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#340 Electronic Music Podcast | Bushfire Awareness with Beats Of No Nation & new music from Roberto Rodriguez, Skatebard & Lauer, Newzs & Dormodontov + many more…

Kono Vidovic January 27, 2020 492 18 5

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Tracklist episode 340

It’s been a while since we last met, over a week now and therefore it’s more than a pleasure to see you here again. May i present to you episode 340 of the one and only real independent electronic music podcast, this week filled with music from Beats Of No Nation and their project to raise awareness and money for the Australian bushfires, Roberto Rodriguez, Newzs, Dormidontov and many more. Just read along for a few of the blog notes or click on the play button here above and listen to the show and the music.

Electronic Music Podcast 340.

This weekly music show is very independent and neutral, i do not take any positions in political statements and even though i would love to do it all the time i do not raise awareness for disasters, people in need of help and so on. First mostly because Dirty Disco is a place where you can put your sorrow aside and feel free and learn to enjoy life in its fullest and second because there are so many charities that i would love to help that it would be just to much.

Dance For A Future Green

Dance For A Future Green (Bushfire Fundraiser)

So now and then and when it comes on my path and connects with the music being played and featured here in this weekly music show, i do try to raise some attention for a charity. In this weeks music show episode i came across the various artists compilation album ‘Dance For A Future Green’ which is a project by the Australian Beats Of No Nations records company and the included artists. This project is setted up to help the people and animals that suffer from the Australian bushfires. All sales and money being made on this album are being used to help people, animals and communities with direct support. Think of property repairs, temporary relocation, habitat reconstruction and basic amenities to just name a few.

Whether you want to help or not but do love electronic music, the album is filled with top notch tracks from great producers in the electronic music scene. For example in this weeks podcast i’m featuring tracks from the album by: Tour Maubourg, Philip Budny, KX9000 and Lavan. But on the album you can find even more great names such as: Gloved Hands, Midnight Groove, Meowsn’ Jad & The and i can continue like this.

The threshold here is very low as the album is completely for free for you to download. So even if you do not like to support and donate money to the campaign that supports people that are in need the most. You can still download the music and listen to it or use it in your DJ sets or play it on your radio show like we do here. Even Though directly supporting with a small donation would help a lot the next best thing to do is to help raise awareness and spread the word. You can always choose to support by telling other people about the great music and project that helps people in two directions. One is people are entertained with great music, and on the other side it helps people who are desperately in need of support. Once again music shows to be a powerful tool.

Support and get the album here.

Roberto Rodriguez - Rain Dance

Roberto Rodrigues – Rain Dance.

That’s already a lot, and when tuning into this episode i will guide you through it. Next to the fundraiser album there is many more music, for example the all new EP ‘Rain Dance by Roberto Rodriguez. If you are a lover or deep lucious house with a tight groove. This EP is something for you, Roberto Rodriguez shows his capabilities and that he is a skilled deep house producers with this release on Poetry In Motion.

newzs & dormidontov - the sunset

Newzs & Dormindontov – The Sunset.

If you love sunsets and electronic music and would love to see them combined together, the new release on Mask Sexy is one to add to your playlists. To make it easy for you i already included the track in my weekly Spotify playlist here, so you can easily add it to your own library. The Sunset is all about sunsets and the attraction it has on people. The track is a beautiful combination of electronica, jazz vibes, piano grooves, a fat bassline and fuzzy, happy synth melodies that make you want that sunset last forever. A special thing about the track is that it connects and combines a 4X4 (four to the floor) beat with a breakbeat which makes it not only suitable to enjoy your glass of wine while looking at the sunset, but also gives you more than enough reason to dance with the sunset while it goes under and comes up again.

Donald Leicester moving house artwork

Donald Leicester – Moving House | Free download of this week.

If you are among my newsletter subscribers you received this track last Wednesday straight in your inbox. A quality Deep House groover by Donald Leicester completely for free. If somehow you missed out or are not on the e-mail list yet, it’s your lucky day! Use the form here below to put yourself on my weekly newsletter to receive a free download every week, and to download last weeks free download as well.

    Full tracklisting.

    1. Tour Maubourg – Ambiance De Trip
    2. DJ Rocca – Penne
    3. Skatebard & Lauer – Volpi Polari
    4. DJ Rocca – Fusilli
    5. Roberto Rodriguez – I'll Be There
    6. Roberto Rodriguez – Pride
    7. Donald Leicester – Moving House (Free)
    8. Baltimore Chop – In The Zone
    9. Philip Budny – Halyard
    10. Eddie Logix – Baby Girl
    11. Lavan – Plane Driver (Diversion Mix)
    12. DJ Romain – Piano Man (Piano Mix)
    13. Newzs & Dormidontov – The Sunset
    14. KX9000 – Valseur IV
    15. DJ Windows 7 – To Whom It May Concern
    16. Roberto Rodriguez – Rain Dance
    17. Roberto Rodriguez – What You Put Me Through
    18. Unknown – Do You Know
    19. Unknown – DANCE4ME
    20. Riohv – Planet Namek (Priori Spellcaster Mix)
    21. Alex Ranerro – Lunar Eclipse

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