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An Intimate Conversation with Josh Wink: Exploring his Half Full EP

Kono Vidovic May 20, 2023 172 4

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We are proud to feature Josh Wink, the seminal Philadelphia producer, whose tracks have made many a party jump, and whose releases on his own label Ovum, and on other highly notable imprint have marked a place in underground deep house and techno culture.  He is soon to release his ‘Half Full EP’ on Jimpsters Freerange Records. Here we ask him to take us deeper into the tracks on the EP.

Josh Wink Half Full EP

A Deeper Look into Wink’s Creative World

The basis around this release is the play on the title of the EP.  Half Full. Which is a saying on life and that there are two types of people. Those looking at the glass being HALF EMPTY (meaning negative or pessimistic) or those looking at the glass HALF FULL (positive, optimistic, sanguine). For me the feeling of each song and the whole EP is of positivity and optimism, which I describe below in a couple of the song titles. I feel that I am a diverse producer, creating all different genres of electronic music, and this release showcases a deeper side to my production, which I visit from time to time. People mostly know me for techno or twisted house. True Wink fans know there is a deeper side to my music, whether it be house, techno, tech house, electro, acid, ambient or drum and bass. And I am happy and proud, to have these 3 tracks are being released on a favorite label of mine! 

Josh Wink Autonomic Journeys

Autonomic Journeys.

I originally made this track in 2016 and thought it was finished until I reworked it again in 2017. Then I decided to update, tweak and re-do it after I came across it once again in an old drive, mid 2022. It’s always been a track that I felt a connection with, combining my interpretation of deep house and Detroit inspired electronic moods. I composed this originally using Ableton live, a TB303 and a Roland JD-800. Jimpster wrote to me, and he had some great suggestions and ideas of what he heard in his head and how it could be added to the track. I took this advice and experimented, and applied. And I’m glad he did! The title refers to the involuntary actions of the Autonomic Nervous system and the journeys I envision going through, whilst listening to this emotional track.

Pan Gloss.

This is the most recent track I did solely for this EP after Jimpster said he wanted to release the other two. The label wanted another track to create a 3 song EP. So, I came up with this sexy, feel good, sunshine house groover. This was done all in ‘the box’ using Ableton as my DAW and a mixture of Roland cloud’s vintage synth plug ins. I started 75% of Pan Gloss on a flight from NYC to South America. 

This EP is called the Half Full EP, meaning ones’ outlook on life if more negative that positive can be empty. Going with that theme of being positive and optimistic, I went with Pan Gloss, which is a play on words really. There is an expression called the ‘Panglossian outlook’ coming from Dr. Pangloss who was an ‘optimistic’ tutor in the French writer François-Marie Arouet’s (Voltaire) ironic book “Candide”. Basically, it’s about staying positive or optimistic, regardless of the outlook or news someone is given.

Josh Wink Half Full EP


Another track I composed around the time of Autonomic Journeys (2017). It has always been a favorite of mine, uplifting, positive, sexy, deep, and electronic. I originally thought of having it be a track featuring a singer. But it never happened. I thought it would be a perfect addition to Autonomic and Jimpster agreed. And again, he had a couple ideas to help add and develop the track. So, he sent me a couple wav stems to try in the song, which I used and added, and they worked. So, I mixed them in and kept it. This was done using Ableton live, a Roland JD-800 and a Roland JX3P and a Roland SH101. The title is a similar play on the ‘Half Full EP’ idea of being positive and optimistic, as the definition of SANGUINE is someone who is cheerful and/or confidently optimistic. 

A few more words on Josh Wink – Halff Full EP.

Exploring the depths of Josh Wink’s ‘Half Full EP’ offers an enthralling journey through the producer’s creative process, inspirations, and the stories behind each track. A true testament to Wink’s diversity as an artist, this EP adds another dimension to the already rich catalog of music he has provided to the electronic scene.

Thank you, Josh, for taking us deeper into the tracks of the EP and your world. Your story of optimism and positivity is both timely and timeless, leaving a mark on the hearts and minds of all music lovers.

To our readers, remember to dive into Josh Wink’s ‘Half Full EP’ on Jimpsters Freerange Records. Feel the positivity, enjoy the uplifting beats, and most importantly, let your outlook on life be ‘Half Full.’

Stay tuned for more exclusive content, and don’t forget to follow us for the latest news and updates from the world of music. Thanks for reading, and see you at the next track talk!

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