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Ascension’s Latest EP ‘Bringing Humanity Home’ – A Sonic Journey to Remember.

Kono Vidovic February 17, 2024 101 18 5

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In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, certain releases not only capture the essence of their time but also propel the genre into new, uncharted territories. Ascension’s latest offering, the ‘Bringing Humanity Home EP’ on Fluid Electronics, is one such masterpiece that demands your attention. As a curator and aficionado at dirtydiscoradio.com, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing numerous sonic explorations, but few have resonated with me as deeply as this one.

Ascension Bringing Humanity Home EP

Ascension – Bringing Humanity Home EP review.

Released in the wake of the captivating ‘Leave Me Alone’ EP from October 2023 and the earlier featured Gone EP on Fluid Funk, Dutch maestro Ascension returns, offering a refreshing dive into the heart of analogue house music, tinted with a balearic acid flair. This four-track EP, featuring two original compositions alongside two stellar remixes by Jordan GCZ of Juju & Jordash and Fluid Electronics’ very own M.R.E., exudes a rare blend of auditory bliss that marries coastal elegance with ethereal ambient landscapes.

Title track tranquility: Exploring ‘Bringing Humanity Home.

The EP kicks off with the titular track, ‘Bringing Humanity Home,’ a composition that intertwines funk-infused rhythms with a serene Eastern ambiance. The result is an auditory experience that is both tranquil and invigorating, marked by delicate percussion, intricate synth work, and pads that draw you into a state of blissful hypnosis. It’s a track that epitomizes Ascension’s ability to craft music that is as thought-provoking as it is soothing.

Remix reimaginations: The diverse soundscapes of Jordan GCZ and M.R.E.

The remixes by Jordan GCZ and M.R.E. take the original tracks and reinterpret them through their unique lenses, offering listeners divergent paths down the same musical journey. Jordan GCZ’s version is a bold, bass-heavy rework that adds a layer of intensity to the EP, while M.R.E.’s contribution accelerates the pace, making it an irresistible anthem for the dance floor. Each remix complements the originals, showcasing the versatility and depth of Ascension’s musical vision.

Intimate vibrations: The sensuous rhythms of ‘Sensual’.

‘Sensual,’ the EP’s final track, slows down the tempo but elevates the heat, providing a perfect soundtrack for those intimate moments that linger in the memory long after the night has ended. It’s a testament to Ascension’s mastery over mood and atmosphere, capable of creating tracks that are as evocative as they are enjoyable.

A personal reflection on Ascension’s sonic journey.

As the curator of Dirty Disco, my aim has always been to unearth music that resonates deeply, moving both the soul and the body in harmonious synchrony. Ascension’s ‘Bringing Humanity Home EP’ embodies this ethos flawlessly, offering a sonic odyssey rich in emotional depth and musical innovation. This EP is not merely a collection of tracks; it’s a profound journey through soundscapes that touch upon the core of our shared human experience, crafted with an unmistakable passion and creativity. It stands as a luminous beacon in the vast ocean of electronic music, a testament to the transformative power of melody and rhythm. I find it to be an essential auditory experience that captivates and elevates, making it a highly recommended journey for anyone seeking to explore the depths of their musical consciousness.

End conclusion.

In the end, Ascension’s ‘Bringing Humanity Home EP’ stands as a monumental achievement in the realm of electronic music. It’s a journey through sound that encapsulates the beauty of human emotion, wrapped in the warmth of analogue synthesis and the boundless possibilities of electronic production. For those who yearn for music that transcends the ordinary, this EP is a must-listen.

Dive into this audacious blend of sounds and let Ascension take you on a journey that brings humanity a little closer, one beat at a time. Head over to Fluid Electronics on Bandcamp as it drops on the 23rd of february and immerse yourself in the ‘Bringing Humanity Home EP’. Your ears, and soul, will thank you.

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