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24 New Electronic Music Releases in June 2019 – Dirty Disco 312

Kono Vidovic June 24, 2019 450

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Last week and the week before i already told and explained you about my Mixcloud Select curatorship, so I’m not going to bore you with that in this weeks blog-post. I will do that enough in my podcast. What i will bore you with are this weeks 24 new electronic music releases that came out this June 2019.

New electronic music releases - Dirty Disco 312

24 New electronic music releases in June.

That’s right! All the tracks featured in this weeks music podcast did came out in June 2019. There are 24 new electronic music releases that i selected and featured for this weeks mix. Among them there are 10 that are available on vinyl as a 12” next to being available as digital formats. This weeks releases come from a variety of record labels such as the Polish Pets Recordings. The in San Francisco based and run by Chrissy ‘The Night Owl Diner’. Freerange Records, Nervous Records, House Xtension run by Adesse Versions and much more worth mentioning electronic music labels.

Here are a few EP’s that i would like to highlight for you.

Tee Mango – 50 Songs EP.

If you listen to the weekly Dirty Disco music podcast frequently, you know that Tee Mango is not a stranger in my shows. One of the beautiful things from being a music curator through the years, is that you can witness the growth of an specific artist. At a certain point they start out with making music, they fall in your radar and slowly but steady they build out to be a very talented music producer with dope releases growing and growing further in their careers. This also goes for Tee Mango as his productions became better and better and now they are even at a point where Tee Mango collaborated with the Legend from Detroit and Moodymann collaborator Amp Fiddler on his recently released 50 Songs EP.

In this episode I’m starting out with his very dope laid back sun influenced track ‘No More Tears’ Which sounds like a sad soul song including an very famous original sample and his own vocals making they track a pleasure to listen to. Later in the mix i will also drop his other two tracks including the one where Tee Mango collaborated on with Amp Fiddler.

Psychemagik Rattlesnake - New electronic music releases - Dirty Disco 312

Psychemagik – Rattlesnake EP.

This one is released on the Polish Pets Recordings run by music producers duo Catz ‘N Dogz. A true dance-floor filler is what this is and a must have from the 24 new electronic music releases this month. Rattlesnake by the Psychemagik duo brings in a heavy bassline that makes you want to dance and makes your body move (even if you don’t want to). If you are a DJ looking for something to add to your DJ set that sets the tone and gets people to dance. This is the one you should definitely add to your play-list this summer.

Bugsy & Astroloop - Jungest

Bugsy & Astroloop – Jungest EP.

In addition to Rattlesnake this new release where I’m playing two tracks from are very suitable to mix together with Psychemagiks latest Rattlesnake. They also contain a heavy bassline and have a high dance floor fill content. The new release by Bugsy & Astroloop – Jungest is released on the Freerange Records label. Make sure to get your hands on this one as it;s hor right now.


Chrissy – The Cool Ranch Remixes Album.

Last week in episode 311 i already played you a couple of tracks from the Cool Ranch Collection which came out on the The Night Owl Diner imprint run by the producer from San Francisco Chrissy himself. Now the remixes album on this one is also released and features some very dope releases from well know producers within the house music scene as: Eli Escobar, Eddie C, Paul Johnson, Violet en Peter Croce. I will not play you 1, not 2 or 3, no i will play you at least 6 tracks from The Cool Ranch Remixes album in this weeks installment.

New electronic music releases - Dirty Disco 312

Jump Source – JS01 EP.

A Dutch collaboration between Priori and Project Pablo who is not a stranger in our podcasts. They started a new project called ‘Jump Source’ and with their new EP JS01 they are kicking off their new catalogue with this 12” with 3 beautiful deep tech tracks. The two tracks I’m playing you ‘Slip‘ and ‘Fabric Of Trust‘ are those kind of deep tech tracks you can expect the DJ to play on that beach party somewhere around the Mediterranean sea or maybe Balearic islands or what the heck it might even be on Zrcé beach when you are enjoying the sun going down on you while you holding your drink and subtle groove to the music. This is that EP that takes you away and makes you forget your real life problems for a second.

These were just a few of the new releases i wanted to share with you this week. There is much more among the 24 new electronic music releases that came out this month in June. To hear what more i selected for you and how i mixed them together, all you have to do is tune in with this weeks music podcast here on my website or on my Mixcloud channel where you can also sign-up to become my Mixcloud Select subscriber and enjoy the extra benefits.

Dirty Disco 312 play-list.

Tee Mango – No More Tears
Greymatter – Freak
Adesse Versions – Drive U Crazy
Ethyene – No, Not You
Ethyene – S.H.E. (Second Hand Emotion)
Chrissy – Nights Like This (Eddie C Remix)
Felipe Gordon – Broken Piano
DJ Psychiatre – 83-84
Chrissy – We Ain’t Going Nowhere (Pontchartrain Remix)
Tee Mango – Lay Down (Disco Mix)
Tee Mango – Feels Like Whatever (FT Amp Fiddler)
Bugsy & Astroloop – Murd
Bugsy & Astroloop – Jungest
Psychemagik – Rattlesnake
Chrissy – Bi-Coastal (Paul Johnson Remix)
Chrissy – Nothing (Eli Escobar Remix)
Chrissy – I Can Feel It (Peter Croce Remix)
DJ Windows – Where Do I Go (Without You)
Julio Cruz – Thank U
Alex Virgo & Benjamin Groove – Citizen Kane
Chrissy – South Pacific State (Violet Remix)
Anthony Naples – Fog FM
Jump Source – Slip
Jump Source – Fabric Of Trust

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