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23 Songs to add to your Summer Playlist – Dirty Disco #316

Kono Vidovic July 22, 2019 540

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Last week i gave you 20 deep house essentials to choose from. This week i selected another 23 songs to add to your summer playlist. Next to the mixed music selection i will also reveal who the winners are of the small giveaway that i announced last week through the new Mixcloud ‘Posts’ option. 

23 Songs to add to your summer music playlist.

Since week 28 Dirty Disco is also available as a music podcast in Spotify Podcasts. With this beautiful extension more people can enjoy the positive music vibes that i try to spread. Next to the podcast where you can subscribe to there is also the Dirty Disco Spotify playlist which i update every week with new tracks from the current episode. 

Be fast! Since you only have one week to add the music you are hearing in the episode to your own Spotify music library by using the weekly playlist. This weeks 23 songs to add to your own summer playlist are only available one week until i refresh the playlist with new tracks from the next broadcast.

Use the Spotify playlist.

You can use the playlist to listen to the separate tracks. But also to add them to your own music playlists. Make sure to subscribe to both the Music podcast and the weekly updated Dirty Disco playlist in Spotify.

Among this weeks music essentials are a few that i would like highlight here in the blogpost like i do every week. Not to long ago i curated these 26 electronic dance tracks that bring you summer. Now you can add this weeks 23 songs to them and create yourself a beautiful summer playlist. Or just listen to Dirty Disco over and over.

Music only (DJ) mix. 

When you are looking for the music only version (dj mix only) from every podcast episode you can consider subscribing to my Mixcloud Select membership for a small fee and have direct access to music only versions, exclusive DJ mixes and occasional giveaways.

Summer playlist - Dirty Disco 316 - Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew, Larry Houl

Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol 4.

Roar Groove is a label from Copenhagen – Denmark run by The Revenge. Dirt Crew Recordings is a label from Germany and as the title of this new EP may suggest this EP is a collaboration between the two music labels including 4 new tracks by The Revenge. In this weeks selection i curated 3 from the 4 tracks and added them as last 3 tracks. I suggest you take a listen to Like An Ending, Work Out Right, and Prizefighter by The Revenge as included in this weeks mix. You can order a limited full sleeve 12 from 12-7-19. Or wait for the digital release to come available on the 29th of July.

Summer playlist - Dirty Disco 316 - Fouk, Tee Mango, Felipe Gordon

Felipe Gordon – Sick Ass Chords EP

You can hear us playing music from Felipe Gordon very often. That is not only because we like his unique sound. But also because this producers is very versatile and mixes many different sounds together into his own style. This generates beautiful house music in various styles but all within his own unique sound. Now Felipe Gordon has released his new Sick Ass Chords EP on the Quintessentials label and includes 4 dope deep house songs with wobble bass lines, jazz samples, disco and funk grooves that make you want to spend your summer dancing. These tracks such as: The main title track ‘Sick Ass Chords’, The Quint Garage, For Those Who Enjoy Being Alone and the track ‘Girl you don’t know how beautiful you actually are’. Are perfect to add to your summer playlist this year.

Summer playlist - Dirty Disco 316 - Kindness, Psychemagik

Larry Houl – Diaries EP

Last but not the least i would like to suggest you take a good listen to the new Dairies EP produced by Larry Houl and released on D.KO records. On this EP and as always Larry Houl knows how to combine Funk, Soul, House elements and his own vocals to create funky uplifting and perfect to dance to Nu disco tracks. The Diaries EP contains 4 tracks where i at least play you two from that give a very good idea on the overall sound coming from Larry Houl on this new release.

And the winners are…

Recently i did a full music review on Poolside Ibiza 2019 mixed by Opolopo. I also featured the album compilation and the 3 new exclusive tracks by Opolopo in podcast episode #314. Together with Toolroom i decided to do a small giveaway where i can give away two mix albums to my Mixcloud Select subscribers in this weeks episode as i also announced in a post on my Mixcloud channel. 

I randomly chose two winners, and the winners are…

  • Balázs Reé from Hungary.
  • gtrott From the United States.


If you are reading this or when you are listening to the show. I kindly ask you to get in touch with me since i do not have your contact details here and all i have are your Mixcloud usernames. So get in touch with me so you can send me your postal address and i can send you the prices. 

If you did not win a copy. Do not worry as there will be more future giveaways to my Select subscribers. That’s about it for this week, for all the other information and music please tune in and enjoy the music mix. And use the tracklist here below if you please.

#316 full tracklist.

Psychemagik – We Can Be One (Ft Quinn Lamont Luke)
Tee Mango – This Is It (Ft Amp Fiddler)
Larry Houl – Turn Me On
Larry Houl – Diaries
J.B. Boogie – All Night
Janno – For Reggie
Brandt Brauer Frick – Echoes (Neue Grafik Remix Ft Friedberg)
Brandt Brauer Frick – Rest (Pearson Sound Remix)
Felipe Gordon – For Those Who Enjoy Being Alone
Felipe Gordon – Girl U Don’t Know How Beautiful U Actually Are
Kindness – A Retelling (Ben Gomori’s ’56 Retold Edit)
Move D – Cycles
Felipe Gordon – Sick Ass Chords
Fouk – Night Shift
DJ Suzmo – Cool Dude Diggin
Fouk – Gloriole
Tomos – Surface Tension (Frits Wentink Remix)
Felipe Gordon – The Quint Garage
Dave Aju – Love In Zero Gravity
Tee Mango – I Like It Here
The Revenge – Work Out Right
The Revenge – Prizefighter
The Revenge – Like an Ending

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