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Discojuice – Dance in Outer Space EP – Flankup Recordings.

Today it’s time to present to you our very first music review for 2020. As soon as this promo appeared in my promo email inbox and i took a good listen to all 3 tracks on this new EP i immediately got excited and very enthusiastic about them. Today i’m presenting you a name you […]


How Music Streaming Can Change the Future of DJs

Technology is continuously evolving, and it has been affecting various types of industries. The music industry, particularly the world of DJing, has also caught of with the technological changes. Whether its professional DJs or hobby DJs at home, it has been said that these advancements in music streaming can benefit them a lot. From the […]


Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (20th Anniversary Edition) Incl. Mousse T Remix.

New music releases like this usually take care of two things here at the Dirty Disco office. Firstly a re-release of such a classic that topped the Billboards in 2000 including new remixes bring in a lot of good-vibes, positive feelings and memories. Second they do make me feel old at the same time, since […]


Poolside Ibiza 2019 – Curated & mixed by Opolopo, incl 3 new tracks.

It’s been a while, but here i am back at you with another full album review. Most of you know that i review a lot of albums in my weekly podcast and then mention them in the accompanying blog like i did recently with the new albums by Earth Boys, Monkey Safari and Holy Ghost […]


Adesse Versions – Blue Monday EP Review.

British producer and DJ Kevin Gorman A.K.A Adesse Versions returns to pay a tribute to one of the most successful dance groups of the 80’s. Following on from the success with his singles Pressured, Pride and Don’t stop the acid, comes two master electronic remixings of a British hit. On hearing the tracks, it is […]


70 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler – For Free!

Updated on 27-12-18. Internet has changed a lot of things. Let’s not dive to deep into that subject, but let alone look at music and how the internet changed the way we listen to and produce music. The time that you went out to your local record store to do some proper crate digging and […]