Bonobo – The North Borders Tour – Live. (Album Review incl Preview)

Bonobo – The North Borders Tour – Live.

It’s here alive and kicking the long awaited Live Album from Bonobo’s The North Borders Tour.
11 mindblowing tracks a musical experience you must have felt, if you did not know Bonobo, this is your chance to meet his sound with this live album.

From the UK producer Simon Green’s fifth studio album as Bonobo after 15 years since he has been dominating the electronica scene.

This can sound cheap but in this Album Review we want to let the album do the actual review, let the music talk. Without me telling you all kinds of stuff about Bonobo and his music and what it sounds like, Bonobo is a one of a kind artist and needs no introduction, you just need to take some time to listen to his music and that’s all i want to tell you right now, just to get you started without being biased by my words. Let the music do it and take you on his journey and tell it’s own story. All i can say is it’s an electronic experience and you will not regret it.

Use the Itunes Player down below the promotional movie to listen to the track previews and enjoy!

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