#336 Electronic Music Podcast | End-game, welcome 2020 including personal message | Lauer | Claude | Hammer | Les Rita Mitsouko | Folamour and more music.

This is the last electronic music podcast in 2019, depending on when you listen of course. In this episode we are saying goodbye to a wonderful year and looking forward to welcome 2020 and a whole new decade full with new music and big changes in technology and life. I also included a personal message for you that i hope will inspire you in the coming year, and i added a bunch of dope new music releases from: Lauer, Astro, Hammer, Les Rita Mitsouko and the Folamour remix. Pional and Jacques Renault on Dos Attack, DJ Mountain Dad, Conformal, SONIKKU and much more. Full details can be found here in the official 336 blog.

Thank you for being here with me and supporting our weekly electronic music podcast. Happy New Year Everybody!

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