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#327 | Kraak & Smaak | Matt Masters | KX9000 | Flight Mode | Kerri Chandler | Medlar | Kristy Harper and more…

Kono Vidovic October 28, 2019 437 2

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Music is nice to listen to, it creates emotions, feelings memories and good times. Music can make you happy and sad but almost always has a positive effect on your spirit. Here at Dirty Disco music is my biggest passion and talking about, creating /producing  and sharing music is what i love to do most. Sounds like a perfect recipe for 6 years of music podcasting and creating quality mixes every week again. This week i’m going to make you happy with a lot of new releases by Kraak & Smaak, Matt Masters, KX9000, Flight Mode, Kristy Harper to just name a few of the many in this weeks music podcast.

This week in episode #327.

When you tune in to this installment of my weekly music show you will hear that i always talk you through the program. I keep you updated with what’s playing, what’s new and what is upcoming in the show. Whenever you feel like knowing what’s exactly going on you can always check out the tracklisting which i always post in the weekly blogpost that goes with the current episode. Next to the playlist i also like to feature a few new releases here in the post.

Kraak & Smaak - Pleasure Centre

Kraak & Smaak – Pleasure Centre.

Already the 6th studio album from these Dutch guys. But this time it’s the very first time the Dutch producers release their album on their very own record label Boogie Angst. Pleasure Centre is a wonderful selection of new tracks where they have been working on for the last 2 years together with a lot of other singers and songwriters. Pleasure Centre is a combination of that 70’s 80’s vintage sound, bringing together yacht rock, dream pop and indie dance influences together with their very own signature electronic funk style of sound.

For this 6th album Kraak & Smaak traveled to Los Angeles to work at Echo Park and worked at local studios and or in the home studios of the collaborators they worked with. On this album you can find collaborations with artists like: Gavin Turek, Satchmode, Izo FitzRoy, Ivar, Nic Hanson and many more great names like this. If you love funky beats, nu disco house sound and uplifting tracks that make you feel good. Kraak & Smaak – Pleasure Centre is an album to have and even available as a 12” for all you vinyl record lovers.

Matt Masters - Never Ending Nights

Matt Masters – Never Ending Nights

Another great album to check out if you love electronic music. Never Ending Nights from Matt Masters is a beauty when it comes to electronic music in all aspects of it. On the album you can hear Matt Masters his talent in creating music from deep electronica tracks, ambient intro’s until deep house and even tech house vibes. A cool fact about Matt Masters and his first album is that Matt already worked for Freerange record for about 15 years. He has been doing a lot for the label such as presenting their radio show, mastering tracks for the labels boss Jimpster, and taking care that the regulations are being met when it come son releasing music. As they say themselves the Never Ending Nights album includes 11 precisely engineered house and electronica tracks and is available on all digital formats, through streaming services and as a 12” vinyl record.

Now also on YouTube.

From now on you can also listen to our Electronic Music podcasts on YouTube. Since this week we added YouTube as one of the platforms we are available on. You might wonder yourself hasn’t this already been the case? Well yes, i have tried uploading to YouTube before. But uploading music there comes with a lot of ups and downs. Copyrights is a tough thing when you are promoting music as a DJ, radio host and music curator. Even though i’m always promoting music it’s hard to do so because all the difficult rules where they are not always really looking good at specific situations. Sometimes labels forget that specific genres and music need DJ’s more than other genres. Where would music be if there weren’t DJ’s that played and promoted these tracks? And why are you making music for DJ’s if they can’t play it in their sets and upload it to online platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube. 

Because we love YouTube and we love music we decided to go for it once again. Hoping to do everything right so we can welcome you one our Electronic Music Channel.

Playlist tracklisting.

  1. Thirsty Guys – Modjoman Pt. 1 (A Hip Hop Story)
  2. Kraak & Smaak – Sommeron (Ft Imugi)
  3. Matt Masters – Memories of Chimes
  4. Matt Masters – Breakfast Memories
  5. Kraak & Smaak – Guilty Discomforts (Ft Wolfgang Valbrun)
  6. Kraak & Smaak – Say The Word (Ft Nic Hanson)
  7. Cody Currie & Joel Homes – Beyond The Stars
  8. Kristy Harper – 1955
  9. Kostrok – Mundo Disco
  10. Kristy Harper – Sterk
  11. Peer Du – Criticize
  12. Lea Lisa – From Garage
  13. Flight Mode – Burn This (Medlar Remix)
  14. Kristy Harper – Exotic Shapes
  15. Salary Boy – Newland Court
  16. Labat – 1993
  17. Lea Lisa – Something For The Dancers (Kerri Chandler Dark Mix)
  18. Newzs – Dreams
  19. Scuba – Liberty City
  20. KX9000 – High Def
  21. Ari Bald – Daytrippin
  22. Thirsty Guys – Blue Cheese Jazz Caffé
  23. KX9000 – Les 9000 Couteaux !
  24. KX9000 – Raf’s Baggies

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