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Alps 2 & Simona Drive – The Burnt EP 12” | Ad Hoc Records | Music Review.

Kono Vidovic July 14, 2020 209 124 5

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If you love electronic music in the likes of Maribou State, Burial, Four Tet, Seb Wildblood and Baba Stiltz. Get ready cause you’re in for a real electronica treat. Let’s start of with saying that i really love the music Maribou State creates, i played their albums over and over again pumping up the volume for intense sound experience while i was wondering if there were any more artists making forward thinking electronica like this.

To be honest until just recently i never heard about Alps 2 and i knew Simona Drive only from their ‘Wallflower’ Remix. If you have been listening to my recent music shows, you must have heard me playing a few of the forthcoming tracks from The Burnt EP by Alps 2 and Simona Drive which is set for release on the 28th of August on both 12” and digital formats. Today i’m proudly presenting you a full music review on the EP, while i have a bit of Q&A with Alps 2, Simona Drive and the Ad Hoc records label in the pipeline as well in the next couple of weeks.

When you do a online search for Alps 2 and Simona Drive, you’ll notice that except for their music there isn’t much information about them in terms of artists profiles or let’s say a Resident Advisor biography. So a future Q&A will possible be a very welcome addition in the electronic music scene next to the already amazing music they make. Until then and right before i guide you through their ‘The Burnt EP’ a little more about both emerging artists.

Alps 2.

Alps 2 is a in Manchester, UK based music collective that met each other in University and consists of multi-instrumentalists and DJ’s from the United Kingdom. While their background already has a rich musical history with some of the members playing with the earlier mentioned Maribou State. And earlier releases on their own record label from Manchester Selby Soul Records. The musical sound style they endeavour is a ‘rich in detail future eclectic dance music sound’ that touches the mind, body and soul.

Follow Selby Soul & Alps 2 on Soundcloud.

Simona Drive.

The electronic music duo Simona Drive are Jonny Cade and Jonjo Williams from London, UK. While there isn’t much known about their profiles, music mostly speaks for itself and so it does for the future focused electronic music duo Simona Drive. The duo toured with Maribou State and released music on Fatboy Slim’s label Southern Fried Records, 20:20 Vision records and Counter Records with their beautiful version of Wallflower that you can find on Maribou State – Portraits Remixed album here.

Follow Simona Drive on Soundcloud.

The Burnt EP | Ad Hoc Records.

With the fact in mind that everyday i receive around 10 music promos and 50% of them are in some sort of way useless for my blog and music shows. You can tell from this comprehensive music review that this one can be categorized among the top notch releases i have been playing. And therefore more than happy to be on the promolist from Ad Hoc Records. Other recent releases in this category could be the collaboration by Detroit Swindle & Jitwam and the recent release by Kassian – 8th Movement, both on the Heist Recordings label with the last one shared the mix selection with ‘Alps 2 & Simona Drive – Burnt’ from The Burnt EP in Dirty Disco 363.

The Burnt EP is simply said an ambient emotional technicolor future focused detail driven electronic dance music EP that provides goosebumps and make you feel you are alive.

Release date & track overview.

On the EP you will find 6 different tracks, separated in a digital release with 6 tracks, and a 2x 12” vinyl release with 5 tracks. Until the full EP is being released on the 28th of August on Ad Hoc Records, 3 from the 6 tracks will be pre-released as singles which will look like this:

  • Burnt, single release on 15-7.

The main title track from The Burnt EP by Alps & Simona Drive – Burnt sits on the A1 side of the 12” and is a melancholic journey through sound. It’s four to the floor kick drum makes it accessible and easy to dance on while it maintains a high quality and technical tour de force for intense listening. Use the player below to go with the emotional flow.

  • Duck Tape, single 2 release on 5-8.

Forget to ‘four to the floor’ vibe and get ready for an highly intelligent sound design with extreme listening pleasure capabilities. If you love electronica at its finest this is where you should be. Headphones or Hi-Fi system on and become one with the sound.

  • Duck Tape (Goddard Remix), on 24-8.

Manchester based and electronic music legend Goddard was called out for remix duties and did a fantastic job on his retake of Duck Tape. He took the original and without losing the original vibe he managed to add his own unique trademark sound to it and delivered a fresh take that could easily be a self-contained track.

  • Arnda e, on digital & vinyl release – 28-8.

Arnda e sits on the A2 side of the double 12”. Not a clue what the title means, could be a good question for the Q&A. But it’s def a very nice track to listen to and have passing by in my playlists. This is where lo-fi house and electronica meet in a dreamy futuristic silky soundscape.

This is where lo-fi house and electronica meet in a dreamy futuristic silky soundscape.

Kono Vidovic on Arnda e.
  • Empting, on digital and 12” – 28-8.

I’m planning to do a ‘Soundscape themed essential mix‘ soon and i can already reveal this one will be in the selection. Every self-respecting electronic music EP like this needs a Soundscape track. If you weren’t vibrating yet from the other tracks, Empting will do the trick.

  • Burnt (Harry No Remix), Digital only, and free Dirty Disco exclusive.

This next track is a remix on the main title track ‘Burnt’ by Harry No which is only available on the digital release. And will be available for a exclusive free download with the Q&A on my music blog soon. Harry No takes Burnt into a more rhythmical direction with a nicely played out drum arrangement and percussions.

You can pre-order Alps 2 & Simona Drive – The Burnt EP through most established online vinyl stores. Pre order the EP here on deejay.de.

Check out all latest releases and future music on Ad Hoc Records here on their Soundcloud and / or on their Bandcamp page.

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