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25 Summer infected Chill & Deep House Tracks for April 2020 | Dirty Disco 352 | Music Show | Mix Session

Kono Vidovic April 20, 2020 580 30 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Intro to #352 | Motivation Speech | Yadava – Go Slow
  • fast_forward 00:16:27 – – Social Follow | Crackazat on Omena Records Feature
  • fast_forward 00:24:50 – – Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss on Planet Euphorique Feature
  • fast_forward 00:33:00 – – Jehan – Marabou Feature | Stamp The Wax – Isolation Therapy
  • fast_forward 00:48:52 – – Lay-Far on Eureka | Jakob Apelian on Discoweey Feature
  • fast_forward 01:00:35 – – Music show support | Jazzman Wax on TheBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:19:08 – – DJ Carmel on KANN | Alma Negra on Codek Records Feature
  • fast_forward 01:26:00 – – Alma Negra – Fire Music Feature | Highlight!
  • fast_forward 01:31:40 – – Dirtytwo – Makossa (Soultronic) & Yadava Featured
  • fast_forward 01:43:30 – – Paradiso Rhythm | House Music History | P-Lask
  • fast_forward 01:52:50 – – Outro | Nick J. Smith | Free DL of the week by Last Nubian

Introduction to this weeks music show | Dirty Disco 352.

First i would like to welcome our new Mixcloud SELECT members: DL Resituated and Konrad Rakowski to the show. Thank you very much for signing up and giving your support to Dirty Disco.

Last week i curated and played 21 new Deep Disco essentials for April. While the sun keeps shining and the sky is cleaner and healthier than ever let’s continue with those summer infected vibes this week as well.

In this 352nd installment i selected 25 summer infected Chill & Deep house tracks. 2 of them can be downloaded for free, 9 are available on 12” vinyl. 2 on cassette and there is a total of 5 forthcoming tracks (music promo’s) on the time of recording this music show.

Highlighted new releases.

Starting at 90 BPM with a few downtempo chill beats from Yadava and the Velvet House On Sackville Street. The new album by Crackazat on Omena Records and a bit of Electronica from Olsvanger on the Isolation Therapy various artists compilation on Stamp the Wax.

From here the tempo gets builded up with those more 4×4 house beats and a bit of relaxed chill house breaks from the new Modern Bliss album by Roza Terenzi (featured below) to finally play along a few Disco house groovers, sunny jazz house music and on the end we are reaching the 125 BPM mark with proper deep house from P-Lask, Last Nubian and Paradisco Rhythm in particular order.

Crackazat – Beat Tape | Omena Records

There are a few cool facts about this new recently released album by Crackazat – Beat Tape on the Swedish Omena Records label. The first fact is that all music on this album was created between 2007 and 2009 and is the heritage from the time when Crackazat was producing music with a friends for their non-serious rap duo.

They both took care of the lyrics but Crackazat was also responsible for the beats and found his inspiration in artists like Brain Tax, Lewis Parker, Madlib and Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley. After the duo stopped Crackazat kept making beats and the results can be heard on his new Beat Tape album.

Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss | Planet Euphorique.

This is a double debut release. The very first release on this label comes from the in Melbourne based producer Roza Terenzi and is a classy LP 2×12” release showcasing his ability to produce from dope post electro, extraterrestrial techno until dreamy progressive kind of house tracks.

The album features 9 new tracks where i selected 2 from for this week’s essential selection. I chose ‘Jungle In The City’ because of the downtempo funky beats, beautiful dreamy pads and FX elements that make this a real summer infected chill & deep house track.

The second selected track for this week’s mix is ‘Spirals’. Which again perfectly fits in the Summer Infected Chill Breaks music category and perfect to hear coming by on a hot summer night.

Jazzman Wax – The Mission | TheBasement Discos

When you tune in to my weekly music shows you know that the in Valencia based label TheBasement Discos is no stranger in my selections. As the name reveals the label focuses on Disco, Jazz and Soul infused House and Deep House styles. The general often by me used term ‘Deep Disco’ suits very well for the releases on the label and this also goes for their most recent release by one of the most influential house music producers in Spain.

