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peter schumann - deeper conversations ep cover
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Deep House

Kater Blau’s resident DJ Peter Schumann gives a nod to 90’s house music with his EP “Deeper Conversations” via Sound Of Berlin.

Kono Vidovic October 25, 2022

Peter Schumann, DJ and resident of one of Berlin’s most popular clubs, has released his Deeper Conversations EP on the Sound of Berlin label. His music is a blend between late 1980s Chicago groove and mid-1990s London techno. Peter Schumann – Deeper Conversations. The track “House Magic” does the job […]

Brigade - International Communication™ 1
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Vinyl Release

Berlin duo Brigade released “International Communication™” via Laut & Luise, the first single from their upcoming album “Hard Times, Soft Music.

Kono Vidovic September 8, 2022

Brigade – International Communication™ is the dreamy new single from the German production duo and live electronica band and is out this September 2, 2022, via Berlin-based label Laut und Luise. First single from the highly anticipated debut album Hard Times, Soft Music (due out October 14, 2022). Close friends […]

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