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Spinning Stories with Anna Cavazos: The 10 Tracks That Defined Her DJ Journey.

Kono Vidovic November 6, 2023 110 1 5 5

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Anna Cavazos is a DJ, producer, and vocalist who has lived between LA, NYC, and Berlin. Her love affair with house began in 2001 when she started spinning in New York City, and after featuring as a vocalist in works with Sandy Rivera, Bah Samba and Steve Mill, Anna stepped into the studio to begin her production debut. Her discography includes originals, remixes, and collaborations with Satoshi Tomiie and Eli Escobar. Anna Cavazos has played out across the globe for over 15 years, mixing and blending the deep house sounds of Chicago, New York, and Berlin. She has played at Soho House Berlin, Pacha in Ibiza, and the rooftop of Le Bain in New York City, her releases have been out on King Street Sounds, Madhouse, Nite Grooves, What Happens and Defected. Here we ask Anna to take us through 10 tracks that serve as milestones throughout her career in music.

1. Herbert – Leave me now | Accidental Records Ltd

This record belonged to my friend and it made me instantly cry. I played it so many times over and over, he eventually gave me the record. Dani Siciliano’s voice is so stunning and the hook just tugs at my heart strings. Herbert is a genius and his productions always have something beyond what you hear in most productions. 

2. Loose Joints – Is it all over my face | West End Records

When I first heard this record it was at club Vinyl on the dancefloor and this was before Shazam. I freaked out and looked for it for probably two years before I finally found it. I have two copies of the record now. I love how the vocal is so raw and a little bit off key. Perfect imperfection. 

3. Joey Negro – Love Hangover | Z Records 

This record makes people dance and nobody can ever help themselves. I’ve played it a lot in Brooklyn at smaller parties and I’ve even dropped it when I’m playing at commercial clubs. It instantly creates funky, happy vibes every time. 

4. Plasir de France – Suave Tempo | Pro-zak Trax

Deep AF, punchy vocal and always worked well in small, dark clubs to get the floor warmed up. I bought this record at Dance Trax back in the day and still play it.

5.Alexi Delano – Body Structure | WasnotWas 

I didn’t start playing this record until after it was created, but it was always really fun for parties where house wasn’t the only genre on the menu. If you have an 80’s loving crowd, it’s perfect.  Alexi is a friend and I’ve always been mezmerized by his producing talent and versatility. 

6. Daft Punk – Around the world | Homework 

What can I even say about Daft Punk? They have not only been in heavy rotation in my sets for years, they just have exactly what I love about French house. Funky, dirty, makes you wrinkle your nose when you hear it. 

7. Aquarian Dream – Love and Tears | Defender Music 

What can I say about this song other than it’s stunning? The bassline, lyrics and vocal all work together seamlessly. Vocal is gorgeous and it just always stirs so much emotion.

8. Bent – Always (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix) | Ministry of Sound 

This track is perfect. It always just makes me feel like I’m on a boat in the sunshine with the wind in my hair. I still play this in the summer and get an enthusiastic response from people who either know and love the tune or are hearing it for the first time. The piano solo is outstanding and the blend of organic instruments and electronic elements is pure genius. 

9. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse  

When I first heard this song, I thought it was so strange. After listening to it more, it grew on me to the point that I was dancing in the street in NYC not even caring what people thought. It’s such a cool use of arpeggio and pure, off-the-rails musical experimentation. 

10. Anna Cavazos – Love Interlude (Original) | Little Giant Records 

I wrote this song probably 5 years ago and asked my friend Matt Smith to re-play the keys on it. He really smashed the keys. I wasn’t in a rush and I wanted it to sound a certain way, so I took the track with me to Italy where my friend Fabio Verardo and I really worked on making it sound rich and beautiful. I also recorded the vocals in Italy. 

A few final words.

And that’s the rhythm of our journey today. A heartfelt thank you for tuning in with us as Anna Cavazos spun the deck of her musical milestones. Don’t rush off just yet; the beat goes on with Anna’s latest beautiful vinyl release, which we promise will keep your spirits high and your heart full. Be sure to check it out and let us know how it moves you. Before you glide away, hit subscribe and drop a like to keep the beats coming. Don’t forget to turn on notifications to never miss a beat from our channel. Share your favorite track from today’s list in the comments, and if you’re craving more deep grooves and heartfelt hooks, keep spinning with us. Until next time, keep your playlist updated, the volume up, and the vibes soaring!

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  1. Nunes Aka Ideall on November 9, 2023

    I met Ana in at Mr. Purple in nyc and always when she was playing I would try to pass by and admire her energy. Amazing playlist and happy to find lot of things in common crate. Herbert was a sunday morning song after party all night long was a medicine to heal the body and save the memories lived. Suave tempo also its message in my ears. Love and tears, so classic tune, remind me kruder and dorfmaister chill out tunes era, daft punk I’m suspicious to say since it’s just eternal and homework was the album which changed my life. Always from Bent is the exactly description you gave, eternal balearic house icon. Inspector Norse would make a good mix with Alexis tune. Last but not least important to leave an special admiration for Ana’s tune, Love Interlude reminds a lot Fade from Solu music. Congrats for the production. Open minds. Congratulations and thank you Kono for the article. Looking forward to remind and share experiences here.

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