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Bosq’s Musical Odyssey: Tracing Influences Leading to ‘Meji Meji’ EP.

Kono Vidovic November 20, 2023 87 13 5

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At Dirty Disco, we’re ecstatic to embark on a musical journey with Bosq, the Boston-born, Medellin-based DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, as he prepares to unveil his ‘Meji Meji’ EP on Bacalao. Collaborating with the legendary Kaleta and receiving a remix touch from Folamour, Bosq’s latest work is a melting pot of diverse influences. From the groundbreaking beats of Wu-Tang Clan to the Colombian rhythms of Wganda Kenya, Bosq’s selection is a vibrant reflection of his eclectic taste and musical evolution. These ten tracks not only give us insight into his creative process but also set the stage for the unique sounds of ‘Meji Meji’.

Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man

I could have put anything from that album, it’s what made me become obsessed with music. Particularly the sonic universe that Rza created, I remember being like 11 and thinking “I want to produce music”!

Super Cat – Warning

I had the “The struggle continues” tape and played it to death I remember on a trip with my dad & sister to visit cousins, I played the album like 6 times in a row front to back until my dad was like “maybe let’s try another tape now?” hahaha.

Kraftwerk – Numbers

This is the first 45 I ever bought, I didn’t really know what it was going to sound like, but I knew that they were important to DJ culture. It blew me away though when I listened, I mean how could it not.

Prefuse 73 – Smile in Your face

Some of the earliest beats and sketches I was making were pretty inspired by this vibe I think, I remember trying to make whole drum sets out of vocal syllables and shit like that. Shout to my cousin Eli for letting me use what must have been one of the first MacBooks ever with his pro tools to mess around!

De La Soul – A roller skating jam named Saturdays

When I actually started DJing with the idea of dancing in mind, I moved away from the more experimental hip hop I had been immersed in and started getting back into early 90s stuff that actually worked on dance floors.

Young & Company – I like What you’re doing to me

Those 90s hip hop records opened up a whole world for me, digging the samples I found amazing disco & funk records like this one. I’ve been playing this off and on in DJ sets for like 20+ years probably and I never get sick of it. Do you think Steve Monte was inspired by this? I always wondered.

Brass Construction – Movin’ 

When I first started making dance music, I think all I wanted to do was make records like this. It still remains a blue print for sure. Funky horns, Jazzy Keys, Chants, simplicity!

Ray Barretto – Right On 

The timeline is blurring at this point because a lot of this Afro / Disco / Latin / Funk I was discovering all around the same time. Ray Barretto was my gateway drug to Salsa & Latin Funk for sure. The Latin percussion & keys mixed with the funk horns absolutely blew my mind (still do).

Fela Kuti – Shakara

Another life altering discovery was Fela. I had a Nigerian music teacher my first or 2nd year of college and he put us on to Fela while teaching about the history of West African music and my head exploded. Some of the greatest, most powerful music ever recorded that continues to inspire me in all my projects. This was the first Fela record I bought, at In Your Ear in Allston (Boston).

Wganda Kenya – El Lobo

I would be remiss not to include something Colombian, especially by the master of fusing styles, Fruko (he was behind Afrosound & Wganda Kenya as well as his Fruko Y Sue Tesos band). This type of melting pot music is what drives me still, African rhythms, synthesizer, driving bass, etc. 

Bosq & Kaleta – Sonayon 

Was this 11? My bad haha. To me it was more interesting to focus on other people’s music than my own! This track off the newest 12” is one of the tracks I’m most proud of in my career. I think we managed to make a pretty beautiful song that fuses a lot of the things I love, of course pretty focused in on Disco for this one though. 

A few more words by me.

Traversing through Bosq’s selected tracks is like taking a global music tour, touching on hip-hop, disco, funk, and Afro-Latin rhythms. Each song he has handpicked is a cornerstone in the rich mosaic of his musical identity. As we eagerly anticipate the release of the ‘Meji Meji’ EP, let’s immerse ourselves in these influential sounds that have shaped Bosq’s artistic vision. A heartfelt thank you to Bosq for sharing this personal and inspiring playlist with us. To all music enthusiasts, dive into these tracks and prepare to be captivated by the eclectic brilliance of Bosq’s ‘Meji Meji’ EP available as wonderful vinyl on Juno.

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