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Billy Lo LP Review: A Deep Dive into Detroit’s Newest Soulful House Gem.

Kono Vidovic May 10, 2024 54 4 5

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Hey there, fellow groove enthusiasts and sonic adventurers! Your favorite DJ here, coming to you not just as a music curator and aficionado, but as someone deeply in love with the vibrations that bring life to our souls. Most recently on my radio show, Dirty Disco (you might’ve caught episode 542), I had the pure joy of featuring Billy Lo’s latest drop, the ‘Billy Lo LP’. And let me tell you, it was an electrifying journey through deep house grooves laced with soulful Detroit magic. Strap in as we dive into this record that’s not just music, it’s a movement.

Billy Lo LP review.

Following the buzz of their highly praised 2021 reissue, ‘It’s The Life’, Detroit’s very own Billy Lo, comprising the talents of Billy Love, Darryl Tiggs, and Darren Abrams, makes a grand return on the Cosmocities label with their first full album, ‘Billy Lo’. This album is a masterclass in blending soulful Motown vibes with the elegance of Paradise Garage and kinetic house rhythms, concocted to perfection for both dancefloor dynamism and introspective enjoyment.

Pain, Chill & Let Ur Body Werk.

The journey begins with ‘Pain’, a track that epitomizes smooth Detroit house with its polished piano riffs and subtle, powerful bass lines, perfectly setting the stage for Billy Love’s enchanting vocals. Not skipping a beat, ‘Chill’ shifts gears into a deeper, synth-driven soundscape, demonstrating the versatility and depth of the trio’s production skills. ‘Let Ur Body Werk’ then takes us on an Afrofunk adventure, laden with vibrant congas and an irresistible bass groove that’s bound to get listeners moving.

B side: Sho Me Ur Love & Flavors.

On the flip side, the B-side of the ‘Billy Lo LP’ unfolds as a mesmerizing nocturnal journey, treating listeners to an intoxicating blend of musical delights that perfect the late-night vibe. ‘Sho Me Ur Love’ kicks off with a sizzling array of jazzy loops and slap bass, interwoven with sun-bleached piano chords that swirl into a heady mix reminiscent of steamy summer nights. This track masterfully marries spacey disco influences with a modern house twist, creating an atmosphere that’s as alluring as it is relaxing.

Do Ur Thang.

The crescendo of the B-side comes with ‘Do Ur Thang’, a vibrant closer that ramps up the energy significantly. This track bursts forth with heavy-duty bass propulsion and obsessive synth motifs, complemented by ebullient pep talks that invigorate the spirit. Spirited vocal snippets dance through the mix, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the music. It’s a playful, high-energy number designed to keep the dance floor buzzing and the spirits high until the first light of dawn. Together, these tracks make the B-side of the ‘Billy Lo LP’ a compelling narrative of night turning into day, marked by an evolution from smooth jazziness to exhilarating high-energy rhythms.


As we wrap up this sonic session, a massive shout-out to Billy Lo for crafting an album that resonates with the heart and moves the body. If you haven’t yet, dive into the ‘Billy Lo LP’, available for purchase as vinyl and stream on your favorite platforms. Don’t miss out on this exquisite blend of deep house and soul, grab your copy today!

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