The label welcomes Jazzman Wax with a new EP called ‘The Mission’. A gourmet 4 tracker house release, filled with intelligent grooves and dynamic basslines. The quality of his productions are from a very high level and therefore no surprise that Jazzman Wax previous released tracks on labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm and the NY based Nervous Records label.

Isolation Therapy | Stamp The Wax

Another great release to write about to home. This various artists compilation ‘Isolation Therapy’ was initiated because of the Covid-19 lockdown and the corona crisis keeping the world in it’s grip.

With DJ’s like me and many music producers around the world leaving out of gigs and the events industry stopped working. Stamp The Wax launched this compilation album in lightning fast speed. STW reached out to all of their music producer friends around the globe and gave them 3 days to create and deliver an new track.

The result is this compilation with surprisingly high quality tracks on it. Showing the capability and real talent of the music creators that collaborated on this one.

P-LASK – It’s A Feeling | Electric Dangerous Records (Free DL)

This is not our official free weekly download (the one below is) But sometimes labels and artists give away their tracks for free while we even noticing it. Even though this is a new track and an official release on the Electric Dangerous Records label, you can grab it for free through the posted link here under.

P-Lask – It’s a Feeling sounds like a anthemic club dance floor deep house groover. Laced with smooth and moving pads, the deep organ ‘classic’ house bass chord stabs making this a perfect and well crafted deep space house track.

Download this track for free here.

Last Nubian Keep Yo Afro Tidy

Free Download of the week: Last Nubian – Keep Yo Afro Tidy

And finally after reading all of the featured music highlights in this weeks electronic music blog you arrived at the official free download of this week. Sended out to my newsletter subscribers a week earlier like i always do and then played in this week’s electronic dance music show.

This tracks was given away by Last Nubian and the Moment Cinetique label because. of the delay on the recent 12” release from Last Nubian – Crying on Jet Skies which you can read all about here. Grab this free download in the music review and enjoy this beauty of a very well produced Deep House track.

Full Track listing & Music Credits.

Feel free to reach out through my socials, links to my social media channels and Dirty Disco available audio platforms can be found in the header and footer on my website. Let me know if you like what you hear and make sure to follow me on my Instagram to see / hear snippets on forthcoming releases and music selections.

Use the published track listing here below to navigate to your favorite tracks and producers online to support them when you want to buy the music. In addition and if you care for listening more than for using them as a DJ in your live sessions you can check out the weekly updated Spotify playlist.

Thank you for tuning in, stay safe, stay healthy, positive and strong!

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
YadavaGo SlowVelvet House On Sackville StreetAdhoc Records
CrackazatModer JazzBeat TapeOmena Records
CrackazatBallad of SeasBeat TapeOmena Records
Olsvanger2120Isolation Therapy (v.a. compilation)Stamp The Wax
SofaTalkSouth SideSouth SideBroken District
Roza TerenziJungle in the CityModern BlissPlanet Euphorique
Roza TerenziSpiralModern BlissPlanet Euphorique
YadavaGrapefruitsVelvet House On Sackville StreetAdhoc Records
JehanMarabouMarabouSundries Digital
JehanKiss ClubMarabouSundries Digital
Jazzman WaxRediscovering LoveThe MissionTheBasement Discos
Lay-FarNaiveSeasons ChangeEureka
Jakob ApelianVilda MusenDW023Discoweey
Jazzman WaxLet’s MoveThe MissionTheBasement Discos
Jazzman WaxThe MissionThe MissionTheBasement Discos
Lay-FarHeartfeltSeasons ChangeEureka
PrequelThe World Is LoveIsolation Therapy (v.a. compilation)Stamp The Wax
DJ CarmelIndian PacificEverybody DoesKANN
Alma NegraFireFireCodek Records
DirtytwoMakossa (Soultronic Remix)RemixesLisztomania Records
YadavaCamomile SambaVelvet House On Sackville StreetAdhoc Records
Paradiso RhythmI Ain’t Leavin’Dig Deeper Into Yer Dreams Vol 2House of Unity
P-LASKIt’s A FeelingIt’s A FeelingElectric Dangerous Records
Nick J. SmithCan’t StopYou Make Me FeelClandestino Records
Last NubianKeep Yo Afro TidyFree DownloadMoment Cinetique

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