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243 minutes of Deep House in the mix – Dirty Disco 283

Kono Vidovic November 26, 2018 405

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We are in week 48 of 2018, which means that there are only 4 weeks left, before we enter 2019. I’m in a good vibe today which put’s through in the music selection and the DJ mix that i made. Therefor added extra minutes to this weeks music podcast episode, which brings you 243 minutes of deep house in the mix in Dirty Disco 283.

Dirty Disco 283.

But that’s not all! Next to the 5 additional tracks I’m playing you this week. There is also the track of the week, and some other highlighted albums & EP’s that i would like to share with you. Before we enter the deep-zone, let me explain what’s going on for a bit. The overall sound in this episode will mostly be deep, with a lot beautiful and dope deep house tracks coming in. Expect a few remixes on tracks by Rhye, coming from her new Blood Remixed album. A lot of deep-house from Saine, Secret Lover, Luvless, Jesse Bru, Kassian, Lorenz Rhode and many more…

Once again i included the track of the week, and some other featured music that i want to give some extra focus and promotion. Let’s take a look.

House Cuts vol 2 - Dirty Disco 283

House Cutz Vol 2 – Razor ‘N Tape Records.

Released on the in Brooklyn based House Music label Razor ‘N Tape. Includes 10 tracks that define the broken house music sound of the label. With artists like: Loz Goddard, Kraak & Smaak, M.ono, Luvless, Fouk, just to name a few and of course not forget to mention Dirtytwo, whit their chosen track of the week. Which is also coming from this album compilation. We included 3 tracks from this album in this weeks radio show. The album is available in all formats, including 12”. Use the given link to navigate to the vinyl version of the album.

Track of the week: Dirtytwo – Back In The Day.

Our track of the week comes from the above mentioned House Cutz sampler. The reason why i chose this track as Dirty banger of the week. I was looking for a deep house groove with that real authentic Chicago House sound. From all tracks in this weeks episode, Dirtytwo – Back In The Days, definitely brings you back to Chicago. I was preferring Faux Polynesia from Kassian above this one, but that track is not included in the other streams of the episode. So i had to stick with a track that is being played on all channels. The ones from Kassian are included in the adittional minutes in this episode.

Buy House Cutz Vol 2 here.

Kassian - Faux Polynesia EP

Kassian – Faux Polynesia EP.

Like i mentioned in the paragraph above, this EP is included in the extra minutes of playing time in Dirty Disco 283. Which makes it all together a total of 243 minutes of deep house in the mix. The full EP includes 3 tracks and is released on the Phonica White imprint. Faux Polynesia is available as 12” through their own web-shop. Follow this link to get there. I played you my two favorite tracks from this EP. The main title track and ‘This One’s For You’ Both tracks are real beautiful deep-house grooves, with a lot atmosphere going on. The Dreamy vocals and pumping bassline glues everything together in a very dope sound.

Rhye - Blood Remixed

Rhye – Blood (Remixed).

Last but not least, is the recently released remixes album from Rhye. Not to long ago the Canadian in Toronto based singer songwriter Rhye released her album ‘Blood’. Now all tracks got reinvented and some of the most prominent names in the electronic music scene worked their magic on the tracks and dropped them on the Blood Remixed album. In this episode I’m playing you at least two tracks coming from this new album released on the Loma Vista imprint. Use this Spotify link, to check the album out.

243 minutes of deep house in the mix.

Normally spoken every episode of Dirty Disco lasts around 116 minutes. This because of the radio channels where Dirty Disco also get’s play-time on. For one of the finest electronic music online radio station Deep Radio. I need to create two parts of 58 minutes. That is where every episode is based on. So now and then, things get out of control and i like to add some extra minutes of music. This for several reasons, but mostly because the groove got me, and a can’t stop playing.

Just like this time, when i added extra minutes of listening pleasure to this episode. The only downside is that i can’t play these extra minutes on stations like Deep radio. But i can play longer episodes on all other platforms like my own website, but also on Mixcloud and all other podcast hosting solutions like the iTunes podcast section among others. The additional minutes start with the track from Goddard – Find Me (Session Victim remix)

Now that you know this, please enjoy this weeks music selection. Let me know if there is anything you need, like a track or the DJ only mix. If you just want to say hello, or when you have a good suggestion for the show, or any other idea to contribute to Dirty Disco. Do not hesitate and get in touch with me.

Dirty Disco 283 – Track-list.

Artist Track title EP / Album Record Label
Jesse Bru Changing for You Changing for You EP Heart To Heart
Rhye Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix) Blood Remixed Loma Vista
Saine Worker Business Hours EP Sleazy Beats
Saine Scrabble Business Hours EP Sleazy Beats
Saine Tenfold Business Hours EP Sleazy Beats
Jesse Bru Spine Meld Changing for You EP Heart To Heart
Rhye Waste (RY X Remix) Blood Remixed Loma Vista
Maribou State Kingdom (Adesse Versions Remix Edit)   Counter Records
Moff & Tarkin Lakkris Tale of Tales 3 Lagaffe Tales
Lorenz Rhode Jubilee Belair EP Dirt Crew Recordings
Kraak & Smaak Way Back Home (Ben Sun Remix) House Cutz Vol 2 Razor n Tape Records
Dirtytwo Back In The Day House Cutz Vol 2 Razor n Tape Records
Fede Lng One At The Time PNP Vol 3 Pineapple Records
Mangabey Minor Secret Cliff Music Vol 1 Cliff
Carlo Bonfirm Tale of Tales 3 Lagaffe Tales
Luvless Discord Manufactory Cliff Music Vol 1 Cliff
Luvless Stretchin House Cutz Vol 2 Razor n Tape Records
St. David Bumin’ Heat House Jam EP Let’s Play House
Secret Lover Ready to Pop Between You And Me Heart To Heart
Secret Lover Return of the Troof Jus’ Jack Girl EP Heart To Heart
Secret Lover Jus’ Jack Girl (Christopher Rau Remix) Jus’ Jack Girl EP Heart To Heart
Goddard Find Me (Session Victim Remix) Find Me EP Church
Kassian This One’s For You Faux Polynesia EP Phonica White
Kassian Faux Polynesia Faux Polynesia EP Phonica White
DJ Psychiatre Wearing baggy’s like it’s 1995 (Black Loops Remix) Untitled EP Blaq Numbers
Vitess Jumpin Cliff Music Vol 1 Cliff
Neue Grafik Bed Stuy’s Mood (EVM128 Remix) I Miss Something / Bed Stuy’s Mood Coop


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