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Rising Stars 2fox: Inside Their Journey to the Top of Deep House – Exclusive Interview.

Kono Vidovic December 5, 2023 131 18 5

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Dive into the electrifying world of 2fox, the dynamic duo shaking up the Deep House scene. In this exclusive interview with DirtyDiscoRadio, Max Sinàl and Renell Shaw reveal their journey from their serendipitous meeting on a Rudimental tour to becoming DJ Mag’s “Best Emerging Artist” of July 2023. Discover the unique blend of soulful house music that has captivated audiences globally and the creative magic behind their latest hit, “So Long”.

How does it feel to be recognized by DJ Mag as the “Best Emerging Artist” of July 2023, and how has this accolade impacted your career?

M – It was nice to receive that recognition from the industry for such a new project of mine. It helped me know I was on the right track with the vision I had for the sound I wanted to create.

Can you share the story behind how Max Sinàl and Renell Shaw came together to form 2fox, and what inspired your unique blend of soulful house music?

M – We came up with the idea to collaborate while we were on the tour bus of a Rudimental tour in 2017. Renell was a part of the live band and I was the warm up DJ. We started doing sessions at my house and soon realized that our contrasting musical backgrounds actually melted really well together. After we finished our first ep, we realized we needed to come up with a name for this project. Renell asked me what i think we should be called, i replied with “i honestly couldn’t give 2 f***s” and just like that 2fox was born.

Being based in a culturally rich city like London, how do these diverse influences reflect in your music?

R – We get to immerse ourselves in everything, if there’s a style of music that we discover, we can find a place in London that’s playing it. Full creative immersion is so important, it allows you to respect the music you discover, and understand the culture it comes from.

With a significant global following, how do you ensure your music resonates with such a wide and varied audience?

M – We honestly don’t really think about it in that way. I think we’ve got into a rhythm of making our music where we just trust the process. I think because we are genuine fans of our own music and we wouldn’t put anything out that we don’t love ourselves, we just trust that our audience sees it the same way.

You’ve collaborated with a range of artists. How do you select who to work with, and what’s your process for blending different creative visions?

R – We naturally gravitate towards artists who share a similar passion for music as us, that’s how we select the artists we work with. We also have an instinct for what resonates with 2fox’s vision, so our process for blending different creative visions happens in the moment.

Tell us about the creative process behind your latest release, “So Long”. How did the collaboration with Liam Bailey and BB James come about?

R – ‘So Long’ came together very quickly at the end of a writing session. We had been working on a different song with BB James for most of the day, but the vibe wasn’t fully connecting. So, we started something new, and ‘So Long’ effortlessly found its way to us. We felt that the song needed an additional energy, so we reached out to Liam because we are fans of his music and felt that he would get what we were looking for. He loved it, and we got back into the studio to complete the record.

“So Long” is described as an afro-jazz flecked house jam. What inspired you to explore this genre, and how do you feel it enhances the track?

M – We didn’t set out to make an afro-jazz flecked house jam, but I do love that description! haha. It’s always been hard to place us in any sub genre. We’re not strictly soulful house, afro house or deep house but somewhere that takes elements of all of those with some jazz here and there. So Long just happened naturally, Liam Bailey’s reggae influence on it gave it that little extra flavour to confuse genre-land even more!

Where do you see the future of Deep House and Afro House genres heading, and how do you plan to contribute to its evolution?

M – I would like to see producers and artists care less about genres to be honest, why limit your sound to fit into a specific category, when you can take different elements of each one to create something new. It’s been nice to see deep house going back to its roots recently. There was that period where it kind of lost its way and everything was being described as Deep House. It’s nice to hear live instruments coming back in to it like from the early New York stuff. In terms of afro house, I highly rate what Kid Fonque is doing with Stay True Sounds. He’s keeping that real soulful South African sound alive and evolving, at a time when afro tech and amapiano were taking a lot of the shine from S.A. (not taking anything away from those genres btw!).

Among your own tracks, which one is your personal favorite and why?

R – I think a personal favourite is a track that we only create when performing live. We mix and loop the end of ‘Inner Drum’ with the beginning of ‘Move’, and during this moment, the crowd are singing along with us. As the mix changes, the melody and mood shifts into something quite deep and beautiful, it’s a really cathartic moment. 

How do you translate the energy of your recorded music into your live performances?

R – We focus on honouring the message and the story within the music, it doesn’t need to feel exactly like the record, but to capture the energy, we focus on translating the honesty.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your musical journey, and how did you overcome them?

R – Our biggest challenge was probably the 2020 lockdown. We were planning on developing our live set, and then everything stopped overnight. We overcame this by focusing on our digital audience which involved creating a campaign that focused on releasing a new single every 2/3 weeks. It lasted about 4 months, and it generated a massive online presence for us. We became global from our homes! 

Renell, how has your extensive experience across different musical genres influenced your work with 2fox?

R – My experience across different genres has taught me how to adapt and connect with the heart of the music, no matter the style. 2fox work with artists who specialise in lots of different genres, and sometimes speak different languages. Having that ability to connect, has allowed 2fox to respect different musical cultures, and at the same time add our spin

without compromising authenticity on either side.

Max, how has your journey from East London’s pirate radio circuit to now shaped your approach to music?

M – I guess it just reinforced my love of underground music. With 2fox, it’s been useful to try and keep an underground vibe while making it accessible to people who maybe aren’t in that world. On a DJ front, it made me obsessive about finding new music from an early age.

Can you give us any sneak peeks into what fans can expect from 2fox in the near future?

M – We’ve spent the last few months finishing a load of new music which we’ll be releasing in

2024. A couple of eps and a couple of singles are good to go. Our next release is an E.P with a New York based label in spring, but that’s all we can say about it for now…

What message do you have for your fans who have supported you throughout your journey?

R – Thank you for growing with us, it really is just the beginning for 2fox, and we have so much more to offer you. Music is a powerful force that can have a positive impact on all of us. Expand on the positive vibes we create and uplift each other.

2fox interview about So Long EP

A few more words as we wrap up this interview with 2fox.

As we wrap up our insightful conversation with 2fox, their story of passion, innovation, and resilience leaves us inspired. Don’t miss out on their latest masterpiece, “So Long,” a fusion of afro-jazz and house rhythms that showcases their exceptional talent. Follow their journey and get ready for their upcoming releases in 2024. Thank you, 2fox, for sharing your musical world with us and our listeners. Stay tuned for more sonic adventures from these trailblazers of the house music scene!

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