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Bendgate / Iphone Flex: Iphone 6 seems to bend when wearing it in your jeans.

Kono Vidovic September 24, 2014 504 1

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Apple what the hell is going on? You are putting out the newest and most sophisticated phone ever? Hell no! You better fix this A.S.A.P. Or the Apple fanbase will increase rapidly.
Wow i was still looking for that tight deal with an iphone 6 or 6 Plus, until i read about the amazing bending technique of the all new iphone 6 and 6 plus.
Iphone 6 bend

Check out the movie below to see how easy it bowes.


So now you know! You better wait with buying a Iphone 6 or Iphone 6 plus, if you still can’t wait buying one because you are a real slave to the capitalism of today which i can totally imagine and please do not get me wrong, it’s not your fault if you are. But if you choose to buy one, just don’t put it in your tight jeans or pants pocket.

But to be honest, don’t you think that every product no matter what price it has just has to be good? You can take it for granted but if you do you are just helping a company like Apple to make more faults like these in the future. Just ask yourself this question, why are we all so crazy about Apple? here is the answer: Because there was i time when Apple produced high quality innovated products.

That’s it! it’s a company that makes products, not even products for everyday need, like bread and milk, but a luxury item, because you can still buy much cheaper products that works exactly the same and does the same for you. I’m not trying to tear Apple down, but i strongly agree that they should have tested it on all factors apparently they did not, but figured their phone is perfect let’s charge a lot of money for it. And then we are not even talking about the fact that the actual production costs for an Iphone 6 or Iphone 6 plus  are below $ 200,-

Said enough i thought so, just let’s wait for Apple to respond on this Bendgate / Iphone Flex situation and see what happens.


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  1. Edwin on February 8, 2015

    Thanks for finally writing about >Benmdgate / Iphone Flex, Iphone 6 and 6
    plus are bending in your jeans or tight pants.Dirty Disco Radio <Loved it!

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