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Back in the studio – Dirty Disco Radio 270

Kono Vidovic August 24, 2018 493

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It has been a while but after three weeks of holiday i’m back in the studio to create a new radio-show episode for you. This week it’s time for Dirty Disco Radio 270 which contains a lot of dope new music.

Back in the studio.

Holiday is great! It always is, but then coming back home also is. Therefor coming back in the studio for me is a real treat. Once again i can share new music with you in my weekly radio show / podcast. I have been on holiday in Croatia where i have been in several places. I also have checked out the Island Pag where i stayed a week on a beautiful camp. I checked out the famous Zrcé Beach, which was cool to see, but most of the time i did absolutely nothing. Nothing but chilling at the beach, swimming in the sea, playing with my children and enjoying the surroundings and good food from Croatia. I posted just a few of the many pictures i made, just to give you an idea of where i have been.

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Now i’m back in the studio to bring you another Dirty Disco Radio, full of dope new tracks.

Dirty Disco Radio 270.

Wow! I mean WOW! In my holiday i did not looked into new music and what’s new releases are out and forthcoming. When i came back in the studio and took a deep dive in my new music pond i kept pre selecting music. There were no limits, i kept selecting good music and dope tracks. Even after i figured i can’t play all tracks i kept listening to all those new releases out there and selecting them for this show. I kept in mind that i can always use them for other forthcoming shows and in my DJ sets as well.

At a certain point i just stopped selecting music. I had to much new releases in my folder, and already heard some great tracks that i wanted to share with you so after selecting 200+ track i stopped and worked on the second step in my music selection process. Which is making the DJ mix. Normally with less tracks this is done much more easily for me. But with 200+ tracks to choose from also Dj’ing gets a bit tricky. No worries i managed to make a what i think is a beautiful DJ mix for you in this episode. Remember to e-mail me for the DJ only mix, if you want it.

Ideas on sharing music.

The only frustration that i walk with when i find so much beautiful music and new releases in House Music and Electronic Dance Music. Is that i’m not able to share all of them with you in my podcast / radio-show. There is to less time to play all tracks for you. My show already is 2 hours long so adding an extra hour is not an option. And even then i still will not be able to play everything i find.

That is why i ask you for your ideas on sharing music. How would you like me to share music with you next to through the podcasts? For example, would you dig a members only section where you can download or listen to the tracks on my website? Or would you dig a YouTube channel where you can see me doing in depth video reviews on EP’s and albums from the artists that i play in my shows? Hit me up and let me know!

Kerri Chandler Gives you his music for free.

You might have heard it or already read my blog with the Free Kerri Chandler music right here. But indeed the House Legend did shared a link to his private collection of 2 gigabytes of free music that contains 43 unreleased and vinyl only tracks from Kerri Chandler. In my blog i will dive deeper into the tracks and music he shared. But i’m also playing two tracks from his selection in this weeks episode. Other tracks that i featured in this weeks radio show are shown below and can be found in the track-list.

Seven Davis Jr - Taxi Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 23 Disclosure - Moonlight I Write My Beats On A Calculator Further Ado Disco Music Castlecrag EP

Track-list Episode 270.

Magic In Threes – Work Tapes
The Pump Girls – Get On It (The Pump Boys Edit)
Norm De Plume – Whole In One
Leon Revol – Third Rhythm
Disclosure – Where Angels Fear To Tread
Tommy Tickle – God Chord
Hurlee – On The Floor
Disclosure – Moonlight (Extended Mix)
Conga Radio  – Party Smokes
Goshawk – Get Up To Get Down (Ft Erik Ric
Soulphiction – Bizzness
Hurlee – Disco Love
The Donna Smith Experience – Desire
The Donna Smith Experience – Letna
Klic – Disco Music
Das Carma – Zuhause
Cleanfield  – Further Ado (Etur Usheo Remix)
Desos – House Party (Cynthie Remix)
James Pepper – Lover (Carlo Remix)
The Donna Smith Experience – Live With Me
Seven Davis Jr – Family (Borrowed CS Remix)
Kerri Chandler – Downtown (Dark Mix)
Kerri Chandler – Fluff Rehab (Dark Room Mix)

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