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23 Best Electronic Music in July 2020 | Dirty Disco 367, your weekly Music Talk Show.

Kono Vidovic August 3, 2020 197 7 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to Dirty Disco 367 music talk & mix show.
  • fast_forward 00:12:50 – – Various Channels Vol 1 – NYC | Tender Games – Thunder Feature
  • fast_forward 00:29:45 – – Hot Toddy on House Of Disco | AFAMoo on theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 00:45:55 – – New Tilman EP on Shall Not Fade | Steffi & Virginia on Dolly Records
  • fast_forward 00:59:55 – – Steffi on Dolly Records Feature Review | AFAMoo music review
  • fast_forward 01:10:45 – – AFAMoo on theBasement Discos | Djos's Davis on 96 Musique
  • fast_forward 01:26:25 – – Woodstock (Gerd Janson Remix) | Shaolin Cowboy on GLBDOM
  • fast_forward 01:39:55 – – French House 2020 12'' | Mendes & Maarten on Turqoise Records
  • fast_forward 01:55:23 – – Dirty Disco Outro & Additional information

Best Electronic Music in July 2020.

In every episode i always manage to select around 23 new tracks. Coincidence? Don’t think so, it all has to do with the average time of a single song and the 2 hour music talk show i present. In this last week of July and beginning of August i curated 23 new releases which can easily be among the best electronic music in July. To get a good hold of what went down this last month you should at least listen to the latest 5 shows i recorded in July.

Music selections for summer of 2020.

If you are seeking for relaxing and laid back summer music for listening this episode here with 23 summer infected tracks will suit just right. Or this one right here with 23 essential summer dance tracks, to get that summer groove going on will do fine. Because a holiday abroad is out of the question for me it seems like summer holiday creeped up in my head and made me record another sunshine infused music talk show with a few of 23 best electronic music in July. But before we look at this week’s installment, remember that every single episode is also available to you as a DJ live set (DJ Mix) without the presentation here. And in addition you can also check out the thematic essential mixes here that i create frequently for Dirty Disco members.

Contents of Dirty Disco 367.

Now that you know about my summer affection from the last couple of weeks. And where to get / hear more quality music. Let’s look at what have found for you in this installment with some of the 23 best electronic music in July.

  • 23 new electronic music tracks, all released in July 2020.
  • A 2 hour eclectic electronic music mix varying in the sub-genres of: Soultronica, Deep Disco, Disco House, Forward Thinking House Music (FTHM or FFM (Future Focused Music), Deep House, Electronica, Disco, Jazztronica and more of that real Dirty Disco styled sound.
  • 7 from these best electronic music songs are also available on the physical 12” (vinyl) format.

Highlighted music reviews.

You probably have a good understanding off the contents in Dirty Disco 367, clearly the best way to find out is to click play and start the show with the included audio player on top of this page. But to give you more insight in the new music releases and to give the artists, music labels and publishers more credit i always list a few from the full selection below.

Various Channels Vol. 1 - NYC | Darker Than Wax.

Various Channels Vol. 1 – NYC | Darker Than Wax.

When you press play on the audio player, the first two opening tracks you’ll hear come from the new selector-led compilation series ‘Various Channels Vol. 1 – NYC’ on the Darker Than Wax record label.

The purpose is to combine a diversity in music and enclose a connection between the music creators together. For this very first of the series key figure ‘Marco’ chose ‘a location’ as the base that connects producers on the various artist EP.

The theme and location for this one is New York City (NYC) where Marco moved to in 2014 and established himself as a DJ, curator and promotor on radio and clubs.

The selection contains versatile sounds from various artist and i chose David Marston, Aquiles Navarro, Jitwam and Ensemble Entendu to feature as the first to tracks in this week’s installment.

Tender Games - Thunder EP | Midnight Snacks.

Tender Games – Thunder EP | Midnight Snacks.

The Jamaican-German singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Tender Games is a very often welcomed artist here in the Dirty Disco music shows. A simple website search on Tender Games results in all shows that include his music.

His latest Thunder EP on Midnight Snacks is a real summer treat and easily fits among my selections of best electronic music in July. Tracks like ‘Time’ and ‘Unfold’ were already exclusively played in previous shows and therefore i’m more than happy to feature his Thunder EP in the show and on the music blog.

Tender Games – Thunder EP on Midnight Snacks can best be described as filled with uptempo disco grooves, easy listening slow jams and hot funk to enjoy your poolside experience this summer.

Hot Toddy - Still We Are EP | House Of Disco.

Hot Toddy – Still We Are EP | House Of Disco.

The once started as a electronic music blog like us here and in London based ‘House of Disco’ is now much more than just music journalism. It has grown out to a respected House music record label with quality releases that i love to include in my weekly music talk shows.

The last time i featured House of Disco was not that long ago in episode 363 with the Jiraya debut EP by Shee on House Of Disco.

