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Dirty Disco 498 Podcast episode
Electronic Music Podcast
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Experience the Cutting-Edge Sounds of Electronic Music with Dirty Disco 498: A Journey through the Latest and Forthcoming Tracks.

Kono Vidovic March 26, 2023

Are you ready for a journey into the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music? Then get ready to be enthralled by Dirty Disco 498, the latest installment of the weekly podcast hosted and curated by the acclaimed Kono Vidovic. With an unparalleled selection of the latest and forthcoming tracks, Kono takes […]

Dance Your Troubles Away - Frank Fonema, Renote & Ciskoted
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French House

Let Loose and Hit The Dance Floor – Get Ready to Dance Your Troubles Away with Frank Fonema, Renote & Ciskoted.

Kono Vidovic March 14, 2023

Looking to forget your troubles and just let loose? Well, have we got the track for you! Dance Your Troubles Away is a dancefloor-filling masterpiece that will have you moving all night long. Featuring the combined talents of Frank Fonema, Renote and Ciskoted, this track has something for everyone, from […]

Hormone - Smoothsayer
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Take a Trip With Hormone: An In-Depth Look into Their Latest EP Release “Smoothsayer” on Dream Chimney.

Kono Vidovic March 6, 2023

Hormone is the experimental dance pop duo out of Austin, Texas, Jim Colby, and Rosie Clements. Summoning tracks built for both dancefloor and headphones, they draw inspiration from the modern internet kaleidoscope of influences of street soul, 80s pop vanguards. Laurie Anderson and Hiroshi Satoh, and the bottomless well of […]

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