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Behind the Beats: Quadrakey Dives Deep into their ‘Flowers 4 You’ EP – A Must for House Music Lovers.

Kono Vidovic June 4, 2023 188 3 5

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Quadrakey are the epitome of a quality production duo working in harmony out of their humble Berlin studio. Their mantra is ‘House music with a deep passion’. Their sets and their label both mirror these values.For the 12th release on Tooman Records, Quadrakey  present four cuts that kick off with the cheeky, funk-fuelled, guitar house of ‘Flowers 4 You’, followed by the strutting groove of ‘Two Reasons’ that dwells in more classic house territory. ‘Overnight’ goes heads down and deeper to lock the dancers in a groove, while the rousing and emotional closing cut ‘Moreless’ plays out as a perfect last track of the night to underline an epic evening.  We ask them to talk us through this killer new EP.


Flowers 4 You.

This track was made in summer 2022. We found the dynamic funky rhythm guitar incredibly cool and decided to showcase it as a solo part. From there, we built the entire track around it and added our beloved organ sound and a warm, rounded bassline.

Two Reasons.

This one is really smooth, we started it at one of these days, when we looked back and shared some positive experiences. Tanja just played around some piano chords, which we recorded and used as a pad. We wanted to keep it simple and added just a few instruments, one of them was M1 organ, stings and a bassline, created with Novation bass station.


We made this track spontaneously, that was the moment when inspiration flowed naturally, and we didn’t need to search for ideas. That’s why we named it Overnight. We really appreciate those moments, when time seems to fade away and we create something in a single breath.


This track represents a turbulent period of time with  many emotional highs and lows. We fully experienced the joys and sorrows of life during that time, but fortunately could go through it together.

We also recorded the piano chords as a foundation and then continued with pads, a percussive organ and a comb-filtered base.


Our end conclusion.

It’s been a true pleasure to delve deep into the creative process behind the ‘Flowers 4 You’ EP with Quadrakey. Their passion for house music shines through every chord and rhythm in this work. We’d like to thank them for sharing their insights and inspiration behind each track. If you love what you’ve read, don’t forget to check out their EP on Tooman Records and share it with your fellow house music enthusiasts. Thanks again, Quadrakey, for your time and your music. Until next time, keep the beats going!

Have you listened to the ‘Flowers 4 You’ EP yet? Click here to enjoy Quadrakey’s latest masterpiece on Tooman Records.

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