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10 Tracks that mark the musical journey of Al Zanders.

Kono Vidovic July 13, 2023 122 4

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Immerse yourself in a sonic journey like no other as we sit down with Alex, better known by his stage name, Al Zanders. From getting his feet wet with his first dance music release to starting his own label, Al has travelled the world, inspiring and being inspired by the richness of global sounds. Prepare to delve into his unique musical adventure through 10 monumental tracks that have shaped his journey. From the echoes of St Germain to his deep respect for Boo Williams, these tracks illuminate the evolution of Al Zanders, each telling a unique story about his experiences, inspirations, and aspirations.

Introducing Al Zanders.

“I’m Alex, making music and DJing as Al Zanders. Known mainly for my releases on Phonica, Undaground Therapy Muzik (Roy Davis Jr’s label) and edits as Lodger…”

Lodger – Oliver

First ever dance music track I made that got released! I wanted to nail that very classy lounge bar vibe that St Germain does on his albums. 

Hot Diamond Aces – DSOMC (Al Zanders Rework)

Met this brass band at Shambala festival where I was DJing and was blown away! Ended up being the first release on my label A-Z, which was a proud moment for me. You can listen now on Spotify as well since May.

Al Zanders – Long Gone

I was really inspired by Ettiene De Crecy when I made this, funny to see it get so many streams now. Grateful it touched so many people.

Al Zanders – Dexter’s Morning 

Another early production for me. I got to meet Sound Stream a couple of times recently, which was a nice memory jogger for this track as it was inspired by his music. I still like the immediacy and vibe on this one.

Casino Times – Carlotta (Al Zanders Remix)

My remix of Casino Times from their debut album. The mix of guitars and bassline give it a slightly Anton Zap feel.

Al Zanders – Song About A Dream

This one came out on Phonica. I was feeling inspired by Endtroducing, so I drew together samples from deliberately as many different areas as I could. Definitely the most ambitious release I’ve ever worked on.

Al Zanders – Likes for Cash

This one is really for the weirdos. Completely flew under the radar, but this is what got Roy Davis Jr and I talking about doing the Guidance EP, the first EP on his label in 16 years. Still a favourite of mine.

Al Zanders – Television

Was trying to push the boundaries of disco-house to new areas with this track. Make sure to listen on headphones with good bass!

Penya – Tribes (Al Zanders Remix)

This was a lot of fun to make, especially that bassline…

Al Zanders – Spring Boo

A tribute to one of my all time favourite producers, Boo Williams. Really nice to see Midland, Bill Brewster, Alison Swing, Aroop Roy and Jenifa Mayanja all enjoying it so far!

A few final words from us.

Thank you for joining us on this voyage through Al Zanders’ musical journey. Each track bears testament to his relentless passion and distinctive approach to music. His work is not just about making sound, but about creating a unique auditory experience that touches the soul.

If you’d like to delve deeper into Al’s mesmerizing world, be sure to follow him on Spotify and other platforms. His songs are not just music, they are stories waiting to be heard, so don’t hesitate to share this article with other music enthusiasts in your life. Remember, in the world of Al Zanders, every track is an adventure.

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