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Berlin duo Brigade released “International Communication™” via Laut & Luise, the first single from their upcoming album “Hard Times, Soft Music.

Kono Vidovic September 8, 2022 148 7 5

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Brigade – International Communication™ is the dreamy new single from the German production duo and live electronica band and is out this September 2, 2022, via Berlin-based label Laut und Luise. First single from the highly anticipated debut album Hard Times, Soft Music (due out October 14, 2022).

Brigade - International Communication™

Close friends & production partners.

“International Communication™ sees Julius and Niels, close friends and production partners, draw on their wealth of studio experience and boundless creativity to deliver an exquisite piece of lo-fi electronica, filled with intricate analog textures, stripped down choruses and a cosmic groove that drives the record throughout its four minutes.

After the more dancefloor-oriented tones of their six-part EP Comeback on KELLER last June 2022, this new single on Laut und Luise reflects a shift in musical direction from the Berlin-based band, combining traditional songwriting structures with more abstract timbres to balance the familiar and the surreal.

Understated melodies and refined textures.

Transporting the listener into their own reflective dimension of sonic exploration, the duo’s understated melodies and refined textures are perfectly complemented by distorted synthesizers and restrained rhythms; their distorted sonic palette forms the backbone of the hazy, sunny narrative.

About the single and upcoming album, Brigade commented:

“We took Pandemic as a cue to take a break from dancefloor productions and play with different genres and production styles. The first single “International Communication™” exemplifies this diversity and presents an album that almost everyone in the post-Shrek cultural landscape can relate to. Basically, if you enjoy a good hug, chances are you’ll enjoy this album. Plus, there’s a pretty cute dog on the cover.”

Brigade – International Communication™

Brigade, in a relationship with Cologne-based label Laut und Luise since 2020, creates a feel-good soundtrack for your favorite clubs and festivals. With a few synthesizers under their arm and a keytar (a fusion of a keyboard and guitar that took instrument making to a new level in 1981), the duo goes back and forth between tasteful house and breakbeats. In fact, if Han Solo and Chewbacca went through a dub techno / funky house phase, instead of joining the rebellion, this is what they would sound like.

Pre-order the LP here.

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