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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to Dirty Disco 353 | Ben Gomori Edits Featured
  • fast_forward 00:15:32 – – Free Download of the week: Ethyène – Bring Back Love
  • fast_forward 00:22:25 – – Magou – Dreams – Toy Tonics Feature | Jack York Feature
  • fast_forward 00:28:33 – – Jack York – Formula Endorphine on Suntree | Magou & Socials.
  • fast_forward 00:43:27 – – Baie De Room Vol 2 – Pont Neuf Records | Siggatunez Feature
  • fast_forward 00:51:37 – – Siggatunez – Equality EP on Suol | Kontu Feature
  • fast_forward 01:01:16 – – Heads-up | Mixcloud Select | Tracklisting & Social Networks
  • fast_forward 01:15:15 – – Baltra – TED Feature | Siggatunez Equality EP on Suol
  • fast_forward 01:27:27 – – Cosmonection on Pont Neuf | Traumer – Gonna Get
  • fast_forward 01:40:50 – – Madcat | Basement Jaxx on XL Recordings Featured
  • fast_forward 01:47:22 – – Lapha – Supernova Remixes on 96 Musique
  • fast_forward 01:49:50 – – Supernova & French Filter Disco House Feature
  • fast_forward 01:50:55 – – Outro + Alex Mase 'The Game' Remix on Clueless

Dirty Disco episode 353 introduction.

Once again it’s a pleasure to have you here reading my music show episode blog. First, i hope you are doing good and are still healthy in these crazy times. It’s pretty clear that staying home to stay safe from corona has a lot of other pros and cons we have to deal with. Therefore it’s very important to stay positive and try to find positivity in all small things.

One even having that real Daft Punk-ish sound, that real French House sound from the 90’s.

Kono Vidovic on Lapha – Supernova (Agrume Remix)

This week i’m back at you with a musically rich show. The 21 tracks that i have selected for this weeks essential mix are ranging in sound from really well crafted Disco edits on familiar classics. A few new ‘Nu Disco’ & ‘Disco House’ releases with one even having that real Daft Punk-ish sound, that real French House sound from the 90’s.

Next to a bunch of dope Disco vibes there is also a little bit of those Jazzy Summer House beats, real House Music and a few tracks that lean more to the Deep House side of things. Without further ado, let’s dive in to this weeks music podcast and see what i have selected.

Music highlights this week.

This week there are 21 tracks in the mix. 1 EP is available on vinyl the rest is only digital for as far as i know. The date of recording and publishing this blog is the 27th of April and at this time there are two music promos setted for a release in May. And like every week there is our weekly free download which you can find on the bottom of this post or among the many free music downloads here.

Ben Gomori Lockdown Disco Edits vol 1.

Ben Gomori Lockdown Edits vol 1.

Ben Gomori is a DJ, Producer and label manager who also makes music under his moniker ‘G Markus’. He has produced a bunch of official releases on several music labels including his own Monologues Records.

Next to official releases through the years he created a ton of edits, i guess purposed mainly to use in his DJ sets and music shows. Now Ben Gomori decided to send those Disco edits out through the promo service he partnered up with.

For as long as this Corona lockdown stays he will keep sending out his edits, or until he will run out of them. Last week he sended out three beautiful and well crafted disco edits where i played two from. As soon as you start listening you will hear his Xenia Onatopp Disco edit on Tawatha – Thigh Ride, and his Touchy Feely Edit on the very dope Loose Ends – Ooh You Make Me feel.

Jack York - Formula Endorphine | Suntree Records.

Jack York – Formula Endorphine | Suntree Records.

Pure funkiness with this new Nu Disco and Disco House music album from the Netherlands by producers duo Jack York. You might wonder who Jack is, and what Jack does? Well Jack boldly declared: Let there be house and House music was born. Basically and simply said the Dutch duo based their name up on dedication for one of the most influential and used House music vocals of all time by Chuck Roberts.

Recently Jack York released their debut studio album ‘Formula Endorphine’ on Suntree Records. The album is rich in groove, soul and funk. The album includes 8 new spring energetic Nu Disco, Disco House tracks where i featured two from in this mix session. You will witness the tracks ‘Endorphine’ and This is Jack’ mixed together somewhere around 25:40. Listen to all tracks and buy the album here.

Kontu - I Dont Really Wanna Stay

Kontu – I Don’t Really Wanna Stay.

Every week i get overloaded with promo music from all kind of artists all around the world. To be honest most of the music does not fit the Dirty Disco vibe or isn’t even that great of a quality. I always look for gems between them, those artists that in fact do deliver something new with a quality that fits my weekly music escapades.

Last week i got connected with a rapper and music producer from Dresden, Germany who goes under the artist name of Kontu and is also a part of the artistic Mi / Amo collective.

