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The 17 Best Podcast Apps & Platforms of 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Every Listener.

Kono Vidovic December 22, 2023 1698 14 3

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Welcome to the enchanting universe of the best podcasts apps, a place where storytelling, music, comedy, education, and so much more come alive in your ears. Imagine a world where every genre, from the pulsating beats of electronic music to the thought-provoking discussions of talk shows, is just a click away. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast enthusiast vibing to the latest music podcasts, a curious explorer delving into the depths of mystery and crime stories, or someone just stepping into this mesmerizing auditory realm, the right platform can transform your listening into an extraordinary journey.

Best podcast apps and platforms in 2024

Here at Dirty Disco, we’re not just about the beats; we’re about the stories, the laughter, the learning, and the myriad voices that our podcasts bring into our lives. We believe in the power of a great podcast to uplift, educate, and entertain. With an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of the latest trends, we’re excited to share with you our handpicked selection of the best podcast apps. Each one is a gateway to a world of audio magic, catering to every taste, from the rhythm of music podcasts to the suspense of thrillers, the humor of comedies, and the insights of tech talks.

The best podcast apps.

So, grab your headphones, settle in, and let us guide you through a curated tour of the best podcast apps for 2024. Ready to discover your next auditory obsession? Let’s dive into this vibrant soundscape!

1. Apple Podcasts.

Availability: iOS, Web

Apple Podcasts remains a titan in the podcasting world. It offers a vast library and seamless integration with Apple devices. Its user-friendly interface and curated playlists make discovering new podcasts a breeze. Plus, it’s a primary destination for podcasters, ensuring a wide range of content.

Best podcast apps - Apple Podcasts

2. Spotify.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Spotify has aggressively expanded into the podcast space, hosting a plethora of exclusive shows and integrating them perfectly with its music services. Its recommendation algorithm is top-notch, making it an excellent platform for discovering new content that aligns with your listening habits.

Best podcast apps - Spotify podcasts

3. Google Podcasts.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Google Podcasts is a solid choice for those seeking simplicity and cross-device synchronization. It offers a clean interface and is excellent for syncing your listening across multiple devices using your Google account.

Google podcasts

4. Mixcloud.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Mixcloud has carved out a unique niche in the podcasting space, particularly appealing to music enthusiasts and DJs. Known for its eclectic mix of radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts, it offers a distinct listening experience. The platform’s emphasis on underground and experimental content makes it a goldmine for discovering unconventional and genre-defying audio. Additionally, Mixcloud’s live streaming feature allows creators to connect with audiences in real-time, adding an interactive dimension to the podcast experience.


5. SoundCloud.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

SoundCloud is a versatile platform that goes beyond music to offer a rich variety of podcasts. Its strength lies in its community-driven approach, where both emerging and established podcasters share their content. The platform’s intuitive interface and powerful search functionality make it easy to navigate and discover niche topics and voices. SoundCloud also stands out for its social features, enabling listeners to engage directly with creators through comments and likes. This interactivity fosters a strong sense of community among users, making it a compelling choice for podcast enthusiasts.


6. Pocket Casts.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Pocket Casts shines with its robust set of features like customizable playback speed, sleep timer, and a visually pleasing interface. Its powerful search and discovery tools make finding new podcasts tailored to your interests easy.

Pocket casts

7. Overcast.

Availability: iOS

Overcast is renowned for its superior sound quality and unique features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost, which enhance dialogue clarity. It’s a fantastic choice for iOS users who value audio quality and podcast curation.


8. Anchor.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Unique in this list, Anchor is not just for listening but also for creating podcasts. (Now owned by Spotify and part of the Spotify platform for podcasters). It provides an easy-to-use platform for recording, editing, and distributing podcasts, making it ideal for those looking to start their own podcasting journey.

9. Castbox.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Castbox stands out with its in-audio search capability and a vast library of over a million podcasts. Its user interface is intuitive, and the platform offers unique features like livecast, allowing real-time interaction with audiences.

Castbox podcast app

10. Stitcher.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Stitcher is known for its exclusive content and original shows that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s also a great platform for creating personalized playlists and offers a premium service with ad-free listening and bonus content.

11. Podbean.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Podbean is both a podcast hosting platform and a listening app. It offers an extensive range of podcasts and a user-friendly interface. Its hosting service is also a great option for podcasters looking for a reliable and feature-rich platform.

Podbean podcast app and platform

12. TuneIn Radio.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

TuneIn Radio goes beyond podcasts, offering access to live sports, news, music, and radio stations worldwide. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a mix of live radio and on-demand podcasts.

Tunein radio

13. Audible.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

While primarily known for audiobooks, Audible also offers a selection of high-quality podcasts. It’s ideal for listeners who enjoy narrative-driven content and storytelling.

Audible Amazon

14. Luminary.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Luminary is a subscription-based podcast service that offers a range of original and exclusive content. It’s the platform for those who are looking for high-quality, ad-free podcast experiences, with shows hosted by big names in various industries.

Luminary podcast app

15. Himalaya.

Availability: iOS, Android

Himalaya sets itself apart with a focus on creator empowerment and listener engagement. It offers a vast library and includes unique features like tipping, which allows listeners to directly support their favorite podcasters. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation and discovery of new content easy and enjoyable.

Himalaya podcast app

16. RadioPublic.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web

RadioPublic is a podcast platform that supports independent podcasters. It’s known for its ethical approach to podcasting, ensuring that creators are fairly compensated. This platform is ideal for listeners who want to support the podcasting community directly.

radio public

17. Podchaser.

Availability: Web

Podchaser is dubbed the ‘IMDb of podcasts’. It not only allows you to listen to podcasts but also to rate and review them, follow creators, and curate lists. It’s a great tool for listeners who enjoy engaging with a community and want a comprehensive view of a podcast’s popularity and reviews.


As we navigate the rich and varied terrain of these best podcast apps and platforms in 2024, an auditory feast awaits every enthusiast. Journey through the vast collections of Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and embrace the innovative spirit with Anchor’s creative toolkit. Delve into the exclusive realms of Stitcher, where unique content beckons. Your perfect podcast experience is not just a possibility, but a promise. At Dirty Disco, we’re excited to accompany you on this voyage of discovery, where the endless tapestry of audio storytelling unfolds in harmony with your personal tastes and curiosities. Step into this world with us, and let the magic of podcasts redefine your listening landscape.

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