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Exploring the Beats of the Globe with Antonin: Inside ‘En Silence Remixes.

Kono Vidovic March 11, 2024 46 11

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Antonin is a global wanderer, a sun-drenched character of the open roads who grew up on the picturesque Cap Ferret. On first appearance his silhouette and free as a bird spirit might have think he was a model or a surfer.  And you wouldn’t be too far from the truth as his chosen mode of travel is a surfboard. Aside from his board, Antonin’s only masters are time, the ocean, and the strings of his acoustic guitar. His debut album was an ode to the sea and to stillness.

On his latest remix EP, Antonin invites friends Polo & Pan, Yuksek, Kraak & Smaak, Omri Smadar, Lazy Flow, and Dorion to work their magic on three of the album cuts. French iconoclasts, Polo & Pan, bring the tropical heat to the heartfelt ‘Je Veux Mourir Avec Toi’ (I want to die with you). Sonic dynamo Yuksek electrifies with his unmistakable nu disco touch on ‘Antonin’, while Omri Smadar (Correspondent) adds luscious pads, thrilling live drums, and works the 303 a treat on his version. La Créole resident, Lazy Flow, takes us to a Caribbean dream island, while Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak bring bags of their distinctive boogie flavour to the title cut. Closing out in a more subtle mode is Dorion who persuades us to follow him to the seaside with his sandcastles and warm summer sunshine affair. 

We asked the artist to talk us through ten tracks that mark his musical journey.

1 – So long, Marianne – Leonard Cohen 

Leonard Cohen is definitely the one who makes me want to become a singer, a musician, a song writer. I remember when I was in my mom’s car, I was 7. We had a trip to the mountains, I was sad to leave and on the way back hom,e she put a tape in the car with some Leonard Cohen songs. 

I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying at the time as I didn’t speak English then, but I can tell you he really spoke to me this day… Really deeply… He was losing a girl, I was looing the mountains and here I am today.

2 – Ces gens là – Jacques Brel 

I remember I had goosebumps listening to this song for the first time when I was a kiddo. Every words he says is so precise, the intention, everything looks so true like an extraordinary painting.  I get  goosebumps just talking about it now.

3 – Les paradis perdus – Christophe 

Christophe is maybe my favorite singer of the last 20 years. The words he chooses, the melodies, the music, everything is so special and unique. He’s an alien, maybe my father too.

4 – Clay Pigeon – Blaze Foley 

I always listen to this song when I am on tour. It makes me want to cry when I am far away from home, but it also makes me want to travel even farer.

5 – Le métèque – George Moustaki 

The first track I have learned to play and sing on guitar when I was 7! I was not born when he wrote this song (1969) but I am sure he wrote it for me.

6 – Le voyage de Pénélope – Air

To discover this song and this album of Air (Moon Safari) was a revelation. The way it is produced, recorded, arranged. This is to me perfection, the perfect trip…

7 – Lena’s song – The Sweet Enough 

An instrumental song I love by a project created during Covid in LA. The entire album ’Marshmallow’ is great, so relaxing. I needed it in my life, I’m thankful to have it now 🙂 

8 – You don’t know me – Caetano Veloso

I think Caetano is one of my favorite singer and guitar player. I saw him live a few times and I have been blown away every time. He is sweet, powerful, audacious, sensual and a big inspiration. This song is from the album Transa. One of my favorite album.

9 – Pauvre Jésus Christ – Henry Salvador

He could be the cousin of Caetano from the Caribbean. I recently discovered this song and the album ‘Homme Studio’ and I think it’s a masterpiece. He recorded at home as the name of the album says, everything is in it.

10 – Ivre mer – Antonin 

This is to me the best song I have written, so might be cool to listen to it now haha! 

A few last words from your host.

And there you have it, a journey through Antonin’s musical landscape, marked by the soul-stirring beats of “En Silence Remixes.” A heartfelt thank you to Antonin for not only sharing his art with us but for reminding us of the profound connections music can forge across cultures, landscapes, and hearts. Don’t miss out on experiencing this electrifying blend of melodies and remixes. Dive into “En Silence Remixes” available now, and let Antonin’s world of sounds transport you to realms unknown. Follow, listen, and lose yourself in the rhythm of discovery.

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