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Kono Vidovic November 11, 2019 485

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Welcome to this weeks blog with show notes on this week’s electronic music podcast #329. Time flies and sometimes i wish i could do more with the music that i curate. Every week i find new tracks and music releases that i find very interesting. Even though i give these tracks more life with my podcast and the best ones also end up in my DJ sets when i play on gigs, there is only so little time to play al these great releases. Therefore i hope my music podcast can not only inspire you as a DJ yourself but also as a listener to listen to most of these tracks whenever you feel like to listen to great electronic tracks. If you missed last weeks update on music you can find it here and hear all the dope music from Classixx, Papa Soul & Roman Rauch to just name a few.

#329 this weeks music podcast.

This week i got inspired with a lot of new music but also a few older releases that will bring us back to 2017 and even further to 2014. There is also a debut album by the beautiful Bella Boo on the Swedish Studio Barnhus. A new EP by the in Canada based Project Pablo. 100 releases on the Deeplomatic records label with a celebration compilation album and much more… To find out which tracks i’m exactly playing in this weeks music podcast you can always refer back to the track listing on the bottom of this post that i included every week. Like always there are many great tracks included, all are available through multiple music streaming services and many of them even available on vinyl. If you love to play vinyl and would like to buy yourself a 12” from time to time and do some proper online vinyl crate digging. You also need a turntable to play these records on. To help you out a bit i created this list with 7 modern turntables for reasonable prices.

Bella Boo - Once Upon A PassionBella Boo – Once Upon A Passion – Studio Barnhus.

This week i stumbled up on this debut album by Bella Boo which is released on the Swedish Studio Barnhus label. The album features 9 tracks that take you into a clear look in Bella Boo’s life and her music production style. Her style is not limited to just 4 to the floor beats or one sub-genre only. Her style is better described as a wide form of electronic music with various styles combined into a great album. Her electronic sound is just excellent, you can expect a lot of deep sounds combined with atmospheric breaks, jazzy and soulful influences combined with great vocals in different BPM ranges. 

I would strongly like to advise you to listen to her debut album yourself and witness her capability of producing dope music. I featured two of her tracks in this weeks music selection, the track she worked on with Axel Boman ‘Flightmode‘ and i used her ‘Tuesday’ production as the outro of this week’s episode.

DPL 100 – Deeplomatic Records.

It’s time to celebrate Deeplomatics 100th release. And therefore the label presents DPL 100 to celebrate the fact that the label is 100 releases old. For this special occasion they selected an compilation album featuring 20 tracks from artists and recent signings on their label. In this weeks music podcast i will feature two tracks from the compilation from Funk D’Void and Just Her. The overall sound is like you can expect from Deeplomatic ‘DEEP’. If you love deep house music from producers like: Moodymanc, Jesse Saunders, Gene Hunt, Paul Johnson, Rick Wade, Terrence Parker, Ninetoes and Robert Babicz among others. This is a must have album compilation to add to your collection.

Project Pablo - Inside Unsolved

Project Pablo – Inside Unsolved.

We play a lot of music from Canadian artist Patrick Holland a.k.a. Project Pablo. He has been producing and releasing a lot of high quality music the last couple of years. Straight from his hometown Montreal he has been making music that inspires and brings a unique atmospheric deep and uplifting electronic sound with loads of energy. His new release Inside Unsolved is no exception on that and a must plat, must listen to EP for all you deep house and deep electronica heads. 

Playlisting and custom DJ mixes.

You can use to track listing here below to find the tracks that you really like and buy them or find them within your favorite music streaming platform. To make it even easier there is the: Dirty Disco – Electronic Music Podcast Playlist in Spotify, which i update every week with new music from the latest music podcast. This way you can find all tracks from my music selection in one place and listen to them as separate tracks and even add them to your own music libary. You can click on follow to stay updated with this playlist and find new music every week.

If you are looking for next level music listening or music for your business. You can check out my custom DJ mix service. Whether you are a business that needs music or a person that wants a curated or custom mixed playlist for any occasion, you can contact me to discuss the details. I have been working on various projects from wedding mixes to complete mixed playlists for restaurants with different moods for different times and days to create ambiance and beautiful experiences with music, food and drinks. You can read more about this on my website.

#329 music podcast playlist.

  1. Nephase – Seriously
  2. Damiano von Erckert – A Lot of L-v# (Skit)
  3. Symptoms of Love – Eye Contact
  4. Symptoms of Love – Love Support
  5. Romain FX – You Love Me
  6. Tulioxi – Tremal Naik Dance
  7. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Cosmic Dancer (Dicky Trisco Remix Edit)
  8. Funk D’Void – Homage
  9. Bella Boo – Flightmode (Ft Axel Boman)
  10. Project Pablo – Pressure No Impact
  11. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Children Of The Sun (Austin Ato Remix Edit)
  12. Just Her – Running On Empty
  13. Alfio Pienne – Dream
  14. Damiano von Erckert & Peven Everett – All About Loving’ Me (4 o’Clock. You’re in a Club Mix)
  15. Gunnter – Chordzzz
  16. Tell – Fully Pumped
  17. Project Pablo – Big Room Delusion
  18. DASCO  – Keep Movin’
  19. Orchestre Baobab – Sibou Odia (Ben Gomori Edit)
  20. Project Pablo – Pill
  21. Project Pablo – The Solution
  22. Jad & The – Pacific Drums (Liquid Mix)
  23. Bella Boo – Tuesday

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