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The Best Mixmag Lab Sessions: A Journey Through Electronic Music’s Defining Moments.

Kono Vidovic February 19, 2024 45 14 5

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Mixmag has been at the forefront of electronic music culture for decades, not only as a magazine but also as a curator of some of the most groundbreaking memorable best live music sessions known widely as “The Lab.” The Lab is Mixmag’s unique platform where DJs and producers, from the burgeoning to the world-renowned, perform live sets in intimate settings around the globe from London and Los Angeles to Miami and Ibiza and beyond. The best Mixmag Lab sessions are streamed live and archived on Mixmag’s YouTube channel, providing a global audience with access to cutting-edge electronic music performances.

What is Mixmag Lab?

A bit similar to the Boiler Room sets, the Lab has become synonymous with quality and innovation in electronic music, offering artists a space to experiment with new sounds, debut unreleased tracks, and showcase their mixing prowess to a discerning global audience. This initiative by Mixmag has not only enriched the electronic music community but has also played a crucial role in the careers of many artists, providing them with a platform to reach new heights of recognition and influence.

The significance of The Lab sessions extends beyond the music itself; they act as a cultural barometer for the electronic music scene, reflecting and shaping the evolution of genres and trends. From intimate, groove-laden house sets to expansive, techno journeys, The Lab has hosted a diverse array of electronic music’s most influential figures, each bringing their unique energy and vision to the series.

In this article, we focus on the best Mixmag lab sessions and mixes that have left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape, setting trends, defining genres, and capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide. These sets are not just performances but pivotal moments in the history of electronic music, showcasing the artistry and innovation that define the genre.

The best Mixmag lab sessions and mix performances, an in-depth look.

BLACK COFFEE in The Lab Miami for Miami Music Week: 

This set is a masterclass in storytelling through music, with Black Coffee‘s signature blend of deep house and African rhythms offering a mesmerizing journey that captivated audiences and showcased the depth of his musicality.


Bringing a resurgence of disco and funk to the forefront of house music, Purple Disco Machine‘s set in The Lab LA was a vibrant, high-energy affair that highlighted his skill in blending classic sounds with contemporary beats.

PEGGY GOU in The Lab Miami for Miami Music Week: 

Peggy Gou‘s set was a defining moment for the artist and for The Lab, blending techno, house, and distinct Korean influences into a seamless mix that elevated her status as a global electronic music icon.

BONOBO @ Mixmag Live 2017 (DJ set): 

A departure from his live band performances, Bonobo‘s DJ set in The Lab showcased his eclectic taste and deep musical knowledge, spanning genres and eras in a way that only he can.

NIGHTMARES ON WAX sunset set in The Lab IBZ: 

An unforgettable session that captured the essence of Ibiza’s laid-back, sunset vibe, Nightmares on Wax delivered a set that was both soulful and soothing, cementing his legacy as a pioneer of downtempo beats.

MONOLINK live in The Lab LA: 

Monolink’s performance was a breathtaking fusion of live vocals and instrumentation with deep electronic beats, illustrating his unique talent for blending storytelling with dance music. This set underscored The Lab’s ability to showcase live electronic music’s emotional depth and technical prowess.

LANE 8 melodic house DJ set in the Lab NYC: 

Lane 8‘s set was a journey through lush melodies and emotive landscapes, embodying the essence of melodic house. His performance highlighted The Lab’s knack for capturing the nuanced atmospheres that electronic music can create, making it a memorable experience for listeners.

TSHA house & rave set in The Lab LDN: 

TSHA brought a fresh energy to The Lab with her dynamic selection of house and rave tracks, peppered with unreleased edits and tracks. Her performance was a testament to the vibrant future of electronic music and The Lab’s role in spotlighting rising stars.

MARTIN SOLVEIG (HOUSE SET) in The Lab #SmirnoffHouse at EDC Las Vegas: 

Martin Solveig‘s house set was a masterclass in crowd-pleasing, combining energetic beats with catchy melodies. His performance at The Lab SmirnoffHouse was a perfect example of how The Lab sessions can translate the electric energy of festival stages into an intimate setting.

CLAPTONE at The Yacht Week, Croatia: 

In a unique setting that matched his mysterious persona, Claptone‘s set was a mesmerizing journey through house music, filled with his signature masked mystique and infectious grooves. This session highlighted The Lab’s ability to create unforgettable moments in unique locations.

Camelphat | Sunset at Panorama, SXM Festival: 

Camelphat’s sunset set offered a perfect blend of deep, melodic techno and house, set against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. This performance encapsulated the magic of electronic music and its ability to connect with natural beauty, showcasing The Lab’s commitment to creating extraordinary experiences.

LEON VYNEHALL percussive house & techno set in The Lab LDN: 

Leon Vynehall’s set was an intricate exploration of rhythm and texture, showcasing his deep musical knowledge and innovative approach to house and techno. His performance was a vivid example of The Lab’s dedication to showcasing artists who push the boundaries of electronic music.

GROOVE ARMADA house & tech grooves in The Lab Liverpool: 

Groove Armada‘s set was a journey through the duo’s vast catalog, featuring timeless classics and new favorites. Their performance was a celebration of their enduring influence on electronic music, demonstrating The Lab’s ability to honor the genre’s pioneers.

BARRY CAN’T SWIM feel good house set in The Lab LDN: 

This set stood out for its uplifting selection, blending elements of jazz, soul, and house music. Barry Can’t Swim’s performance was a showcase of The Lab’s platform as a space for artists to express their unique sounds and influences.

PAULA TAPE balearic house set in The Lab LDN: 

Paula Tape transported listeners with a set that was both vibrant and soothing, blending balearic beats with a laid-back groove. Her performance highlighted The Lab’s role in celebrating the diverse sounds within electronic music.

Each of these performances underscores the unique essence of The Lab sessions: a celebration of electronic music’s diversity, innovation, and emotional depth. Through these intimate sets, Mixmag has not only provided a stage for artists to share their vision but has also created a bridge between the music and a global audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry within the electronic music scene. As The Lab continues to evolve, it remains a vital pulse in the heart of electronic music culture, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and inspiring both artists and fans around the world.

The influence of the Mixmag Lab session on electronic music.

The Lab sessions have become a vital part of electronic music culture, offering a snapshot of the genre’s ever-evolving landscape. These performances are not just about the music; they’re about the experience, the atmosphere, and the connection between the artist and the audience, even in a digital format. The Lab has managed to capture the essence of live electronic music performances, making them accessible to a worldwide audience and ensuring that the pulse of electronic music continues to beat strongly across the globe.

By spotlighting both established icons and emerging talents, Mixmag’s The Lab has played an instrumental role in the dissemination of electronic music, fostering a sense of community and innovation that continues to inspire artists and fans alike. As we look back on these memorable sets, it’s clear that The Lab will continue to be a beacon for quality, creativity, and the future of electronic music.

End conclusion.

The legacy of Mixmag’s mixes serves as a vivid reflection of electronic music’s ever-evolving journey, capturing the essence of its diverse eras and pioneering the future direction of this vibrant genre. As Mixmag continues to champion the celebration and dissemination of electronic music worldwide, we invite you to join us in this ongoing musical odyssey. Also make sure to check out the best Essential mixes in this article.

Have a favorite Mixmag set that resonates with you? Share your top pick and tell us why it stands out. Head over to our social media channels or here on the website and drop your favorite set in the comments using. Let’s reminisce about the beats that moved us, the melodies that defined moments, and the mixes that mark milestones in the rich tapestry of electronic music. Your favorite set could inspire the next wave of Mixmag sessions, connecting us all through the universal language of music.

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