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22 new music releases i’m leaving you with – Dirty Disco #317

Kono Vidovic July 29, 2019 518

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Last week i already gave you 23 songs to add to your own summer playlist. The week prior to that in episode #315 there where 20 deep house tracks that i selected. This week i’m leaving you with 22 new music releases before i go on a little break.

22 new music releases in Dirty Disco #317.

Let me explain: normally i curate, select, create the mix and record a new episode during the week. Where everyday i do something different, clearly it all starts with curating and selecting and it ends with me recording the vocals for the show on Monday which is also they day i publish a new show on all selected platforms. 

Sometimes and this week i wasn’t able to work in my normal rhythm since i spontaneously traveled to the Route Du Champagne event in France where i enjoyed several different champagne brands from local producers in the Vallée de L’arce en Seine area. Even though i’m publishing this blog-post on the 29th of July (the day i will come back late in the evening)  i had to write this prior to the weekend. 

route du champagne 2019

Writing prior, reading after it. This can be confusing.

So at the time of writing i haven’t been there yet, and i can’t tell you specific details on my experience. But at the time of you reading this i’m already back home. Confusing isn’t it? 😉

Logically the same goes for this week’s episode, which i recorded on the 25th of July. 

The same quality and growing.

Nevertheless you will not notice this in the episode except for me talking about it. You will still experience the same quality of music and filled podcast episode as normal. With this specific podcast already being a bit out of my comfort zone with recording it way to early out from my normal rhythm there is more to it as this is also the last episode before i enter my family holiday break.

I’m leaving you for 3 weeks, for a little family holiday break in the Ardeche – France.

That’s right. I just came back from a weekend in France. And next week i will be heading towards France again, but this time with my family to enjoy a well deserved holiday in the Southern of France, in the Ardeche area. That means i will be leaving you here with these 22 new music releases.

Ardeche France

No worries at all, even when i’m gone for let’s day three weeks. I will upload and publish a new episode on the 19th of August. And this does not mean you can’t listen to Dirty Disco anymore. You can always check out any of the 316 other podcast episodes that you did not listened to yet. Or you can make use of the Dirty Disco Spotify playlist in the meantime. 

In case you really miss me. 🙂

But if that all is not enough and you miss me a lot, just feel free to contact me though my social channels. I will always try to find some time to reply to you. Even when i’m on my holiday and i can’t record new episodes at that time. You can always find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or even better e-mail me directly.

Handy links to experience Dirty Disco with.

Let me leave you with a bit of handy information that might come in handy during my holiday. Like i mentioned next to this episode filled with 22 new music releases from the electronic music scene that i’m leaving you with. You can always listen to older episodes and find Dirty Disco on these platforms.

Dirty Disco Electronic Music Podcast on Spotify

Dirty Disco on Mixcloud Select where you can directly support me and the music i play.

The Dirty Disco music podcast on Apple Podcasts.

And my weekly electronic music podcast on Google Podcasts. Just search for it within the Google Podcast app which is available through the Playstore.

Much more podcast platform to listen and rate my show on.

Next there are much more platforms and apps to use where Dirty Disco is listed, such as Overcast, Castro and the Tunein App. Feel free to use any of these to listen to the latest episodes. While you are there please consider supporting me and my podcast with a little bit of feedback and a rating as most of these platforms offer you a way to rate or favorite a show.

Dirty Disco Spotify Playlist.

Last but not least and do not confuse this with the Podcast in Spotify. But you can also find the weekly updated Dirty Disco Spotify playlist here. This is filled with almost all the separate tracks from the current week’s episode. Every week i will delete the tracks from last week and update it with the new releases from this week. 

So make sure to follow and subscribe to the playlist so you can add the separate tracks to your own playlists before they are gone and a new list is presented. 

This playlist is an excellent way for you to have all tracks for yourself and being not part of a DJ mix and not being talked over to. You can find the Spotify Playlist here.

DJ & Music only mix.

You might already know this as i mention it a lot in the weekly music podcasts. But for my Select subscribers and everybody who donated there is the DJ / music only mix available. Select subscribers can get easy access within the Mixcloud platform and app. And donators just have to email me and i will send you a link to a downloadable version of the Dj only mix.

22 new music releases tracklisting.

With already a lot written in this week’s blogpost all i want to do is to leave you with the 22 new music releases from this week. Normally i will dive deeper into them and highlight a few of them. This time i will skip that part as they are clearly already featured in this weeks selection. 

22 new music releases - Dirty Disco 317

Expect 2 tracks from the new album by Baltra – Ted. Chaos in the CBD with their new Hydrate EP on Mule Music. Braille with their Stand Still EP, Rafaél Fernandez with some proper boogie on Discoweey. Larry Houl, Carmel and Floating Points will also pass by in this weeks selection among the 22 new music releases in the electronic music scene that i’m leaving you with.

The last couple of episodes already included many summer music tracks. If you are looking for more summer vibes. You can check out these 26 tracks electronic dance tracks that bring you summer. 

Feel free to get in touch and please do enjoy this weeks podcast. Let me know what your thoughts and feelings are and i’ll be back at you on the 19th of August with a brand new Dirty Disco music podcast.

22 new music releases - Dirty Disco 317

Tracklist #317.

Chaos In The CBD – Searching For Signal
Brandt Brauer Frick – Rest (Pearson Sound Remix)
Chaos In The CBD – Hydrate
Larry Houl – Cosmic Area
L’Impératrice – Lá-haut (Folamour Remix)
Cando – Sundown
Rafaél Fernandez – Boogie Del Mireyver
Rafaél Fernandez – Hendersons’ Sunburst
Braille – Needs
Dave Aju – Gatadu
The Juan Maclean – Get Down (With My Love (HNNY Remix)
Braille – Stand Still
Baltra – Rue des Sablons
Baltra – Ahead Of Time
Tim Schlockermann – News
Mija – Sweat It Out
FYI Chris – Special Names
FYI Chris – Daze (ft Simeon Jones)
Julius Steinhoff – Forgotten Garden
Larry Houl – Digital Speed
Carmel – Georgia (R.A.N.D. Remix)
Floating Points – LesAlpx

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