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Kono Vidovic December 16, 2019 611 4 5

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What’s good people?! It’s been a week since the last electronic music podcast, if you missed it, tune in here. This week i curated 21 tracks and mixed, glued them together into this weeks mix session right here. 

Podcast episode 334. 

This week it’s time for our 334th electronic music podcast episode. Feel free to let me know how long you have been tuning in. At which episode did you started listening to Dirty Disco and how did you find it? Like always i included a full tracklist in this blogpost so you can find all the tracks that you might want to dig for. If you love 12 inches and to play vinyl, you might want to check out our latest blog on our top 8 record players for in your mancave. If you are a DJ but not using vinyl and are more into digital music you might want to know how music streaming services like Spotify is changing the future of DJing.

This weeks selection features a rich sound combination between funky Nu Disco House, slowly but steady building up the tempo (BPM) into a more Deep Disco vibe to play you some real Electronic Dance records and finish it with those deep dreamy landscape house tracks that you might know from my Deep House Mix Sessions here.

In the tracklisting below you can see what tracks i’m playing you. These tracks are released on record labels such as: Kwench Records, Ravanelli Disco Club, Feedasoul Records, Haws, Studio Barnhus, Happiness Therapy, Delsin Records and many more… In case you are in need for extra information about a particular release feel free to contact me about it.

Tracklisting podcast #334.

  1. Tour Maubourg – Amicalement Votre (Art Of Tones Remix)
  2. Vagabundo Club Social – Angayusa
  3. Cassettes For Kids – Run Hide
  4. Vhyce – Somebody Love
  5. Vhyce – Baby
  6. Cassettes For Kids – Make Me Feel
  7. P-Lask – Space Age Funk
  8. Merrick – Understand House
  9. Tour Maubourg – Amicalement Votre
  10. Tour Maubourg – Allégresse
  11. Cassy – The One
  12. Tour Maubourg – Stay
  13. Silkwormagic – Bell Rising (Max Telear Remix)
  14. Cassy – A Place For Us
  15. FaltyDL – New Lover
  16. Andres – New For U
  17. Harrison BDP – Kepler’s Gaze
  18. Harrison BDP – Sweet Dreams
  19. Merrick – Say It Again (Ringard Remix)
  20. Claro Intelecto – Patience
  21. Harrison BDP – You


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