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An Interview with Third Attempt: Growing up in a Family-Oriented Neighborhood, Musical Inspirations, the Oslo Music Scene, and his latest Soul Lifting EP.

Kono Vidovic April 13, 2023 260 8 5

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Introducing Torje Fagertun Spilde for the 3th time here on our magazine: The Oslo-based DJ, producer, and musician Third Attempt who’s been making waves in the electronic music scene with his funky, soulful beats. In this exclusive interview for Dirty Disco, Torje shares his personal journey into music, insights on the Oslo music scene, and talks us through his latest EP, featuring a range of influences from soul to disco. Read on to discover more about this rising talent and what makes his sound so unique.

Third Attempt Interview

Thanks for talking to us Torje. Where are you today and what are you doing with your time?

Hey! Nice to be here. Right now I am in the studio in Gamlebyen, Oslo. Working on a new upcoming track

Where are you from originally? Paint us a picture of where you grew up a little.

Was born in Oslo, but grew up in Blakstad, Asker. Which is about half an hour from the capital. A small little family-oriented neighborhood, terraced houses linked together. Not that far from the sea (Oslofjorden). Many of the parents (including my own) were creative characters, a lot of that passed on to the kids.

What was going on musically where you grew up?

Aside from going through a lot of instruments. Fiddle, trumpet, drums. I eventually landed on production. Just before my teenage years, I noticed one of my friends’ older brother was into making electronic music. Posting online and on forums. I got inspired and started using Garageband on my stepdad’s Mac. Got absolutely addicted and it just progressed from there.

What was your first introduction to music?

Heard a crazy story from my dad the other day. Apparently, when my mother was pregnant, they used to play music with the speakers deliberately close to my mother’s stomach. This has come to explain a lot, haha.

Can you remember the first record that you bought? 

I remember I got gifted Thriller by Michael Jackson in primary school. Used to listen to it an awful lot.

Interview with Third Attempt

When did you first start to dj? Where did you play?

After doing some closed off gigs for my friends. I started for real when I moved up to Tromsø. This was when I was at the end of my teenage years. Played at a great club called Circa.

What kind of stuff were you playing?

Not very far off from what I am playing now. House, Disco, Trip hop, Chill out.

Who were the artists you were into at that time?

Very inspired by Floating Points and Fila Brazillia.

What is the first production that you made? 

Since transitioning to FL Studio, the first one which was even remotely listenable was a remix of Toccata and Fugue by Bach. I remember my mother was fond of that at the time. Very, very rough, and never released though.

Which of your releases do you feel has been the most notable?

Think Beats From The Quarantine turned a few heads.

Which of your releases do you feel slipped up the radar a little and should have got more love?

Probably my first album, world is too loud. It’s a real labour of love. Dropped quite at an unfortunate time, just at the start of the pandemic.

Who do you think is making great music right now?

Know for a fact Crazy P is!

So you’re living in Oslo these days. When did you relocate and what took you there initially?

Lived up in Tromsø a few years. But Oslo is where I grew up initially. Just half and hour from here is my childhood home. Have friends & family down here, it made sense to move back eventually. The music scene is also great,and was a big factor.

Do you feel that being in the Oslo scene has had an impact on the music that you are making today?

Yes, there is something in the water here. Could be a coincidence, but my productions became a lot more soulful, funkier, and a bit dirtier since I made the move.

Who are the producers/ artists on your local scene to watch in your opinion?

Everything under Boring crew records is quality. On the hip hop side of things there’s Ivan Ave, Kristoffer Eikrem. 

How did you hook up with Beatservice initially?

Around 2017, I sent Vidar a few e-mails before I actually met him in real life. Tromsø (where I lived at that time) is a real small community, so I had to bump into him eventually. Suddenly, he showed up at my first live gig, the Insomnia festival in 2017. After that he became very interested in what I was doing, and we started regularly having meetings. He’s a one-man band, who runs the show. He put out ‘Shoreline’ in 2017, that was my first single and it did quite well actually. After that we just had a solid relationship, and now he’s a good friend of mine. Check out Beatservice, it’s great!

Third Attempt - Soul Lifting EP

There’s a real range of influences going on in this EP. Can you talk us through the tracks a little.

I’ve always liked getting a kick out of hitting things from a different angle. Recently I’ve gotten a huge interest for soul music. Especially from the 60s/70s.

In the first track I’m Weaving together a lot of influences. Slower, but still dancefloor paced. Maintaining an uplifting motive. It’s a love story as well, somewhere in there.

Keep your head up is sunny, up-tempo and housey with a soulful twist. Some hip-hop influences here, sampling and scratching vocals throughout. 

This Love is a more standard approach of mine. Little bit of breakbeat, atmosphere, jazzy hazy vibe. Dialogue samples are always key.

In the final track I am aiming for the clubs. Disco inspired. More energy but never on behalf of the groove. Motive is designed to stick in your head. 

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

Anything involving storytelling! I’m a big movie guy.

What other projects are you working on that you can share?

I am working on a side project where I am generating music only using AI tools. That is everything you hear is artificially made. From the vocals to the drums the atmosphere. My approach is similar to sampling, where I make a collage with only the AI results I have. It’s very exciting and scary at the same time. The album is basically finished.

With me I have Bugge Wesseltoft who is playing piano on one of the tracks.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?

Please reach out for the upcoming festival season! Would love to play out more abroad!

My final words.

In conclusion, Torje’s passion and talent for creating unforgettable music experiences are truly remarkable. His ability to blend different genres and cultures into a harmonious celebration of life is a testament to his dedication and creativity.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Torje for sharing his story with us and inspiring us with his music. It is clear that he has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft and bring joy to people around the world.

I also urge festival organizers and music enthusiasts to take notice of Torje’s talents and consider booking him for their events. His unique sound and dynamic performances are sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Once again, thank you, Torje, for sharing your journey with us, and we look forward to seeing you perform at festivals around the world in the future! Get his latest EP here.

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