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Carlo – TODO BIEN: Inside the Musical Journey of Carlo’s Debut Album.

Kono Vidovic February 26, 2024 134 10

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Hello music lovers and sonic explorers! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to another track talk session where we dive deep into the musical universe of artists who are not just creating sounds but crafting emotions and stories. Today, we’re embarking on a special journey with an artist whose roots are as diverse as his music. From the sunny coasts of Malaga to the vibrant streets of Berlin, Carlo has been a nomad in both life and music. His latest venture “Carlo – TODO BIEN” is not just an album; it’s a voyage through time, emotions, and memories, encapsulated in a mixtape that defies the conventional. Join me as we unravel the layers of Carlo’s musical odyssey, track by track, story by story in this exclusive track talk on tracks that inspired his journey and led to his debut album.

Carlo - TODO BIEN Interview

Here we ask Carlo to talk us through 10 tracks that mark his musical journey.

Tiga & Zyntherius – Sun glasses at night.

This track sparked my love for electronic music. I used to hang out at a club called Warhol in Malaga, where the DJ played it often, and I was hooked. When I started making music, I leaned heavily into electro-pop, inspired by this track’s vibe. 

Little Computer People – Electro Pop Music.

The entire album by Little Computer People is simply phenomenal. It’s freshness persists even today. Anthony Rother undeniably stands as the pioneer of electro, and I admire his production style greatly.

Luomo – Tessio.

I can’t even count how many times I listened to this album in my bedroom when I was a teen. It totally changed how I saw making music. The way the artist used just a few sounds to keep you hooked to the beat for hours was mind-blowing.

Apparat – Berlin.

This vinyl was among the first I ever bought. I had the incredible opportunity to perform alongside Apparat in Andalucia, and he was truly a hero of mine. It’s evident that during my early days, I was deeply immersed in breaks.

Suddenly – Mathew Herbert. 

Matthew is truly a genius. It’s incredible how he can craft such intricate locked grooves and captivating patterns using just noise. This album completely blew my mind.

Bjork – Big time sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)

While Bjork’s entire discography has been influential for me, this particular track stands out as the cherry on top. It seamlessly combines electronic elements from the dance floor with the unmistakable voice of the singer. I absolutely adore it.

Osbourne – Ruling.

I believe this track has lingered with me the longest since I started playing. It’s perfect for those sunrise afterparties, creating the best atmosphere.

Cuthead – The Sinner.

This was the first piece of MPC house I ever listened to, and I genuinely believe the producer is underrated. I was living in Barcelona at the time, and I vividly remember how the kicks in this track completely changed my perception of production.

Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix).

I absolutely love this track, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I remember seeing Unai Trotti play it at one of the early Cartulis Day events over a decade ago, and it left a profound impact on me. 

Carlo – Azizi.

This track was one of my early vinyl releases that gained some attention. I remember handing a copy to Moodymann in Berlin, and he ended up playing it a couple of months later at a festival in Amsterdam. It brings back some really good memories.


As our musical journey with Carlo comes to a close, I’m left in awe of the depth and richness of his debut album. It’s a rare gem that invites us to pause, listen, and truly experience the essence of music. A heartfelt thank you to Carlo for sharing his world with us, for every track that speaks volumes of his journey, and for creating a space where nostalgia and evolution coexist beautifully.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this auditory masterpiece for yourself. Dive into Carlo’s debut album, available now on all streaming platforms. Let’s support this incredible artist and lose ourselves in the unique mixtape that is his life, his memories, and his dreams. Until next time, keep your ears open and your heart ready for the next sonic adventure.

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