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Dirty Disco 524 cover art episode
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco 524: Groove for a Cause – Dance, Dive & Support Charles!

Kono Vidovic October 29, 2023

Dirty Disco 524. Salutations, esteemed Dirty Disco devotees! Kono Vidovic here, returning once again to escort you on a musical escapade filled with invigorating beats and benevolent causes. As we gracefully shift from our prior sonic experience, prepare for an episode that’s not only a feast for your ears but […]

Dirty Disco 523
Electronic Music Podcast
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Deep House

Dirty Disco 523: Dance Through Sonic Rainbows! Immerse in Rhythmic Bliss!

Kono Vidovic October 22, 2023

Greetings, cherished Dirty Disco enthusiasts and beat-adventurers around the world! Your faithful host, Kono Vidovic, is back to guide you through another episode rich with rhythmic tales and sonic allure. As we transition from the sonic waves of our previous episode, brace yourselves for an episode imbued with rhythmic miracles […]

Dirty Disco 511 Music Talk Podcast and mix
Electronic Music Podcast
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UK House

Dirty Disco 511: Dive into the Heart of Electronic Music | Discover the Sound of the Summer.

Kono Vidovic July 16, 2023

Welcome to another electrifying episode of Dirty Disco 511! It’s Kono Vidovic here, your host, curator, DJ, and the heartbeat of the show. If you’re ready to embrace the summer spirit and get lost in the vibrant rhythms of electronic music, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s episode is […]

Dirty Disco 510 artwork cover
Electronic Music Podcast
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Music reviews

Unleashing Sonic Magic: Dive into the Electrifying Soundscape of Dirty Disco 510.

Kono Vidovic July 9, 2023

Welcome, music enthusiasts, to Dirty Disco 510, where sonic magic is about to unfold. I’m Kono Vidovic, your trusted guide, esteemed DJ, and music curator, here to lead you through a mesmerizing soundscape that will transport you to new heights. In this episode, we delve deep into the pulsating beats, […]

Dirty Disco 509 radio show and podcast cover
Electronic Music Podcast
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Feel the Vibes, Feel Alive: Dirty Disco Episode 509 Ignites Your Musical Passion!

Kono Vidovic July 2, 2023

The Magic of Electronic Music. Hello, music aficionados! I’m Kono Vidovic, your friend, host, and guide into the pulsating heart of electronic dance music, and I welcome you to an exciting exploration of Dirty Disco Episode 509. There’s a saying that music is the strongest form of magic. If that’s […]

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Disco House

Behind the Beats: Quadrakey Dives Deep into their ‘Flowers 4 You’ EP – A Must for House Music Lovers.

Kono Vidovic June 4, 2023

Quadrakey are the epitome of a quality production duo working in harmony out of their humble Berlin studio. Their mantra is ‘House music with a deep passion’. Their sets and their label both mirror these values.For the 12th release on Tooman Records, Quadrakey  present four cuts that kick off with […]

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