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A Disco Delight: The Patchouli Brothers Exquisite Edits.

Kono Vidovic May 16, 2023 183 3 5

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A Canadian Duo’s Disco Debut on Razor-N-Tape

In my exhilarating journey as a DJ, radio host, and dedicated blogger for Dirty Disco, I’ve been privileged to experience and critique an ocean of musical masterpieces. Today, I find myself absolutely electrified to plunge into the fresh, pulsating rhythms of the latest release from the Canadian virtuosos, The Patchouli Brothers. Marking their grand entrance on the highly respected Razor-N-Tape label, this dynamic duo has unleashed a quartet of soul-stirring edits that are undeniably breathtaking and nothing less than a sonic spectacle.

A Quartet of Disco Edits That Hit All the Right Notes.

The Patchouli Brothers edits is a four-track EP that takes listeners on a journey through the many facets of disco. From the opening track, “Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future,” to the closing number, “Zane & Len,” the Brothers have crafted a record that is as diverse as it is cohesive.

“Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future” is a floor-filler that brings people together in early night excitement. It’s a track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP, with its infectious rhythm and uplifting melody. It’s the kind of track that gets the party started, and it’s a testament to the Brothers’ ability to craft tunes that are as danceable as they are memorable.

A Peak Time Ecstatic Bomb and a Gospel Disco Chugger.

The second track, “Emotional Dancing,” is a peak time ecstatic bomb that takes the energy up a notch. It’s a track that’s sure to get bodies moving on the dance floor, with its pulsating beats and euphoric melodies. The Brothers have truly outdone themselves with this one, creating a track that’s as exhilarating as it is captivating.

“Dance, Disco Dance” is a gospel disco chugger that adds a touch of soul to the EP. It’s a track that showcases the Brothers’ versatility, blending elements of gospel and disco to create a tune that’s both uplifting and groovy.

An End-of-Night Euphoria with a Slow Roller.

The EP closes with “Zane & Len,” a slow roller that’s perfect for that end-of-night euphoria. It’s a track that’s as soothing as it is groovy, with its slow-burning beats and hypnotic melodies. It’s the perfect way to end the EP, leaving listeners wanting more.

The Patchouli Brothers at the Top of Their Game.

In an already storied career of flips, this standout record is the Brothers at the top of their game. It’s an absolute masterclass in the do’s and don’ts of the disco edit. The Patchouli Brothers have proven themselves to be masters of their craft, delivering a record that’s as enjoyable as it is impressive.

In conclusion, The Patchouli Brothers’ debut on Razor-N-Tape is a triumph. It’s a record that’s as diverse as it is cohesive, and it’s a testament to the Brothers’ talent and creativity. Whether you’re a DJ looking for some fresh tunes to spin, or a disco lover looking for your next favorite record, RNT057 is a must-have. The Patchouli Brothers have truly outdone themselves with this one, delivering a record that’s as enjoyable as it is impressive. So, do yourself a favor and dive into this disco delight. You won’t be disappointed.

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