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26 Electronic Music Essentials – Dirty Disco 307

Kono Vidovic May 20, 2019 535 5

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If there is somebody you can rely on to be here every week over and over again. It must be me. 😉 Once again I’m back with a fresh episode filled with 26 electronic music essentials that i have selected, curated and mixed together to a fine DJ mix of two hours long. To bring you new insights, new inspiration with new music straight from the music scene.

26 electronic music essentials - Dirty Disco 307

26 Electronic music essentials.

To make you understand a bit on how i work and to give you a bit of a behind the scenes idea. Every week i curate around +/- 25 new tracks that i come across in my search for new music. To begin with i make a bigger selection which most of the times comes down to 100+ tracks and sometimes even much more. From these 100+ tracks i choose around 25 to put in to the mix every week. You can imagine that it can be tough sometimes to curate and finally select 26 electronic music essentials for this weeks mix.

That is also the reason why i sometimes decide to create a longer music podcast episode. Sometimes I’m just stuck in the mix, and i can’t get out of it. And sometimes there are just a few more tracks that i really wanted to share with you. Most of the time, there are more EP’s and tracks on them that i want to share. Think of the 100+ music tracks that i pre-select before i make the final mix selection.

Like always I’m also bond to time. I wish i had more, but since Dirty Disco isn’t making any profits i have to do other work as well to pay the bills. If you have an idea on how i could share those other tracks with you as well, and could generate an income stream for DDR. Please let me know your thoughts. As i would gladly change my everyday work in to curate for you as a full-time job. 🙂

New electronic dance music curated.

Let’s look at what i have for you this week within those 26 electronic music essentials. I can start with saying that this weeks music releases are on some very hot record labels. Think of imprints like Madhouse Records which is run by Kerri Chandler and already releasing quality house music for over 25 years. Toy Tonics which is now part of the K7 Family and run by Gomma head Munk.

Counter Records which not to long ago released the Kingdoms in Colour album by Maribou State is back with something new. Aus Music is bringing us some refined quality House music from The Netherlands. We can stick with the music imprints forever, but let us look which artists and their new tracks are really among this weeks 26 electronic music essentials.

26 electronic music essentials - Tyree Cooper

Maribou State Remixed.

On Counter Records the new Kingdoms In Colour Remixes album is out. Not to long ago the label released the very dope and must have album by Maribou State. And now there is a remixes album as well, which contains beautiful refined versions on their tracks made by some of the most promising electronica producers.

Kapote – What It Is Album on Toy Tonics.

Toy Tonics and Gomma’s head honcho Munk aka Kapote is back with a brand new album. What can we say about the new album titled ‘What Is It’? Well it’s certainly a must have for all you house heads out there. Many of you already knew but many not, and now the word is finally out there. Munk = Kapote.

26 electronic music essentials - Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle releases new EP ‘Rhythm Girl Swing’ on Aus Music.

One of the finest and most promising Dutch producers duo Detroit Swindle released a new EP on the Aus Music label. The EP contains 3 new tracks which are beautiful compositions of quality (deep) house music with that real and unique Detroit Swindle sound.

Black Loops on Madhouse Records.

If you are a frequent listener of Dirty Disco. You know that over the lats couple of years we often play music by Black Loops. In this installment with 26 electronic music essentials there is his new EP included. Which is titled JAH Love and is released on one of the finest House Music imprints run by Kerri Chandler ‘Madhouse Records’.

There is much more to it and i can keep talking about music forever. To get more in detail it’s better to just tune in to this weeks episode to witness the new sounds by all these great artists and labels. If you want to find out which tracks are being played just use the play list here below to find them or e-mail me with any questions.

26 electronic music essentials - Dirty Disco 307

DJ only mixes.

Every mix i make for every single Dirty Disco episode is being recorded as a DJ only mix as well. Which means that you can download the version without me talking. Even though most people prefer the spoken version where i promote, curate and host music. The DJ only version can come in handy when you need music for your party.

The DJ mixes that i make are always 2 hours long and sometimes even much longer like the XL episode i did recently. So perfect to play and keep running in the background of your birthday party, Friday afternoon drinks or any other kind of party. Just e-mail me for the DJ only mix and i will send you a download link to the specific episode.

If you need a customized DJ mix / play list of any kind. Feel free to contact me so we can work this out as well. Please share this page / podcast if you like to support us. Thanks!

Dirty Disco 307 play list.

Artist Track title EP / Album Record Label
Jim-E Stack A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother Self Released
Maribou State Ft Khruangbin Feel Good (Khruangbin’s A Well Nice version) Kingdoms In Colours Remixed (Album) Counter Records
Maribou State Ft Khruangbin Feel Good (Mount Liberation Unlimited’s Reduced Funk Tripp) Kingdoms In Colours Remixed (Album) Counter Records
Kapote Spacedrum What It Is (Album) Toy Tonics
Kapote Jaas Func Haus What It Is (Album) Toy Tonics
TBM Nobody’s Fool LTDBLBL004 Ltd, W/Lbl
Till Von Sein Wanna Be Til It’s Gone (EP) Suol
Farhad Feel It Feel It (EP) Feedasoul Records
Workerz Groovy Jean Jizz @ Jazz (Album) Tealer Records
Detroit Swindle Vibrations Rhythm Girl Swing (EP) Aus Music
Workerz Martin Luther Jizz @ Jazz (Album) Tealer Records
Kapote Fuck Music What It Is (Album) Toy Tonics
Intr0beatz Indian Flute Dude Drive-Thru Delicacies (EP) Closer To Truth
Apparel Wax 006B 006B (EP) Apparel Wax
Kapote Fusion 79 What It Is (Album) Toy Tonics
G. Markus Cherchez Le G Searching (V.A. EP) Moment Cinetique
Max Telear Chain Of Fools LTDBLBL004 Ltd, W/Lbl
Cassettes For Kids If Only You Knew See the Light / If Only You Knew (EP) Finer Things Records
Baltimore Chop Deep In Your Soul Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (EP) Minor Notes Recordings
Workerz Jizz @ Jazz Jizz @ Jazz (Album) Tealer Records
Workerz The Night Jizz @ Jazz (Album) Tealer Records
Crowd Control If You Like (B&S Concept Remix) If You Like (EP) Gents & Dandy’s Records
Tyree Cooper I Wan’t It Now I Wan’t It Now (EP) Music For Freaks
Black Loops NYC Dirty Talks JAH Love (EP) Madhouse Records
Black Loops JAH Love JAH Love (EP) Madhouse Records
Detroit Swindle Wado Baya Rhythm Girl Swing (EP) Aus Music

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