After welcoming Shee as a talented newcomer to the electronic music scene. HOD now welcomes a true Nu Disco legend with his ‘Still We Are EP’. Hot Toddy who also happens to be the founder of the modern electronic Disco formation ‘Crazy P’ responsible for many quality music in the beginnings of the ‘Nu Disco Era’.

AFAMoo - Do What You Want | theBasement Discos.

AFAMoo – Do What You Want | theBasement Discos.

In the last few months i covered a lot of music coming from theBasement Discos. Probably one of the most interesting stories to read is the Q&A i did with the House music label. Or if you are more keen to hear/have their music check out the ‘Beyond Paella’ album i discussed here.

The Spanish music label is all about quality House music, but not necessary from already established artists in the scene. Even though they include respected names in their catalogue like: the Mexican Hotmood, the from Russia Igor Gonya, and or their own Jazzman Wax from Spain. They also have a lot of room for upcoming talents.

In this case and for their latest EP they welcome the 24 year old DJ and producer from Japan AFAMoo with his first release on the label. His EP Do ‘What You Want’ is full of groovy, Jazzy ready for summer Disco tunes.

Shaolin Cowboy - Catch Feels High EP | GLBDOM.

Shaolin Cowboy – Catch Feels High EP | GLBDOM.

After the previous release by the Dutch producer Retromigration on GLBDOM, it’s now time for the London based producer Shaolin Cowboy to show his skills.

GLBDOM is a fast rising record label from Russia that i often play. Just like the above mentioned Spanish label they focus on quality releases and have much room for talent.

In the gathering of summer infected music the latest EP by Shaolin Cowboy does just that. His Catch Feels High EP on GLBDOM includes 5 tracks that get you in the mood for a perfect relaxing day at the beach or some laid back vibes at the poolside. The combination of Jazzy deep nostalgic lo-fi House Music will give you a beautiful summer vibe.

Track overview and Spotify playlist.

Here below you can find the full tracklist for Dirty Disco 367. Feel free to use this to find your favorite best electronic music in July. In addition when you prefer to use music streaming services such as Spotify you can alternatively check out my weekly updated electronic music playlist here.

The Spotify playlist is more suitable to use when you want to hear full length tracks. Or add your favorite tracks to your own library, playlist or just to like them so that Spotify learns to know your musical taste better. The downsides from the Spotify playlist is that most of the times not all tracks are always listed because i play music promo’s that aren’t simply available yet, and because i refresh the playlist every week with tracks from the current weekly episode you might just miss grab.

Therefore the given tracklist here below is always the only place to find the exact order of all the right tracks.

That’s it for this week, enjoy listening to the selected and mixed best electronic music in July in this music talk show episode. Connect with me on my socials to get in touch and letting me know that you are listening and stay safe and strong while you do so.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
David Marston, Aquiles Navarro & JitwamMercury in RetrogradeVarious Channels Vol. 1 – NYCDarker Than Wax24-7-2012”
Ensemble EntenduWell, Why NotVarious Channels Vol. 1 – NYCDarker Than Wax24-7-2012”
Tender GamesThunderThunderMidnight Snacks24-7-20
Tender GamesDelusionThunderMidnight Snacks24-7-20
Hot ToddyStill We AreStill We AreHouse Of Disco22-7-20
Hot ToddyWilde TouchStill We AreHouse Of Disco22-7-20
AFAMooDo What You Want (Chevals Remix)Do What You WanttheBasement Discos24-7-20
TilmanNature YourselfOne For The TroubleShall Not Fade23-7-2012”
TilmanBlurred ChaseOne For The TroubleShall Not Fade23-7-2012”
Steffi & VirginiaReasonsReasonsDolly Records3-7-20
SteffiNovemberReasonsDolly Records3-7-20
AFAMooThe Lonely GuyDo What You WanttheBasement Discos24-7-20
AFAMooTropical IslandDo What You WanttheBasement Discos24-7-20
Djos’s DavisThere Is Soul In My HouseThere Is Soul In My House96 Musique31-7-20
CosmonectionFeelingsFrench House 2020Trax Magazine17-7-2012”
Eelke KleijnWoodstock (Gerd Janson Zeeweg 94 Extended Remix)Woodstock (Gerd Janson Remixes)Days Like Nights23-7-20
Shaolin CowboyTildaCatch Feels Get HighGLBDOM24-7-20
Shaolin CowboyCatch Feels Get HighCatch Feels Get HighGLBDOM24-7-20
KarlitaVox GilFrench House 2020Trax Magazine17-7-2012”
Mendes & MaartenHeart Of GoldHeart Of GoldTurqoise Records24-7-20
Alan DixonAcid Drop (Swimming Mix)Piano DropRunning Back20-7-2012”
Frank Fonema & RenoteLet Your Light ShineLet Your Light ShineLes Folies Digitales31-7-20
Tender GamesTimeThunderMidnight Snacks24-7-20

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