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70 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler

Kono Vidovic August 23, 2018 5451 1 25 4

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Updated on 27-12-18.

Internet has changed a lot of things. Let’s not dive to deep into that subject, but let alone look at music and how the internet changed the way we listen to and produce music. The time that you went out to your local record store to do some proper crate digging and find yourself a few 12” gems is almost forgotten as psychical record stores are disappearing slowly.

Those rare gems are now needed to be found trough the internet. But how rare are they? Since everybody is on the net and has the same access to these tracks as you? Well Super House Hero Kerri Chandler is here to help you a bit on that matter. We are more than proud to tell you that House legend Kerri Chandler gives you 70 unreleased & vinyl only tracks for free in one big free download.

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70 Unreleased & Vinyl only tracks by Kerri Chandler.

A few weeks ago on the 16th of august. Kerri Chandler the House music legend from New Jersey, stated on his Facebook page that as he promised earlier he was going to give you 43 of his unreleased and vinyl only tracks for free. And so he did! In the Facebook post he shared a We-transfer link which gives you access to the full free download of 43 tracks that weren’t released on any digital format before or even haven’t been released ever.

Since we updated this article, there is more good news to add. Just before Christmas 2018. Kerri once again reached out through his socials that he dove back into his music archive, and collected even more rare music and unreleased material from his personal collection.

Now he is giving away a pack filled with 70 free tracks, and among them more unreleased tracks, rare hard to find music. And real house classics with most of them being only available on vinyl.

What tracks can you find in the Free Download Pack?

As a DJ and real House Music lover i had to check what Kerri Chandler gave us. So i downloaded the 70 free tracks and took a good look for myself. I noticed that all tracks have that real Kerri Chandler vibe to it. Sounds going from Soulful Vocal House to Beautiful Deep House tracks. Like Fluff Rehab and Downtown which contain those dope deep house stabs with a steady groove and beat. There is a lot variety in the free package, you can even find some first drafts of tracks from Kerri Chandler. This also gives you a small insight in how he creates his tracks. And that a first draft can be cool already, but the final production sounds totally different as you can listen and see for your self in the Downtown track for example.

Expect a lot of vocals as he has been working with vocals by the world famous Nina Simone. But there are also a lot of other tracks with dope House Vocals like your are used to from the legend. A lot of Piano and Organ jazzy influences can be found in the music as chilled out lounge tracks. All with all this is a real treat for all DJ’s. Who can now  add some uniqueness to there DJ sets with these tracks. Playing unreleased or ‘vinyl only’ tracks always brings a bit more depth and story to the sideline of your DJ set.

Kerri Chandler DJ Mix in Dirty Disco?

In our weekly curation process for Dirty Disco Radio 270 episode we have also dropped a few tracks from Kerri Chandler coming from this free pack. Do you wanna know which track we used? Make sure you check our website for this latest episode. Or check out Dirty Disco episode 270 on our Podcast episodes page right here.

In addition to this share, i recorded a special Kerri Chandler Music Podcast  & DJ mix filled with the tracks from this free download. This also happens to be the last Dirty Disco podcast of 2018.

To get things clear and understand what we are talking about before you download. We putted up a list with all the tracks that you can find in the free package by Kerri Chandler.

