Caribou – The Longest Mixtape, 1000 Tracks!

Caribou – The Longest Mixtape.


One of the most unique sounding electronic music artists Dan Snaith aka Caribou has put together a life time achievement, he made probably the longest mixtape ever made.
The Canadian producer Caribou told everybody on his social media that he had put together a monsterous 1000 track mixtape / playlist, to thank all of his fans for the support over the last years.
Dan Snaith also mentioned that all of the songs that are in the playlist are in a random order and advices listeners of Caribou – The Longest Mixtape to put it on shuffle.

The vibe which is mostly Hip-Hop, Funk, Old soul and electronic music focused and goes through an huge catalog of artists, you can hear tracks from Moodyman, Minnie Riperton, Marlena Shaw, Usher, Shalimar, Manfred Mann en so the list continues.

Please enjoy the longest playlist in the way you want it, discover some new music or old music that you have never heard before, get inspired!

You can find Caribou – The Longest Mixtape Youtube playlist here below, we would really appreciate your thoughts on this, you can share them with us and the other visitors of this website on this page just below here in the comment section.

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