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70 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler – For Free!

Updated on 27-12-18. Internet has changed a lot of things. Let’s not dive to deep into that subject, but let alone look at music and how the internet changed the way we listen to and produce music. The time that you went out to your local record store to do some proper crate digging and […]


Deep House Radio – Dirty Disco Radio 177

Dirty Disco Radio 177 In this weeks episode i have a lot to share with you, so you better chill down, relax and have a drink. Let’s start with the beginning, the music. This week in Dirty Disco Radio 177 i’m playing the full brand new release on Dirty Crew Recordings by Ponty Mython – […]


Dirty Summer Vibes – Dirty Disco Radio 176

Dirty Disco Radio 176 Just like last week we are still celebrating summer in this new episode of Dirty Disco Radio 176, that’s why i called it Dirty Summer Vibes as you know i like to play that dirty deep house music. In this episode I’m playing the new remixes album from Jacques Renault, the […]


Deep Delicious Summer Vibes in – Dirty Disco Radio 175

Dirty Disco Radio 175 In this Dirty Disco Radio 175 we are celebrating summer with beautiful tracks from: Munk, Jean Tonique in Collaboration with Dirty Radio, Sammy Bananas, Om Unit, Laurence Guy and so much more. We also have an exclusive guest-mix by DJ Stefano, who a lot of people know from his weekly gigs […]


2 Hours of Nonstop Electronic Dance Music in – Dirty Disco Radio 174

Dirty Disco Radio 174 In this weeks episode Dirty Disco Radio 174 once again, i selected a bunch of new and dope tracks, after being away for a couple of months Ten Walls is back with a new EP on his very brand new Runemark record label called Italo EP. Man Without A Clue who […]


Deep Summer Vibes in – Dirty Disco Radio 173

Dirty Disco Radio 173 Once again i did my very best to select the dopest tracks that came out in the last couple of weeks, i dropped them like a always do in a 2 hour mix for your listening pleasure, make sure to check out the latest Dirty Disco Radio 173 and leave some […]