All The Downloads (JLOH Edit) – Kerri Chandler.mp3
Dee Dee Brave – Mookies Bio.mp3
dee dee brave Dennis Quin remix MASTER.wav
Dick Dickler – Bone Us track – The Need -320 mp3.mp3
Dick Dickler (Kerri Chandler) – A Night With Dick (The Dick Dickler EP) (NEW TRACK ADDED!!) (The Bar with vocals by EQ the XTC Queen).mp3
downtown dark mix.mp3
downtown first draft.MP3
drink on me – dj rork edit.mp3
Drink on me – Original mix – Teule – Kerri Chandler.wav
even though remix vocal.MP3
even though.mp3
Feel the Breeze – Dee Dee Brave – Dub Kerri Chandler.mp3
from day one.wav
fuck this cowbell eq2.mp3
Get it off – Original Mix – Kerri Chandler – Third Generation.wav
House is House – final.wav
I think of you – I love Mad Bass(love sick mix).mp3
I think of you -(More Added-More Bass) final.mp3
in the morning string vocal.mp3
inspiration instrumental.mp3
inspiration vox.mp3
kerri bacharach.wav
kerri chandler – a demo.mp3
Kerri Chandler – Mine.mp3
Kerri Chandler – Syntax Error – EQ2.wav
kerri chandler – track 1 – bigga mix.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – jazz mix feat nadir simon.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – new old school mix eq1.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – new old school mix eq2.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – raw mix feat nadir simon.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – raw mix tv track feat nadir simon.mp3
kerri chandler – track 1 – reel to reel.mp3
kerri chandler – track1 revisited.mp3
Kerri Chandler – Turn Off The Lights (Who’s Afraid Of The Dark) (Original Mix).mp3
Kerri Chandler – Waterfall.mp3
Kerri Chandler – We Are Here (Kaoz Stressin’ Me Mix).wav
Kerri Chandler Trust.wav
locked out.mp3
love to the world.mp3
Mine – Kerri Chandler(Facebook Mix).wav
Mommy What’s a Record – Kerri Chandler (Final Mix Dat).wav
moving in.mp3
Nina Simone – Love me good (instrumental mix 1)- Kerri Chandler.wav
Nina Simone – Love me good (vocal mix 1)- Kerri Chandler.wav
Nina Simone – Westwind – Kerri Chandler.wav
Nina Simone – Westwind(instrumental) – Kerri Chandler.wav
runing around original mix.MP3
running around mia mix.MP3
syntax error.mp3
the machine vocal.mp3
the machine.mp3
the old office.wav
the promise (Bigga dub inst)- Kerri Chandler – final.mp3
the promise (Bigga dub)- Kerri Chandler.mp3
the promise (Bigga vocal)- Kerri Chandler – final.mp3
The Tapes.mp3
these six pianos eq2.MP3
Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (A Kerri Chandler Production) (Dark Swing Mix).wav
Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (A Kerri Chandler Production) (Gospel Mix).wav
Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (A Kerri Chandler Production) (Old Man Mix).wav
Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (A Kerri Chandler Production) (Tribal Mix).wav
we should fall in love.mp3
west wind inst.wav
westwind vocal.wav

43 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler - For Free!
43 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler - For Free!
43 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler - For Free!

As you can see for yourself tracks are not always properly named. The artist info is missing. In this case we know all tracks are from Kerri Chandler, but relevant information about other artists and collaborations are missing. Therefor you know that this is something unique that he has always kept for himself, until now. So here they are, real gems! Some of them are real house classics and can be found on vinyl. But there are also a few tracks that were never released before and therefor you really have something unique in your hands with this free download from Kerri Chandler.

House music history.

When you go online and try to find these tracks. You will see that a lot of them can’t be found. The ones that can be found seem to be already real classics from the 90’s and 00’s that have never been released on any digital format until now. There is a lot that can be told with all of these tracks. Therefor this is not just a download package with just some music. But a package full of love, passion and House Music History.

House Legend / House Classics.

If you are into House Music and you been here in the early day’s or have a big interest in House Music. You might know that Kerri Chandler is one of House Music producers that were there from the very beginning in House music and can easily be named in the same row as Mr Fingers / Larry Heard, Todd Terry, Lil Louis, Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens and Farley Jackmaster Funk. Not to long ago we even did a community based Dirty Disco Radio episode where we created our House Classics Mix together with the listeners. Where listeners could give us there favorite House Classic and we combined all those tracks in one Big House Classics Mix.

The We-transfer Link & Our Download Link.

In case of an emergency we decided to host the file with the 70 unreleased and vinyl only tracks on our own server. Normally spoken We-transfer files stay online for two weeks. Since we don’t know how that works when you have a paid account just like Kerri Chandler has. We decided to make sure you can keep access to the file, even when the link from the master himself might expire or be deleted for some reason.

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