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Deep in the mix with these 23 new music selections in Dirty Disco 324.

Kono Vidovic October 7, 2019 441

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Last week i brought you 22 new electronic music releases in a fat 2 hour DJ mix. This week i’m back with a bit more and bringing you another 23 new music selections in this weeks deep in the mix session in Dirty Disco episode 324.

New music selections.

Once again i managed to bring you new music selections in a new weekly music podcast episode this time filled with beautiful deep house hearing delights. Among the 23 new tracks there is also a ‘deep’ house classic from the old dusty box which has a link to the classic from last week by DJ Steaw on his own Rutilance label he started in 2013. Please read on to find out what the link between those two tracks is.

New music selections - Wolf 10 Years Deep IN The Game

Deep in the mix.

As a die hard Dirty Disco listener you know that i’m not only selecting and featuring music for reviews. But i’m also mixing the complete new music selection together into a full DJ mix. This time i’m going deep in the mix with these new deep house selections and you can expect music from the new album various artists compilation on Wolf Music Recordings ‘Wolf 10 Years Deep In The Game’ I’m not only playing you the track on this album from Eddie C – My Woman (PBR Streetgang Remix). But i also did a full DJ mix compilation on this album which i will upload for my Mixcloud Select subscribers this coming week. 

Back since 2017 on their home base label Toy Tonics are Rhode & Brown with a new EP called Nine To Shine where i will play you 3 tracks from including their first ever house music production that includes the vocal by German soul singer Adriano on the main title track ‘NIne To Shine.

For perfect goosebumps, a flow of positive energy through your body which also delivers dance floor material i’m playing you a new track by Cosmonection from the new Venezia EP on Beats Of No Nation. The German in Leipzig based producer Panthera Krause is also back with a brand new release ‘Suddenly Human’ on Vicario LTD. Armless Kid is back with a new LP and the Aus music boss Will Saul produced a new LP and EP on his own label which represents the journey through influences that helped him shape his own sound.

Classic from the old dusty box - Ringard - Spin It Out

A classic from the old dusty box.

Last week i played you DJ Steaw –  Tomate Et Farcie which was the first release on his own Rutilance recordings company that he started back in 2013. This weeks classic from the old dusty box is from Ringard – Spin It Out EP and the track Empty Streets which was released in 2013 on the French Dance Around 88 label and was mastered by DJ Steaw. 

Kono Vidovic - Interpretations artwork #1

Interpretations Mix Sessions.

Next to my weekly electronic music podcast that goes under the name Dirty Disco, and includes mostly new music selections from the last couple of weeks and sometimes here and than a classic. I also like it to upload DJ mixes for my fans. These DJ mixes are not hosted and i do not talk in them, but are mainly to give you a bit more and to express my taste, feelings and emotions in music and other genres that i also like.

Good examples in this are my recent two Essentials mixes #1 here, and Essentials #2 here. Recently i started a new mix session series called Interpretations which takes the listener not only through time but also different genres. For this first Interpretations mix i got inspired by the new Jungle – Back 2 Mine compilation album. And did my very own mix interpretation of it before it even came out.

Custom DJ mixes and Music marketing.

On my Mixcloud channel you can find the DJ only mixes from every Dirty Disco episode which are perfect to use if you don’t need the reviewing and background information on the music that i play weekly. You can use those mixes for your party’s events or other occasions which need background music or even foreground music to listen to. In addition i can also deliver custom DJ mixes according your taste, style and wishes.

Customized DJ mixes can be used for all kinds of cases and businesses. Examples are clubs, bars, cafe, restaurants that are in need for custom music playlists for their business unmixed or mixed to create more energy, specific moods and harmony’s. 

On my official music website i do not only offer customized DJ mixes and live sets. But music for businesses in general. You will find a selection of my services explained, these skills that i have gathered through the years of being active in the music scene are now compiled into services that are in high demand in nowadays business cases. Not only marketing for music businesses but also music to incorporate in your business to reach growth and your target audience through the power of music. 

If you like Dirty Disco and get inspired by the new music selections every week. Consider supporting Dirty Disco by donating. Tell your friends about the music podcast and let’s connect, share and talk about our love for music. If you missed out on last weeks or any of the other uploaded episodes you can check them out here in the podcast show listing.

Tracklist overview from Dirty Disco 324.

  1. Saul – Interlude
  2. Wukah – Agus (Mick Verma Remix)
  3. Romare – Danger
  4. Will Saul – Freya’s Theme
  5. Eddie C – My Woman (PBR Streetgang Remix)
  6. Max Essa – The Price You Pay (For Loving That Way)
  7. Tender Games – Love Was The Motive (Marc Brauner remix)
  8. Armless Kid – An Ad Some (Commercial Use Only)
  9. Panthera Krause – Suddenly Human
  10. Rhode & Brown – Your Beauty Is A Spoiler
  11. Ringard – Empty Streets
  12. Rhode & Brown & Adriano – Nine To Shine
  13. Newsz – African Hunter
  14. TB – This is Just A Modern Love Song (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)
  15. Cosmonection – Radiant
  16. Rhode & Brown – Honeymoon Affair
  17. Klubhead – Funky People (Klubhead Vocal)
  18. Marc Brauner – Up Some More
  19. Mown Alisa – Clafoutis
  20. Sam Paradise – Patacona (Remix)
  21. Mown Alisa – Paris Brest
  22. Marc Brauner – The Hook Up (Tender Games Remix)
  23. Boys Noize & Francis and the Lights – Why Not

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