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#330 Electronic Music Podcast | New Psychemagik Album | Floorplan | Chaos In The CDB | Madison Avenue | & many more…

Kono Vidovic November 18, 2019 487 5

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What’s good people?! This week’s music podcast is overloaded with great new music, so let’s jump into it. In this electronic music podcast selection are 22 tracks. 2 New albums, 2 promo releases and from the 22 tracks 21 are online available on vinyl

#330 Electronic Music Podcast.

The music that i play in my weekly selections comes from everywhere. There are the common straight forward channels such as the online music stores examples are Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, Next to that i’m also on many music promo lists from various music labels who send me their forthcoming releases for a review and feature. And there are also friends, fellow DJs and producers that send me their music as well. The music is literally flowing in from all kind of directions. Here you can read how music streaming is also inspiring me as a DJ. Let’s see what you can expect this week in this 330th electronic music podcast.

New Psychemagik Album – I Feel How This Night Should Look.

Our friend from the music podcast Kev from the UK hooked me up with a promo on the brand new highly anticipated new studio album by Psychemagik – I Feel How This Night Should Look. The new Psychemagik album is being released in the end of this month and will not only be available through all music services and online shops. But also as a double 12” pack. I’m very enthusiastic about the album as it brings a variety of tracks all in high quality and every single track made with the same amount of passion in the last couple of years. You can really hear that both Psychemagik producers, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney have really putted their soul and bliss in to this album. To give you a glimpse of how this album sounds i’m playing you three tracks from it in this week’s installment. I will also tell you more about how this all came together in the episode, so just hit that play button here or on one of your favorite music platforms.

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby 20th Anniversary Edition.

It has been 20 years ago since Madison Avenue created and released their now dance classic ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ on Vicious Records. To celebrate that they re-released the tracks with two new additional remixes by Andy Van a.k.a. Super Disco Club here is the official YouTube video. And the very dope reinterpretation by Mousse T on the original dance classic. Read all about the 20th anniversary release here and how Mousse T remixed the track with honoring the original sound and vibe.

Floorplan – Supernatural.

I can only imagine how great it would be to work with my daughter on our music. For Robert and Lyric Hood this is real life the father and daughter duo that go under there Floorplan name have now released a full album called ‘Supernatural’. The album is very dope and features their capability in producing serious house anthems in the various sub-styles as soulful, disco house, vocal, and tech house. I already played you a track in music #328 episode before the album was released. Now i’m playing you two tracks from the Supernatural album in this episode, check out the track list below to see which ones.

Vinyl releases.

Many of the new music releases that i play are also coming out on 12”. As vinyl is very popular nowadays the numbers of people playing 12” are still growing you might wonder where to get and buy vinyls as much as how you can play 12” records. Whether you are a DJ and using vinyl for professional uses, or as a vinyl music lover. Recently we published a post covering 7 modern turntables to play your records on. Use it to navigate and check various record players to see which one fits your needs and playing style.

Electronic Music Podcast #330 tracklisting.

  1. Phenomenal Handclap Band – Remain Silent (Ray Mang Version)
  2. Iner – Dreams & Rules
  3. Sune – Jazzmelankoli
  4. Psychemagik – Cosmic Forest
  5. Psychemagik – Above The Clouds
  6. Mind Enterprises – S.H.A.K.E. (Breakbot remix)
  7. Johannes Albert – Antoni’s Groove
  8. Iner – Hold! Get It Right
  9. Iner – Eclair
  10. Aladdin! – Victims of a System (Ricky Razu Remix)
  11. Sune – Café Conversations (ft Vitamin D)
  12. Bootie Grove – Sweety Woo Dance Machine
  13. Sebb Junior – Cause You Love Me
  14. Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Mousse T Remix)
  15. Iner – Eclair (Yann Polweka Remix)
  16. Floorplan – Brothers + Sisters
  17. Aladdin! – Victims of a System
  18. Man Without A Clue – Just Listen
  19. Chaos In The CBD – Come Together
  20. Chaos In The CBD – Digital Sound
  21. Floorplan – I Try
  22. Psychemagik – La Paix Est Une Fleur

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