#329 Electronic Music Podcast | Bella Boo | Project Pablo | Symptoms Of Love | Golden Dawn Arkestra | DASCO | Jad & The | more…

Welcome to installment #329 of your weekly electronic music podcast. This week i found, curated and mixed 23 releases in to this 2 hour hosted mix session. Tune in and get inspired by and enjoy music from: Bella Boo and her debut album ‘Once Upon A Passion’. The brand new Project Pablo EP Inside Unsolved. A celebration at the Deeplomatic label with their 100th release and various artist compilation DPL 100. Remixes by Austin Ato and Dicky Trisco on the Golden Dawn Arkestra. African Afro Beats by DASCO and a remix from Ben Gomori on Orchestre Baobab. Jad & The with his new Pacific Drums EP. Symptoms Of Love with Eye Contact and a few older tracks by Damiano von Erckert and a few releases on Rutilance Records. More information can be found in these show notes.

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