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Unlocking the Genius Behind ‘Another Moment in Time’: A Deep Dive with Vince Watson.

Kono Vidovic September 5, 2023 225 4 5

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We’ve waited over 20 years but finally Vince Watson is revealing the long awaited follow up to his seminal Moments In Time album entitled ‘Another Moment In Time’. The Amsterdam based producer has been knocking it out of the park for 25 years and he’s back with another multi story release that will blow your mind!  Here we ask him to take us through the album track by track.

Vince Watson performing on stage

Vince Watson – Another Moment In Time

Moments In Time was a special track (and album) for me. It took my ages to figure out a way to make the title track of the followup album as engaging and story filled as the original. I feel I managed to pull it off…I kept the acid vibes and added more of a jazzy feel to it to keep it groovy. You would not believe how many takes I did with the 303 on this..it was ridiculous, I just could not nail it.. I kept doubting it using a 303 with Rhodes in 2023 felt right…but I trusted my instincts. I must have done 50 attempts haha…but it was worth sweating blood for it.

Rendezvous [Finale]

Rendezvous was that really strong emotive track that wasn’t house, it wasn’t techno, it wasn’t Detroit….it was just a beautiful song. So hard to fit in at times…yet so hard to leave out. The original was immediately signed by Carl Craig for Planet E by telephone…I’ll never forget sitting on my parents bed taking the call…a legend and idol who inspired me and a generation of Detroit techno lovers..drooling over the track. I’ll cherish these moments for life. The 2nd version on Yoruba was much more house centric…and I needed a big follow up track to Eminence which was bit of a hit…and after playing a liveset I stumbled upon this new version for Osunlade. Now this 3rd and final version is here (I thought I had better put [finale] at the end to avoid becoming Greatest Hits 6 lol). I again stumbled upon this while making a one off version for Carl Cox birthday gig at DC10 last year. It worked so well I immediately went into the studio on my arrival home and started work on it to make it what it has become. I’m very proud of this tracks journey…it’s had a fantastic ride with two very good homes along the way…but now its time to come home.

Vince Watson

Peace Of Mind Ft Jon Dixon

Jon is for me one of the greatest keyboard players in the house and techno scene, he is an inspiration to me and is the keyboard player I wish I was and still try to be…but fail at. This track had his inverted structures all over it…I’m just so happy and proud that he respected me as a producer enough to trust me with his work. The track we made together is mesmerising, beautiful and so musical…one of the most musical things I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something considering the amount of ‘musical content’ I put into my music. I’m very proud of this. We have plans to create a single out of it with some interesting musicians in mind…stay tuned.

Make A Wish

Make A Wish was originally part of a studio session I did for Joe Claussell when I was making the track ‘Teardrops’ for his Sacred Rhythm label a few years ago. It was supposed to be a liveset accessible version of the track (it has the same bells) but it ended up going in a different direction. Inspired by New York house and its chunky rhythms etc…I loved the end result. I released it with Forever as a single a while ago..but it was not meant to be released like that. I had another single lined up, but my project files corrupted and we could not get them working again…the tracks were lost, and I could not let the release date and vinyl pressing dates slip, so I had to put out Forever and Make A Wish at the last minute. They were always going to be part of this album.

Vince Watson live gig

Lost In The Deep

This kind of represents the UK side of house on the album, taking inspiration from Jimpster and Atjazz, two more artists I look up to for guidance musically, true musicians. I made the decision to make more tracks like Lost In The Deep shortly after I finished it…it feels like some kind of evolution of my older house music and I really enjoyed making it. I do have plans for some remix action on this track sometime next year so look out for that…Lost In The Deep follows other tracks before it got called Into The Deep (Biologique), Out Of The Deep (Moments In Time).


Whispers has two versions…the album contains the Intro Mix which is more of a listening arrangement, the sampler had a club friendly edition. It’s so deep and has got a bit of everything. Strings, dubby synth action, hypnotic elements…a daydreamers track, for looking out the rainy window on an autumn day. Was originally going to be the album intro, but I went for a different feel at the start. Whispers is perhaps the closest track on the album to the Biologique LP from 1999, with it’s melancholic hypnotising grooves….just better produced 🙂


Without a doubt the most uplifting and happiest track on the album. How could I not call it ‘Sunshine’. It almost feels like a live band type of track, and it’s defo an album track not a dancefloor track. It brings some light and brings you out of the depths of Whispers with a nice breath of fresh air. A proper feel good track and we all need those sometimes, just as a lot of albums need it. It’s quite a simple track compared to some of the others but that works just fine.

Vince Watson behind the decks


Forever is totally inspired by Detroit house and that crossover between keys and having a nice moody acidic type baseline in there…add the 909 shuffle and your good to go. The Forever title refers to the fact that this form of music just isn’t moveable…its going nowhere, is and always will be what it is, unspoiled by gimmick genre’s and short-term styles around the place, its pure and will forever remain that way. I have always loved the combination of keys and big baselines, it just works harmonically, and the Moog baseline in the chorus of Forever is a monster and works so well with the Rhodes. Timeless..


Flashback is the Techno track of the album…a throwback to a different time, while making it sound fresh and new. I wanted to have a big tune on the album that could fill playlists and get some good crowd reactions…certainly the live gigs I played so far with it have been incredible. It has a nice way of bringing energy to the crowds, despite it’s old school interpretations. Its got that huge climax with the building dropping very strongly. This will absolutely be a single next year with some remixes…it’s just too strong to leave as an album track. I had considered doing a single with this before the album, but I did not want people to have expectations of a techno album. I have some nice names in the works for remixes so stay tuned on this…


By the time you get to the last track, you experienced the Moment In Time I intended…I took you all over the maps with many flavours and brought you back home exhausted after so much stimulus haha! Sleep was going to be part of an ambient project I am working on, but it just worked better to close the album after ‘Flashback’ having such energy and highs. Together both tracks close out the album very nicely and even after 100 plays or something, I am very proud of everything I was able to pull out for this album. The storytelling aspect is such a big thing for me…and this was the perfect ending with these two. tracks.

A few final words.

That brings us to the end of this illuminating journey behind the tracks of “Another Moment in Time“. We hope you enjoyed this deep and personal insight into the creative genius of Vince Watson. From the vibrant grooves of “Another Moment in Time” to the serene closure with “Sleep”, it’s clear that Vince has once again set a new standard in electronic music production.

We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are to witness the new directions Vince is set to explore in the coming years.

Thank you for joining us for this intimate track talk. Until next time, keep grooving and immersing yourself in the deep, transformative world of music.

Stay tuned for more insights and remember to share this piece with fellow Vince Watson enthusiasts!

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