from the Dutch house music producers duo Detroit Swindle. Recently they gave away this edit Gaoule Mizik – A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit) for free as a Christmas present to all of their fans. You can read the whole story about this track and how it came alive in this post, where you will also find a form to fill in and get your free download of this track.

SFDGC (San Francisco Disc Golf Club)

You may know, that Dirty Disco has listeners from all over the world. We are a big community, even though we don’t know each other, there are a lot of people listening to the Dirty Disco podcast every week. It would be a good idea to bring everybody together, through a sort of online community platform. If you would like that, and have any ideas for that please let me know. But to come back on the subject. With doing this over 5 years, i have already met a lot of you. We went out for a drink, had good times and laughter’s.

Now i can add something special to that. The San Francisco Disc Golf Club, and i would like to call them the SF Dirty Disc Golf Club. Are real loyal listeners of our podcast. And now they did something special. They sended me a nice little box, filled with a cool burrito cap. And a few of the Discs that they use for playing Disc Golf. As you can see on the pictures that i included, you can see that these Discs are very cool! They have a cool print and one of them is even signed by all of the SFDGC members. How cool is that? This is going to get a special place here in the Dirty Disco studio.

San Francisco Disc Golf Club San Francisco Disc Golf Club


FKJ & Russell.

These things make my work in Dirty Disco very special. When i started out with this music podcast, i never expected these kind of things to happen. Another cool thing is that Russell from the UK. A early adopter of the Dirty Disco podcast has invited me to go and see FKJ this year in Paradiso in Amsterdam. How great is that? Russell bought me a ticket and is coming to Amsterdam where we will meet and go and see FKJ together. I have never met Russell before, so how cool is it that running a music podcast makes all these things happen? I’m really looking forward to see FKJ and Russell. So a big shout out to you Russell and the whole SFDGC under command of Der Wreck. 😉

Track-list Dirty Disco 289.

Artist Track title
Mic Mills H.A.A.R.P. (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix)
Taylan Alan Emotion Scape
Ponty Mython It’s All Understood
Sune Bring Some Tea
Sune Lingonberry Jam
Baldo Simply Getova
The Revenge Come Down
Ouer Lost Mindset
Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge Elevate
Gaoule Mizik A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit)
Bobby Analog Don’t Call Me Lo-fi Baby
Sune The Way U Make Me Feel
Carlo Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Eddie C Wanna Feel Free
Black Loops Baustelle (Tech Support Edit)
Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge Shattered
Armand Van Helden U Don’t Know Me (L-Vis Tribal Dub)
Helix Funky First (Skanked by L-Vis)
DJ Normal 4 Return Of The Hooligans
Indio Blue Fantasy


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