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Kono Vidovic November 4, 2019 460

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In last weeks podcast i spoiled you with a few tunes from the brand new Kraak & Smaak album. The week before in music podcast episode #326 there was the all new Detroit Swindle release on Heist. And this week i’m back at you with another new curation full of new tracks on labels such as: Feedasoul Records, Slothboogie (which started out as a blog) back in the days. Virage Records, Distant Hawaii, Kwench records, Kombava & Motech Records to just name a few.

Music podcast episode #328.

Even though the labels are important to mention as they also deserve credit for finding and scouting artists and publish their music. It’s more about the artists when it comes to music. The people who actually use their inspiration, creativity and capacity to make these wonderful tunes that makes u move, create emotions and memories. Therefore this week i made a whole new selection of very good new releases that i stumbled up on last week.

This weeks music selection is a mixture of deep house combined with soulful grooves, jazzy influences, disco beats and chops with even here and there some African vibes and in the very end a dirty ending straight from Detroit Filthiest. Just like in every weekly installment of Dirty Disco i find it hard to say which tracks are my favorite. I curated 154 new tracks and from these only 22 ended up in the final selection. This does not mean that these 22 are the best tracks from the 154 pre selected tunes. But once i start out mixing things up it becomes a journey, a feeling and combination of emotions and sound that make me decide which track to play next.

Papa Soul | Classixx | Floorplan

This weeks music highlights.

Some of the highlights this week are tracks from Papa Soul – Moody Type Love on Feedasoul Records. Where i’m playing the main title tracks from and the opening track of the show which is titled Flirt, but is difficult to hear since i talk over it. As a member you can check the DJ only version here to hear the full show without talking. Also some of the deep disco tracks on the new Slothboogie Editz 5 release are worth mentioning and is available as a 12” which is actually great and makes it a full experience.

Sinusic is back with a new EP on his very own Kombava Records label. His new EP: Kagoshima Bay is really nice to listen to and includes some discofied house beats with lots of sampling and chopping. The track Ibusuki No Tamatebako really fits the selection and delivers a great disco sound.

Some of the bigger names in this weeks selection are Floorplan (Detroit Techno pioneer Robert Hood and his Daughter Lyric Hood) Who released a new EP on Will Saul’s Aus Music label. The main title track ‘Fiyaaaa!’ is a real tech house banger that moves dancefloors. Nu Disco House legends Classixx are also back with a new track that delivers a real tight and nice disco sound. Love Me No More on Innovative Leisure is a must have for not only Disco lovers, but also all Disco DJ’s out there.

Electronic Music on YouTube.

Remember that from now on you can also tune in to my weekly podcast on YouTube. Next to all the other music platforms and channels Dirty Disco is also available on the biggest video uploading platform. Feel free to make use of it, and while you do subscribe and hit that bell notification to receive updates of new shows.

Playlist tracklisting.

  1. Papa Soul – Flirt
  2. Bondi Bondi – Dinner
  3. Luvless – The First Aid Manual
  4. Roman Rauch – Blackout
  5. Cassette For Kids – Goldfish Feelings (Tilman Remix)
  6. Cosmonection & Tour-maubourg – Orange Glue
  7. Etur Usheo – Want To
  8. Etur Usheo – Whistle
  9. Rick Wade – Groover
  10. Papa Soul – Moody Type Love
  11. East Of Eden – Yume Name Koro
  12. Manuel Sahagun – Awake
  13. Sinusic – Ibusuki No Tamatebako
  14. Sebo K – L.U.V.
  15. Hanna – I Needed
  16. Lezguy – Osmosis
  17. Floorplan – Fiyaaaa!
  18. 9th House – Keeping Me Up
  19. Manuel Sahagun – On Point
  20. Classixx – Love Me No More
  21. Sebo K – New Steps
  22. Detroit’s Filthiest – Shake & Bounce (Dirty mix)

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