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A.B. HABIBI: Debut Release & Track Talk – Fusion of Tunisian Rhythms & Scottish Beats

Kono Vidovic March 16, 2024 99 11 5

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Hello, dear listeners and explorers of the vast universe of music! It’s Kono here, ready to guide you through another chapter of auditory discovery where the lines between different cultures and sounds blur into a beautiful symphony. Today, I’m particularly excited to introduce a figure whose story is not just about music, but about the journey of identity, creativity, and collaboration. I’m talking about A.B. HABIBI, an artist whose roots run deep in the rich soils of Tunisia, yet whose life and musical evolution have been sculpted in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland.

A.B. Habibi (Aymen Bensaad) press pic for track talk with Dirty Disco blog

Who is A.B. HABIBI?

A.B. HABIBI, or Aymen Bensaad, grew up in Leith, a vibrant area known for its artistic and musical pulse. It’s here, in the cradle of Edinburgh’s bustling scene, that Aymen forged his sonic identity, alongside a community of talented artists and friends. Sharing spaces and creative visions with acts like Young Fathers and Callum Easter, Aymen’s music is a reflection of his surroundings, a melting pot of influences, experiences, and the shared heartbeat of his community.

But Aymen’s story doesn’t start in Edinburgh. Born to Tunisian parents, his summers were spent in Jendouba, immersed in the spirit, culture, and heritage of Tunisia. These experiences, combined with his life in Scotland, have culminated in a sound that’s not just unique, but deeply personal. A.B. HABIBI’s music is a bridge between worlds, a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries, whether they’re geographical, cultural, or emotional.

Exclusive track talk.

As we dive into our conversation with A.B. HABIBI, expect to journey through the lanes of Leith, to the warmth of Jendouba, and into the heart of an artist who embodies the spirit of both. With his debut release on Vicious Charm Recordings, Aymen invites us into his world, a world where machines meet heart, and where every beat tells a story. So, tune in, lean back, and let’s embark on this musical voyage together.

Blacka’nized – The Underground Sound of Edinburgh

This collective was one of my first insights into the Edinburgh Hip hop scene mixed with all sorts of other stuff. The beats and wordplay are all wicked.

Scotland Yard Emcees – 2 B N MC 

A great record that was given to me by a great friend Profisee, who also MC’s on it. 

Boards of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind

These guys are phenomenal. Along with Aphex Twin they blew my mind, and they’re local.

Reachout – For Whom the heart beats

A great friend and champion of Scottish Hip Hop. Reachout helped bring a scene and energy to Scotland that still stands today.

Linkwood Family – Miles Away

This was and still is brilliant. I was passing Lindsay of Firecracker as a young blood, and he gave me the record before it came out. It was excellent!

Lord Of The Isles – Ultraviolet

Neil is a great friend but before I knew him, I was onto this and well… have a listen and see.

Polymyth – Connected

This was my first musical output. Whilst learning how to program, produce and write songs. This was my first go alongside my dear friend Mark Thompson and Miriam Remally.

Young Fathers – Rumbling

The boys and I used to share the same label and manager. When this dropped for free no one in the UK took notice. I was delighted with what they put out. Eventually lots of people were too.

Callum Easter – Fall Down

Callum is a class producer. He pushes boundaries like no other. This is one of my favourites records from him.

Otherlands – Easings

Gavin is truly amazing. This record is so beautiful. It made me want to get back into writing.

A.B. HABIBI  – Helfy Mission

This is me making noises in my studio and having a workflow I was happy with. 

A few more words.

And there you have it, folks, the mesmerizing journey of A.B. HABIBI, a true maestro of melodies, blending the essence of his Tunisian roots with the vibrant energy of Edinburgh’s music scene. A massive thank you to A.B. HABIBI for sharing his world with us, for the beats that make our hearts race, and for the stories woven into his music. Don’t forget to dive into his debut double A-side release, ‘Helfy Mission / Mother Africa’, out now on Vicious Charm Recordings. Turn up the volume, let the music envelop you, and be part of A.B. HABIBI’s journey. Follow, share, and support this incredible artist, because trust me, this is just the beginning.

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