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Anoesis Unveils: A Dive into 10 Iconic Tracks from His Musical Odyssey

Kono Vidovic October 16, 2023 79 3

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Having surfaced after a 20-year hiatus, Anoesis brings us a five-track masterclass in IDM, electronica, house, and electro on Cyphon Recordings.  With a signature touch crafted in the ‘90s, the ‘Stasislogue EP’ flies the flag for the fact that Howard Dodd has by no means lost the ability to make a dancefloor move.  Here we ask the veteran producer to talk us through ten tracks that serve as milestones along his musical journey.

Sparks – Beat the Clock

Probably the 2nd single I ever bought, the pick for most people is Number One Song in Heaven or Tryouts for the Human Race, but for me this track was always my fave from the album. Love the middle section with the continuous tom-toms and fast Moroder synth zaps. Each individual sound brings back a lot of great memories.

The Human League – The Dignity of Labour pt 1

I remember hearing this at a house party when I was really young and being completely freaked out. It’s so rough and basic and slightly out of tune, adding to the power. And I think just two synths? It’s also incredible to think that even without the phenomenal voice of Phil Oakey you can still push out jaw dropping instrumentals.

John Foxx – Plaza

This track and the whole Metamatic album have been such a constant through my life, I just can’t understand how John Foxx managed to make such a focussed album of strangeness and where he got the melodies from, there wasn’t anyone doing this kind of music before and not since. It was also really scary to listen to. The opening flanged drum machine rise is permanently stamped into my brain.

Kraftwerk – Numbers

Kraftwerk is an obvious choice, but it was such an exciting thing to hear this and the whole album for the first time. I love the way that the notes are so pinched and bent in the opening section that you can’t make out if there’s a chord sequence happening or not, driving you to want to listen again and again. The opening drop after the note raises on the synthesised ‘acht’ is spine tingling.

Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft – Tanz mit Mir

I love DAF and although they were massive in Germany, I feel they didn’t get the recognition in the UK that they should. This is a great track as it combines their earlier guitar phase with the sequencer driven power tracks of later. The sequence is just crazy. I used to put this on in my bedroom and throw myself around the room like I was possessed.

Yes – And You and I

Absolutely love Yes – a real marmite band. When I first heard Close to the Edge, I just didn’t realise anyone had made music like this. Apart from the muso-ness, the album was actually really funky, and I love the parts of this track where the melodies and chords go completely astral and kind of wrong and the Mellotron and spacey steel guitar make you feel like you’re in a space station facing a big black monolith.

Polygon Window/The Dice Man (Aphex Twin) – Polygon Window

Difficult which Aphex track to choose, it’s either this, On, Xtal or Tha, but this track has so much power. It’s a masterclass in how to use an 808 and the opening drop is unbeatable. You think the track’s given all it can then the strings come in with that heavy EQ sweep, and that’s before the 2nd synth line. Love the fact you can hear the damage to the original cassette recording and the CV converter losing its connection.

Herbie Hancock – Spank-a-Lee

This is one of those tracks you can listen to over and over again, because it’s really difficult to lock down the bassline and melody, but there’s a plan and it’s structured. Rhythmically it’s so unpredictable due to all the back to front emphasis Paul Jackson (bass) and Herbie put into their playing. Great synth sounds also. I had this on cassette in the car and didn’t stop playing it for a year or so.

Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu 

Again, one of those tracks you can listen to over and over again, and like Numbers, no music, no melody. I love the way there are so many fills in the track that don’t repeat and sound so perfect. I also love the way that the breaks are less standard, and in some cases, constructed, so it always sounds fresh. Photek like Herbie is a master of back to front beats and making something odd sound so fantastic.

Stereolab – Wow and Flutter

It must be great getting into Stereolab for the first time with so many hours of their releases available and all being so unmistakably Stereolab and high quality. This is such a beautiful track, just flows and flows and is so uplifting.

A few final words.

That’s a wrap on our electrifying journey through Anoesis’s musical milestones. A huge shoutout to him for sharing these gems that have shaped his sound. If these tracks resonated with you or stirred up some memories, drop your thoughts in the comments below. And hey, don’t forget to support him and buy his latest EP as a limited edition heavyweight vinyl.

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