He sended out his track Kontu – I Don’t really wanna Stay which isn’t yet officially released on a label. But instead published on the infamous Moskalus music channel on YouTube. His track definitely deserves a label release and more exposure as i like the overall vice and good quality of the production. Therefore you can hear the track in this weeks selection. Check out the tracklisting below to see where it sits in the mix and also make sure to check out Kontu’s other music on Spotify including his ‘Rap-House’ tune ‘Kippe Am Piano’.

Basement Jaxx - Lost Dubs (1999 - 2009)

Basement Jaxx – Lost Dubs (1999 – 2009) | XL Recordings.

It’s been a while since the last release from Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe a.k.a. Basement Jaxx. 6 years to be exactly when they dropped their 7th album Junto in 2014 on Atlantic Jaxx.

Now the UK duo is back with a new album, to be precise not entirely new but definitely a real must-have for all Basement Jaxx fans worldwide.

Their new album release on the influential records label XL Recordings, responsible for releases from many great artists. Is called The Lost Dubs (1999 – 2009) and is a collection of remixes and reworks of classic tracks with most of the remixes done by Basement Jaxx themselves. On the album you can find a handful of unreleased mixes, and you can hear a little bit more of their flexibility in making music. Clearly it satisfied my to include the Dreamz Dub on one of their most famous tracks ‘Rendez-Vu’ in this episode.

Jay Potter & Rowetta – The Game (Alex Mase Remix) | Clueless Music.

Last but not least among the highlighted releases in this weeks music blog is the forthcoming release on Clueless Music from head honcho ‘Man Without A Clue‘ and his moniker ‘Alex Mase’ which he uses for a more progressive House sound.

It’s in fact the Alex Mase remix that i think really stands out on the forthcoming remixes EP release on Jay Potter & Rowetta’s earlier original release of ‘The Game’.

Alex Mase his remix is a very well done progressive house banger, perfect to give people just that extra bit on the dance floor, and to raise the energy levels higher when you’re at a point you thought there’s no more in it. Well guess again, this track brings in positive energy at an accelerated rate, makes your body shiver and want to move!

The release is set for the 15th of May on all digital music stores worldwide.

Your free download of this week: Ethyène – Bring Back Love.

Every week i play and feature a free downloadable track that i select for this purpose. When you are signed up to my newsletter you will receive the free download a few days prior to the music podcast release. Next to the track i also write a music review that goes along with it where i describe the track in and a bit more about the creator of the music.

This week i featured the awesome real Disco edit kind of track from Ethyène – Bring Back Love. As i told you in this weeks music show and also wrote in the blog here below, this track really gave me the goosebumps a few times. And it almost made me cry. Read how and why, and more importantly download the free track for yourself and let me know what you feel when you listen to this disco edit by Ethyène.

Track listing, credits and music information.

I wish i had more time to write music reviews all the time on every single release that i find and like. I simply can’t so i hope you’ll at least appreciate the few that i do weekly write about. In case you like to write and talk about music as well and feel that you can be a music blogger, feel free to contact me and you might just write along my side on the blog. Here below you can find all the track in the right order that i played this week. Use it to find out what or who is playing when and to see which artists you may like for future references.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
TawathaThigh Ride (Ben Gomori’s Xenia Onatopp Edit)Ben Gomori EditsBen Gomori Edits
Loose EndsOoh You Make Me Feel (PM Dawn Remix – Ben Gomori’s Touchy Feely Edit)Ben Gomori EditsBen Gomori Edits
EthyèneBring Back LoveFree Download
MagouHeather’s BodyDreamsToy Tonics
Jack YorkEndorphineFormula EndorphineSuntree Records
Jack YorkThis Is JackFormula EndorphineSuntree Records
MagouSample DreamDreamsToy Tonics
JimpsterEnglish RoseCoincidance Secret Festival V.A. CompDeeplomatic Records
TaosLa Maison De Jacques (Tour-Maubourg Rythm’N’Keys Remix)Baie de Room Vol. II (v.a. compilation)Pont Neuf Records
SiggatunezThoughtsEqualitySuol Records
KontuI Don’t Really Wanna StayI Don’t Really Wanna StayMoskalus
Marquis HawkesLet’s Go Way BackLockdown HouseAus Music
Alex Ferrer & RayeAbout UsIn Another PlaceDeeplomatic Records
BaltraSloowTed (Demos & Alternate Versions96 And Forever Records
SiggatunezBack Home AgainEqualitySuol Records
CosmonectionOdyssey (Tour-Maubourg Remix)Baie de Room Vol. II (v.a. compilation)Pont Neuf Records
TraumerGonna Get (Dub)HORS SERIE : L’ESSENTIELGettraum
MadcatCall Me Ishmael (KX9000 Remix)Baie de Room Vol. II (v.a. compilation)Pont Neuf Records
Basement JaxxRendez-Vu (Dreamz Dub)Lost Dubs 1999 – 2009XL Records
LaphaSupernova (Agrume Remix)Supernova Remixes96 Musique
Jay Potter & RowettaThe Game (Alex Mase Remix)The Game | The RemixesClueless Music

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