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22 new electronic music releases – Dirty Disco 323

Kono Vidovic September 30, 2019 455 5

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Welcome to a fresh episode of Dirty Disco the electronic music podcast. This time we are at episode number 323 which includes 22 new electronic music releases and one classic EP from the old dusty box. Like always all tracks are curated and mixed together by me as your DJ, curator and guide in music.

New electronic music releases.

If you missed out on last week’s music podcast, check it here. In case you want to hear more of the recent broadcasted shows, you can check out all episodes here. This week i curated 22 new electronic music releases and among them are new releases on music labels such as: Counter Records with a very promising new release and a ‘one to watch’ artist. A new EP on the 17 Steps Recordings label by the label owners themselves, real lovers know who i’m referring to.

A fresh new EP on Pets Recordings from a name who is very common in the Dirty Disco podcasts. A very dope new remixes album release on Warner Records where i’m playing one track from and connects with the ‘one to watch’ artist. And more new electronic music on House Puff Records, Footjob Records with their fifth anniversary various artists compilation. Berlin Bass Collective, Chiwax and LPH White, to just mention a few music labels.

TSHA - Moon

TSHA – One to watch.

Last week i stumbled on a new emerging and fast rising female producer who goes under the name TSHA. She is a producer from London – UK, and already received support from names like Bonobo, Four Tet and she was a the supporting act for Maribou State. If you love the music from the mentioned already well established producers, you will def like the sound of TSHA. In this Dirty Disco episode a few of the new electronic music releases are linked to her name as i’m featuring her new EP release ‘TSHA – Moon’ on Counter Records, the Ninja Tune imprint and the same label that releases Maribou State music. 

I’m also playing and featuring her remix on Foals – Cafe ‘d Athens (TSHA Remix) Which is coming from the new ‘Everything not saved will be lost part 1 remixes album on Warner Records. And the Brame & Hamo remix which is also on the TSHA – Moon EP. With al that being said, TSHA is a must one to watch if you ask me. I’m already in love with er sound and can’t wait to see a debut album very soon. 

More in Dirty Disco 323.

But as a loyal Dirty Disco supporter you know that that’s not all. I’m also featuring the new electronic music release by Black Loops – Gwei Lo on Pets Recordings. I will play all 4 tracks in a row in the mix. I will play a few tracks from the new and fifth anniversary album compilation 5 Years Footjob with music from Pallaspeople, Ise Jr and Sascha Ciminiera. New remixes on tracks by Jacques Renault with the LPHWHT20 Remixes EP on LPH White. Manuold and his Fat Groove EP on Eshuo and many more…

DJ Steaw - Tomate ET Farcie

A classic from the old dusty box.

For this weeks classic i took an 12” EP that takes us back to 2013 when DJ Steaw started his own label Rutilance Recordings and releases his first own EP on the label called Tomate Et Farcie which includes 3 tracks: Recipe 1, 2 and 3. This EP is recently re-released and a perfect new electronic music release with 3 beautiful deep house classics that still can be easily played nowadays on packed dancefloors.

Support Dirty Disco.

You may not know, but Dirty Disco is a non-commercial music podcast that promotes and pushes music that we love. This way we help both the producers, labels and the music lovers to find new music gems that otherwise wouldn’t be noticed or have less exposure. Since Dirty Disco is not commercial and does not has a revenue model we can use the support. Every month we do have costs for hosting, the music and the time we put in. 

To show you appreciation and love for what we do, you can support Dirty Disco in various ways. The most common way is with a donation here. But you can also support us with examples like: Reposting the shows on Mixcloud. Sharing links to our website and other platforms where the podcast is hosted with your friends and family. But you can also support us with writing music reviews for Dirty Disco or other music related blogs for the website. If you would love to participate contact us here.

Complete tracklist.

  1. Ise Jr – Fresco (Le Rubrique’s Killer Jiller remix)
  2. Pallaspeople – Black Motive (Lukas Lehmann Remix)
  3. Dusky – Cedar
  4. Jacques Renault – Make Me Feel Good (M.I.A.L Remix)
  5. Tsha – Moon
  6. Kornél Kovacs – Baltzar (Butch Remix)
  7. Manuold – Geronimo
  8. Sascha Ciminiera – Nightsteps (Shan Remix)
  9. Etur Usheo – Together
  10. Simon Shaw – I Don’t Wanna
  11. Manuold – May
  12. DJ Steaw – Recipe 1
  13. DJ Steaw – Recipe 2
  14. DJ Steaw – Recipe 3
  15. Manuold – Fat Groove
  16. Steve Murphy – First Contact
  17. Black Loops – Unity
  18. Black Loops – Gwei Lo
  19. Black Loops – Keep a Secret
  20. Black Loops – Born in the 80’s
  21. Foals – Cafe D’Athens (TSHA Remix)
  22. Tsha – Moon (Brame & Hamo Remix)

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