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Best Buy Tips: What should you look for when buying a turntable?

Kono Vidovic June 1, 2022 103 20 5

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You might think that buying a turntable is a snap. But true music lovers and connoisseurs know that there are a huge number of different turntables. Each turntable has its own features and certainly the sound is not the same everywhere. There are a number of brands that are popular and that almost all music lovers choose. From Technics to House of Marley and Pioneer. But what exactly should you look for when buying? We’ll tell you here. 

A good record player has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thus, many music lovers have a good turntable in addition to a good set of speakers. Of course, you have to pay attention to the cost, but actually the needles, speed, extra options are even more important. 

Don’t drop the needle.

A good turntable still works with an old-fashioned needle. But did you know that needles come in all shapes and sizes. You have super fine needles so the sound really sounds great, but you also have sturdier needles that are less likely to break. A needle should be replaced every so often and not all turntables work with the same needles. So check to see if your turntable works with a universal needle. If this is the case, you have a fine turntable to pick up. It is especially easier to use when you do not know anything about it. 

turntable needle ortofon

The speed and adjustments.

A record player often has the ability to speed up playback. If this is not the case, you should look further. This is a function that you need for some records. When this is not available you cannot play these records. This has to do with the sound quality and the grooves in the record. A record consists of grooves and the further apart they are or the more grooves they contain determines the speed at which the record must be played. So it is important to pay attention to. 

USB compatibility.

Nowadays we want more than just to play a record. You may therefore expect more from a modern turntable. If there is no USB port, you are missing something. With a USB you can play music from your phone through your turntable. So you don’t need an amplifier at all anymore, because your turntable is the amplifier. This is an easy option, but unfortunately not on all turntables. Also with an USB cable connection you are able to record your vinyls into your computer and save them as a digital file.

Extra options.

How many extra options are there on a turntable? It’s important not to get overwhelmed with options, because too many can also be bad for sound quality. But what is of course a nice extra option, is digitizing your records. If you have a few special old records in your list, you can digitize them with your USB at certain turntables. This way they will be saved in MP3 files on your smartphone. This way you can always listen to your favorite records! How cool is that!  

Buying a turntable: Price and quality.

Of course the last or maybe the first thing you look at is the price. This should be equal to the quality. We have made a nice combination so you do not have to search long or hard to choose. You have the turntables with the right price in this list. 

What is a turntable and what different types do you have?

So nowadays we have a lot of options when you are buying a turntable, but what exactly is a turntable? So a turntable is also called a record player, but also called an LP player, or long-playing turntable where you can play vinyl records on. In the old days, we even talked about gramophone records. The needle converts vibrations into sound which thus comes from the record. The record itself has all these little grooves that create sound. Here are several different record turners in a row

Manual record turner.

When we talk about a manual turntable we are talking about one that you have to operate yourself. These are not going to play automatically and you have to change the records yourself. So when it’s over you have to turn it around and turn it on again and place the needle in the right position. This also had to be done in the past and so this is the most original variant. 

Fully automatic turntable.

With this turntable, you don’t have to do much. All you have to do is put down the record and press start. In some cases, it even has the ability to turn the record over when it is finished. But this, of course, comes with some additional costs. 

Semi-automatic turntable.

This is a turntable where you still have to do something yourself. For example, you have to put the needle of the record in place. Then it does stop automatically and brings the needle back to the resting point. 

Our conclusion.

That’s it. You have now received a tremendous amount of information about buying a turntable. In case you still can’t make the choice now, we will still give you some additional information. It’s best to choose a turntable that you understand. It should not look too complicated and you should not lose your way once you have put a record on it. Also, a slightly digital turntable can be quite nice for a change. 

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